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    Ken Cerney

    I have a suggestion for the Directors for the next meeting. Print out a copy of the agenda and make notes on it for the meeting.

    (1) If you know what we have on insurance list it on your notes, if you don’t know call someone who knows and get the information. Think about it and have an idea on to keep it the same or change it. If changing it have a suggestion on how to do it.

    (2)State program if you have a copy read it before the meeting and have changes listed to make.

    (3) Ray’s house  Want to sell or rent. Appraisal if selling get realtor list it.

    (4) All-state team review requirements before meeting have any changes you would like to see made. If it looks good say so and keep it the same.

    (5)Manager What do you plan on doing.  Form a committee,  Do it.

    (6) Tents  Same as last year?

    (7) team shoot Having one ? Set date.

    (8) Target cost. Did they go up? If so raise price If not don’t

    (9)Running of shoots set program have manager set up and run shoots

    The rest will go fine.

    If this makes you think about any of the items to be discussed on Saturday GREAT that is what I meant to do be prepared and the meeting will go smoothly. We could set time limits on discussions as the current board like boards of the past can beet a dead horse to death, So lets try and be prepared and strive for the common good of the WTA.

    Don Mittag

    Sure wish it would go that smooth and quick.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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