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    Amy Jenkins


    Dick Otto

    Denny had surgery Wed.12/13 @ St Lukes Hospital in Milwaukee for removal of a cancerous tumor under his left ear. Expected hospital stay estimated @ 10-15 days. We have been visiting daily since Fri. and each day he is looking better & better. Below is what I have emailed to his friends:
    F.Y.I. – we were in to see Denny this morning. He is looking fine and is on the 11th floor (2113) in the Tower annex of St. Lukes. He is hooked-up to all sorts of IVs and has a trach tube. He is ambulatory with nurse assistance and right now I’d predict he’d be out by next weekend barring complications.

    Tim Thompson

    Dick, thanks for the update. My prayers are with Denny and Ruth at this time. Blessed Holiday wishes to all.

    Andy Hall

    Our prayers with Denny and Ruth, get well soon Denny. Wishing you guys a Merry Christmas.

    Dick Otto

    Denny is scheduled to be released today. His Mon & brother are picking him up and taking him back to his home in Walworth. He was feeling pretty chipper yesterday and things seem to be going well with his recovery. He is going home with a trach tube in place. Home Services have been scheduled to help him with his meds and make sure everything is going well while his recovery continues. Knowing how Denny likes to talk, it must be a strain for him to have to limit himself. It wouldn’t hurt to give thanks for the successful surgery and also pray that his recovery continues and is problem free!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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