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Decision On Denny

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    Patrick Taylor


    Ken Cerney

    I think you ( The Board ) needs to find away to pay Dennis. It is the RIGHT thing to do. When word gets out it very well may hurt the Association, the state shoot and your reputation. All actions have a reaction and this could be very bad. THINK ABOUT IT !!!!

    Brad Patterson

    Its not their only stupid decision lately.  Hopefully they can also get their labor issue resolved. Especially since that labor has to work other events during the year an needs to know what they are doing after all you don’t expect the labor to train at your event if the organization is run like a business.

    Dan Horkan

    Someone had shared these lovely cometary with me.
    I would just say this is not a trap shoot that’s run at another club.
    We received the position just after previous people had spent $1,300,000 on this place.
    The campground is basically a anchor that we have to cash flow. Not one of us would’ve built it but we get to figure it out.
    If we wouldn’t have had closed the checkbook to keep it alive.
    We haven’t been able to sit back and judge.
    I would as I said before if you have wonderful money making ideas we are willing to implement then. There are still bod positions. People say oh I’ve done it before. We things were different before.
    We couldn’t afford to pay anyone the kind of money the previous diccsion makes make from the get go.
    I guess what I’m trying to say as nice as I can is since I have been on this bod I spend more time worrying, wondering and listening to complaints than I do with my business that makes ten times what this place does because my business runs smoothly.
    It’s easy to be a couch quarterback without knowing we started with broken ribs, sprained ankles and many bruises and scrapes.
    He who can pick up the first stone please step up and share all your wisdom with us.
    I pray God blesses your day and opens your eyes

    Ken Cerney

    The BOD needs to look back through the minutes and see all the time Denny put into this Homegrounds. When things were getting tough Denny went from an employee to a contractor so the WTA could same some money on taxes. Then when he came down with cancer and was not able to work good friends stepped up to do the work in his place so Denny would still be paid as medical treatment for cancer is not cheap even with insurance. Furthermore the pay he was to receive was agreed to be half pay. At the time the BOD agreed to this. Denny knew the WTA was short on funds and did not insist on the pay and would wait for this to happen. Then he also agreed to take payment in installments. Yet with all of this agreement on Dennys part the current BOD wants to kick him when he is down and refuse to pay what is due. I always thought that the WTA being a group of trapshooters looked out for one another and respected each other. Now I have to re-look at what this organization has become. I for one is NOT PROUD of this behavior the BOD is doing.

    Please do the right thing BOD and pay Denny what is owed.


    Don Van de Bogert

    The WTA board apparently knew they were going to owe Denny half pay for time worked by friends last year.  If the board is not going to honor this how can they expect volunteers to help or at the very least get respect going forward.  The way I was brought up a persons word is more important then a written contract.  Do the right thing and pay Denny!  Don Van de Bogert

    Don Mittag

    Don.  This BOD was the one that made the decision to pay Denny half.  Last June at a meeting I was at they decided to do the stand up thing and honor the decision they had made earlier.  Don’t know why they changed their minds again.

    You are so right about people not wanting to volunteer anymore.  But then again it is always the same people that have volunteered all the time anyways.

    I find it just amazing that this BOD finds it so easy to blame everyone else for the problems they have.  And one of their group is saying things like “I guess what I’m trying to say as nice as I can is since I have been on this bod I spend more time worrying, wondering and listening to complaints than I do with my business that makes ten times what this place does because my business runs smoothly.” and “There are still bod positions”.  Gee.  Sounds familiar.  Well Horkin it was the same for the people on the BOD for the last 40 years.

    Dick Otto

    Hey there fellow shooters – as much as I hate to admit this, but the issue of paying Denny his due, is on life support.  Fritz & the Ottos were the initial “spear carriers”  on this issue, but I can see now that we are “spittin’ in the wind”.  I’ve pretty well resigned myself that there is no sense, at this time,  in trying to pursue this further.  We have a State Shoot coming up in three months and there’s much to do in order to make this happen.  Much as I hate to say it, we need to now concentrate on the State Shoot.  Am I giving up on getting Denny his due – not be a longshot.  I’m going to “shelve” this for right now, but it’s no a dead issue!!  Let’s all try and to make sure this State Shoot is a “GO”, so’s we can maintain our record of one of the best in the nation!!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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