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    Dick Otto

    Who are the current members of our Board of Directors?

    According to the minutes of the Mar. 4 meeting there were BOD resignation statements made by Jim Kroeplien and Tate Barwald.  Subsequently an email resignation statement came from Dan Horkan.  Another email resignation from Jim Kroeplien was sent requesting that Dewey make arrangements to pick up all Treasurer related materials ASAP.

    On Mon. Mar. 27 there was another teleconference meeting held which had a complete BOD member attendance, except for the vacant position from the N/W zone and included the WTA Treasurer.  I am wondering what is going on?

    Additionally, I understand that the WTA distributed WTA Frisbees  at a Labor Fair in an effort to recruit workers for the State Shoot.  If true, and we are desperate for funds, how can we afford this luxury?  Perhaps there are others of you who would like to know, what’s happening.

    Rachel Kroeplien

    Hi EVEYRONE!!!!!

    Before you go complaining about things you should make sure that you know what you are talking about. The frisbees that we don’t have money to pay for were donated by my family! The people that attended the event was my family (my mom who isn’t even a member went).

    As for people that resigned at previous meetings…. they (Tate, Dan and my dad) resigned until the new insurance kicks in. If everyone quit right now, we wouldn’t have a board that could make decisions. The money that we are waiting for from Ray’s fidelity account would take even longer to get (once Denny decides to sign the papers) because my Dad is the Power of Attorney on the list and we need to have a treasurer in place. Is he resigned… as of right now yes! His condition is that the insurance needs to be in place before he gets back in.

    Stop bad mouthing the WTA and the BOD until you get your facts straight (this goes for everyone on this forum)! My mom is upset because she gave up her time to help our organization grow and you saying what you did makes her feel as if she wasted her time! Way to make volunteers feel welcome! IF YOU DON’T KNOW ALL THE FACTS CALL A BOARD MEMBER TO GET THEM BEFORE YOU POST!  There are a lot of non-board people trying to help the WTA get ahead and have a successful business, but we keep getting bad-mouthed and people don’t want to volunteer. If you have an issue with what the board is doing… talk to them (face-to-face is best), they have nothing to hide. If not feel free to call me and I will get the answers you are looking for from one of them. My cell is 920.946.9111.

    Dick Otto

    The purpose of my original post was to find out what was the current status of our BOD. The result of that was an explanation by Rachel Kroeplien (above) regarding that issue. In a subsequent phone conversation with the Kropelien family and Rachel’s post,, I am satisfied that the BOD and the Kroplien family, is acting in the best interests of the WTA. Although my original post was not intended as a “BOD bashing”, I can understand readers interpreting it that way. My sincere apologies to anyone offended by my post. In order to move forward to the State Shoot we all need to cooperate with one another, or there will be no shoot, and perhaps no WTA.
    As to the statement made that Denny is holding up the Fidelity S transfer to the WTA is incorrect. The transfer should have been completed between lawyers for the WTA & Ray’s estate by today. If that does not take place, Denny was advised by the estate lawyer to write a check directly to Summit C/U for the remaining balance. That should settle that issue…

    Don Mittag

    After reading Dicks first post over and over again I fail to see any bashing.  It looks like he quoted the meeting minutes and then asked a few questions.

    As a person that was very involved with the WTA as a Director, ATA Alternate delegate, and as a member for a lot of years I know that all the people that you mention will be taking flack.  This is nothing new.  I would suggest if anyone cannot take this flack to step back and reevaluate their good intentions.  As this in noting new and I am sure that it will continue.  It is the right of every member to express his or her thoughts, feelings and emotions on this site, in person or on the phone to those people that it may concern.  This BOD was the ones that wanted this forum.  I strongly suggested that they not bring it back.  I knew how it went the last time and now it seems you and the rest of the BOD are not happy with the way things are going here.  I would have thought that the people involved would be happy with the responses as there are exactly what I told the Board they would get.  And yet they vote unanimously  to bring it back.

    At least  no one has said to get involved if we don’t like it.  Between the Otto’s and my self and my wife we probably have more hours and years donated to this organization than everyone on the board combined.

    After the year the Otto’s and the Mittag’s have had health wise all I can say is good luck and don’t take it personally.  Nothing is more important than your health and family.  Nothing.

    M. Peter Rustad

    First of all I would Like to says thanks to all board members and officers, past and present for all the hours and work they do and have done. I don’t think Dick was bashing anyone but can see how someone could take it the wrong way. He was just looking for answers from some of the meeting minutes in which Rachel cleared up in her post, thank you Rachel. I also would like to thank your family members for their time and efforts.

    Now, Dick has a very good point that we all need to work together and focus on the state shoot. After all isn’t this what the WTA is all about? It is easy to point fingers at people and tell them what they are doing wrong but it does not get you anywhere or solve anything. So maybe if some of the past BOD members have input or suggestions that could be helpful to the present BOD things could go smoother. And the Present BOD should at least listen to any suggestions the veteran BOD’s have to offer. We really need to work together to make this work!

    I know Brad has done well with trap help in the past when we were in Waukesha. But I think it is a little different up by Rome because you don’t have the population of the big city to draw from as far as organizations, clubs and schools. So it is hard to get the amount of workers from just one group. Maybe you need to go to multiple groups I don’t know,  someone like Brad would likely know more on this.

    As far as help getting paid, unless they are a WTA member or have some kind of ties or interest in shooting or the Home grounds I don’t see them volunteering. The only reason they would be there is to make money for themselves or an organization they are affiliated with.

    Thanks everyone, I am looking forward to a fun and successful State shoot!

    Pete Rustad

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