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Concerns on 5-Stand and Expansion

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    Andy Hall

    I sent this letter to all the Board of Directors (except Laverne as he has no email and some reason Taylor email did not work).It was sent this afternoon and have not had a response yet. This should be a concern for all WTA members.

    Attention all board members.

    After reading the 5-9-2020 minutes on five stand.

    Why does the WTA want to purchase and setup 5-Stand? How many clubs have tried 5- Stand closed it down due to lack of interest, too labor intensive, not profitable? Heart of Wisconsin is only miles away that currently have 5-Stand. Why would we want to again step on a nearby club that supports the WTA?

    Cost of machines is only one item that is needed to setup 5-Stand correctly. Even if we received the 5-Stand machines for nothing has anyone considered how labor intensive it will be? I remember when another club stated it will run itself, it does not run itself. How much more is it going to cost the WTA to pay someone to run it? How much more inventory in targets do we have to invest in? Already a statement had been made previously we should put in a enclosed heated trailer for the winter months. Who is going to plow snow to use it in the winter, cost and spending never ends? It was already mentioned in the past that the manager wages would have to be increased if 5-Stand was added.

    How many WTA trapshooters, trap league shooters have shot 5-Stand every week and how many times compared to trapshooting? How many that do shoot 5-Stand is willing to drive a longer distance than their own clubs to shoot 5-Stand? How many new people will you bring in, we can’t even afford to advertise trapshooting or camping at our Homegrounds? How can we promote 5-Stand.

    Why do we want to borrow money again from Recobs, when we just paid off the last loan with them? Lets spend money at paying off the $680,000.00 loan we have?

    Before 5-Stand is purchased or put in a grant I believe a Special General Membership Meeting need to be held and 5-Stand needs to be voted on by the General Membership.

    I also believe that any expansion spending needs to be put on hold until we have a Special General Membership Meeting.

    What does the WTA stand for? Isn’t it the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association.

    Andy Hall

    M. Peter Rustad

    I agree with Andy 100%, why would we want to borrow money at times like this? The main reason I don’t care to volunteer to help at the Homegrounds is that they want to spend money on things we don’t need, more trap fields, 5-stand. If you have so much money laying around you can hire someone to do the work, sorry but that’s the way I feel. Let’s pay down the loan if we have a little extra or put it in the coffers in case we have a year like this. Take care of what we have for now.
    As far as 5-stand goes the couple trap clubs down by me that have either tried it or are doing it now don’t seem very successful. They are not really gaining more shooters but just getting a few trap or skeet shooters trying it so they just shoot less trap or skeet. Takes more people to run it also. This isn’t Waukesha up there, there just is not the population in that area for it to work! As far as that goes I don’t think it is worth being open for open shooting at all! How much of a profit was made last year on open shooting after ALL expenses? NOT GROSS, I’M TALKING NET? I feel we would be money ahead to just hold our bigger shoots and moth ball it the rest of the time.

    Pete Rustad

    Thomas Stenback

    Andy and Peter are both right, this is a trap club!

    Don Van de Bogert

    Andy,Pete and Thomas are 100% correct. We do not need to add on or install 5 stand, we are trap shooters.Pete,My opinion why we are open 3 or 4 days per week is because the WTA took grant money from WI DNR then you must be open min 3 days per week or a min of 100 days per year to the public.Go to WI DNR shooting range grant,Look under applying. this is a 20 year commitment.I agree with Andy 5 stand should be voted on by the general membership.Also why should we expand to host High school shooters from another state. In my opinion the WTAs main purpose is to manage ATA shooting in Wi and run the state shoot We are not Bunker shooters,sporting clay shooters or skeet shooters. Lets pay off our loan first !!! Thank You Don Van de Bogert

    Paul Mieden

    i totaly agree now is not the time

    Tim Thompson

    I also agree. The WTA is going to pull in virtually no money this year vs expenses we currently have. Not only is it bad timing to discuss this, it will never fly.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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