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Can you tell me were SW Wisconsin trap club is please ..

Index Forums General Information Can you tell me were SW Wisconsin trap club is please ..

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    James Droster

    They have shoots listed for May 14 and June 25 th , I do not know where this is , if anyone knows would love to know it .Thank you and Happy shooting this year .

    James Droster /JDHOG

    Dwight Fitzsimmons

    James, It is just South of the town of Potosi in Grant county. The very Southwest corner of the state. They hosted their first two registered shoots last year with much excitement. Two more are scheduled this year. Lime green White Flyer targets are thrown into a dark green background.

    An overhead view of the facility is available on Google maps, Satellite view. The two side by side traps face Northwest. Targets never leave the dark green background, if that is the view you like.

    The town is also host to the Potosi Brewing Company established in 1852, and adjacent restaurant and pub. As well as the National Brewery Museum. Museum admission fee, $5.00.

    James Droster

    Thank you so very much for your in depth  reply and great  overview of it , it sounds like a great place to shoot . I was lost with the name so now I can match them up together .Thanks for your kindness .James Droster

    Dan Horkan

    It’s a very nice place to shoot and the birds look like green frisbees

    James Droster

    Thanks for the heads up on this shoot and it was great meeting up with  <span style=”color: #0066bf;”>Dwight Fitzsimmons</span> Today  at the shoot in Muscoda, always nice to put a face with a name , this forum is a great place to meet new people with the same Love of the Game .

    James Droster /jdhog

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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