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    Dan Horkan

    I haven’t seen anything listed about the building project that was to be underway in Dec.
    Just wondering what’s taking place with it.
    Is it being enclosed already. I heard that they couldn’t pour concrete this winter and didn’t understand that if the building is up we pour all winter.
    After everyone was so excited about this I can’t believe there’s nothing said about it.

    Tate Barwald

    Building update is in the last minutes

    Dan Horkan

    Thanks Tate
    I was thinking something would’ve happed in the last month even if concrete was not poured

    Al Mccord

    Are they still working on it? Last we saw was posts were in the ground! Hope the cold weather didn’t stop all work.

    Dick Otto

    The contractor for the building would like to get started, as quickly as the weather permits. They will be doing the building exterior and leave openings for the pouring of the concrete when the frost gets out of the ground. I suspect that the building will be enclosed by the time weather permits the pouring of concrete. There is a BOD meeting in the Rapids this Saturday. I suspect that Chops will present an updated building progress plan at that meeting.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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