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Building Update from Chops

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    Amy Jenkins

    Chops wanted to give a building update, so I am quoting what he gave me:

    In my own personal opinion, the building should be up by the state shoot but I don’t think the inside would be totally done.

    It all started last year when our plans from Modern Pole went back and forth to the state to get approved. Then we had to apply for an early start permit because we didn’t have the state approved plans. The poles went up in October. October 5th, we soil tested for our septic system. We did not get the state permits back until December 5th which was too late to start anything; so we just waited from January to March. In March, we approved Advantage for the plumbing contract. Eric from Advantage had planned on starting the week after Easter, however, snow delayed us. The snow melted and they planned to start again, then the biggest snow storm since 1888 hit us and we are now waiting again. Modern Pole does not want to come in and finish the building until the cement floors are all poured. We are hoping the plumbing and cement will be done by June 1st so Modern Pole can put up the building. If they can start by June 1st, they should have it up for the state shoot, but the inside, would not be complete.

    That’s all for now.

    Amy Jenkins

    Here are some pictures of the building progress this week.

    Building Pic 1

    Building Pic 2

    Building Pic 3

    Ken Cerney

    Looking good.
    Thanks Chops and Amy for posting.

    James Droster

    Looks Great Thanks to Chops for the pictures and Amy for posting them up for everyone to see the
    Progress is coming along good now . It is Beautiful to see .

    Don Mittag

    If I have my bearing right that is the east end of the building???? If it is what are the two little pads one of which Chops is standing on?
    Any way you look at it. It looks good.

    Ken Cerney

    Don those might be the HVAC pads the unit sets on or entry, exit, the doors are not framed out yet

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