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    Don Mittag

    Stopped by the Homegrounds today. Outside of the building is almost done. Looking real good. If I could figure out how to post them I would post a couple of pictures.

    James Droster

    Good job , i have sent some to Amy and she has posted them for me , Maybe try that , i know others would love to see up dates too.

    Mike Pigusch

    Don, you are old enough to learn from high school kids, all you have to is learn how to type with your thumbs and some of the bs they can do.

    You have a smart phone, don’t you. Maybe you let your phone post the picture for you.

    I will stick with keyboard and html posting.

    Shoot Muscoda 24 June 2018

    Mike P

    Don Mittag

    Mike I do believe that only people from the admin. have the ability to post pictures.

    Yes the pictures are on my phone since that is what I took them with. So I’ll tell you what. Give me your phone number and I will send them to you. And if you would be so kind to post them for me. I know Amy is busy this week end up at the Homegrounds.

    Amy Jenkins

    Here are the pics that Don took for us. I will add a couple extras with the outside finished. Modern Pole finished on Thursday, June 7. Bob Ebbers will be working on electrical this weekend. Berlin Heating and Cooling will be here Monday as well. Waiting to hear back from John Filtz on the interior walls. It’s coming together perfectly!!!









    Don Mittag

    Thanks Amy. Don’t know where you found the time with a kazilion kids there this weekend.

    The building looks really great. The one thing that I took away after seeing it in person was the size. I am so glade they went bigger than what was originally planned. I am also glad that the AC will be in before the state shoot. We a due for a hot one.

    In case people didn’t notice it but the things sticking up on the north of the walk way are the light posts bases. The fields right by the new building will have lights.

    Great job everyone.

    Amy Jenkins

    Well Don, I got my 2.5 mile run in this morning and then I decided to make some coffee and do some paperwork. My emails pile up while I am out and about during the day, so I decided to take care of some things this morning in my mobile office! Thank goodness for laptops, cell phones and hotspot wifi!

    Have a great day!

    Don Mittag

    Ha. I started running 2.5 miles back in December of 2016 when I started cardiac rehab after my last by-pass surgery. I’m almost half way through it now.

    Mike Pigusch

    Amy, thanks for posting the Pictures. Sorry I can not see you or attend this years State Shoot, I have to help my Daughter during Jul.
    I may make it to the Texas State Shoot on their 1st Day.

    The rest is for Don M. I had no help from “admin”

    Here is Muscoda on a Wed night. Don missed both doubles.

    Don Meuer at Muscoda Missing a target

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    Don Mittag

    Almost looks like one has spots. I saw one at Beaverdam last Sunday during the SE zone. Lots of adults up north but no fawns.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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