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    Don Mittag

    After reading the minutes from the Aug Face to face meeting I have a couple of questions. I know I know you all don’t like members asking questions but here goes anyway.

    Port a Potties. If it costs the WTA $240 dollars for Jan and Feb and this person is the only one using it does the WTA make at least $240 in profit to pay for them? If he is the only one using the facilities shouldn’t he pay for them? What about snow removal? Who plows if necessary?

    Suggestion. With most people reading the minutes not present would it be possible to get both names for people other than BOD so we can understand who is being talked about? I know it is more typing but it would go a long way to help understand the minutes.

    It say” we need to purchase something from Shamrock leather for the 2018 State shoot?????

    Chops was asked about how the bar did? No answer just we will have to think about this for next year. Did it break even, make a profit, loose money?????

    A observation. I know you are short of directors but. The members of the SW zone wanted to replace and vote in someone else in the spring election. So they voted out a director. Now the same BOD he was voted out of puts him back in. What was the thinking. I know from speaking to some of the current director they didn’t want him on the board. I guess I don’t understand.


    Don Van de Bogert

    Good post Don, Also should probably not use nick names but a persons real name.PS Missing Money is that what I am to assume from the minutes


    Ken Cerney

    Don I am with you on the Director thing. The Board should have gotten the message on the SW zone Director thing. You vote out somebody because you don’t like his way of doing things and then the Board puts him back in that is PURE BS. They could have found somebody else I did.


    M. Peter Rustad

    As I recall Dan only got beat by one vote, so some people must have thought he was doing things right. And people are just beating down the door to get on the board, I think it’s great he stepped up when nobody else did.
    The newly elected s/w zone director didn’t make it to the first meeting of his term.


    Don Mittag

    Pete . I didn’t have a vote because I am in a different zone. But it doesn’t matter if it was 1 vote or 100. Along the same lines the vote numbers probably shouldn’t be posted. When there are only 40 something votes, 1 is about 2.5% No different than any election. He lost. But now I will get him as my director even though I didn’t get to vote for him. And if you would look at my post about the directors you will see I said the same thing about not getting people to run. I also said that there were directors that didn’t want to work with him or couldn’t work with him. A majority of the people from last years board said that. And I will stand by that. I won’t name names because that could cause more problems. Also I read a email that had been sent out and one of his replies was he was tired of the bitching (some of which was between directors) and he wanted his name taken out of the email list and wanted nothing more to do with the directorship.


    Ken Cerney

    I agree with you Don on all points. Furthermore I am not sure that he could be appointed to the position as I don’t believe that the changes to the By laws was done in a legal manner. This should be looked into.


    Ken Cerney

    I came up with another interesting point. We already have three voting members on the Board from the Southwest zone. Dan would make four. Can’t have more than three can we?


    M. Peter Rustad

    I also heard the Russians where involved with the nominations!! Is this true?


    Ken Cerney

    Pete, To answer your question NONE KNOWN !!


    Amy Jenkins

    First of all, if you all remember, we do not currently have a Secretary, so just be thankful I have once again volunteered to type the minutes, send them out for review, get them approved and posted to this website so you all can bitch about something. Feel free to come to the next meeting and take the minutes.

    The full names of people in attendance are listed at the beginning of the minutes. I am not going to type full names all the way through. As for nicknames, I assume you mean Chops, and I have not the slightest idea how to spell his real and everyone knows him as Chops. Just like the President we call Dewey, not Jerry.

    There was no one at the meeting that knew how the bar sales were. Therefore the minutes do not include any information other than Chops bringing up. Maybe I should have just left it out since there was no answer, one less thing for you all to complain about.

    If you all have questions, have any of you contacted your Zone Director for answers? I’m guessing not, let’s just post it on the form so everyone can fight about it.

    This is getting really OLD. All this does is drive the current volunteers right out the door. Apparently some of you have all the answers so why don’t you come to the next meeting and you can be appointed to the BOD when everyone else has had enough. I’m not even a Director and I surely have donated hundreds of hours to the WTA and the Homegrounds RV Park this summer. I receive 30 to 50 calls a week for the Homegrounds. Does someone else want to do this too?

    Amy Jenkins
    Volunteer ONLY, Not the Secretary, NOT a Director


    Kevin Longberg

    On a positive note I would like to thank all current volunteers and directors.


    M. Peter Rustad

    Yes, I would also like to thank everyone for their time and dedication to keep the WTA moving forward.

    Thank You,

    Pete Rustad


    Dan Horkan

    Well Don and Ken. Thanks for all of your support. Greatly appreciated. I’m sure why your so upset as I know Jim said you can step up Don and you stated health issues. Sorry to hear of them. But I have a boatload of Heath issues also. I stepped just because no one else has for the 2 years I was on the BOD.
    I have learned that if you aren’t pissing someone off there either mad because you made choices against there wishes or there jealous or both. If this drives you guys this crazy you need to find something to fill your day. I didn’t even know of this until a few people told me that you were back to normal complaining again.
    Have a great day.

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    Brad Patterson

    So here is the big problem. The recent minutes got posted and then of course there were some questions which Don got the ball rolling by posting some questions. Exactly …. questions. That is one of the purposes of this forum is to post and then OUR BOD’s can post answers for the entire membership in addition to the one who posted questions.

    The famous line not only used by this board but also past boards is … if you don’t like it, get involved and get on the board. Not that he needs defending, but Don has done that and then some. He has served in multiple positions multiple times on the board. He has gone above and beyond to serve the shooters and IMO has earned the right to post a question or two. I also didn’t think Don was bitching with his initial post but rather asked questions. But that is also another problem. Just because you question things and ask questions doesn’t mean your complaining. If a few directors would ever post or answer some questions that are posted, it just might eliminate some of the division and harsh feelings between the board and some of the membership.

    I think Amy deserves a ton of credit and our thanks for her efforts. I appreciate that as there is no secretary currently she is willing to take and post the minutes. BUT if Amy didn’t do it, if there is a meeting, the President just assigns the task to another board member to fill the position for that meeting. Generally how it works on boards when someone is absent.

    No doubt that serving on the board is a very thankless job. Trust me as I know that better than most. But the board does work or the membership and answering questions is part of the job. What difference does it make if a member call a director or posts the question here to be answered. In the end the questions still need to be answered.

    I applaud the board for what they are trying to do and for their efforts. But there are questions that could be raised. You could question the so called financial statement handed out at the state shoot annual meeting. I’m sure that the way the by laws were recently changed and how the director changes has gone down could be challenged if someone wanted to take that on, especially financially if pursued through legal course. But what does that serve.

    If the board doesn’t want to answer questions on the forum or doesn’t like the membership engaging in dialogue, then get rid of the forum, save the money and just acknowledge you occasionally may get a post or two on TS.com.

    Oh and before it is brought up. I’m more involved in the SCTP stuff now and have previously served on the board for over 10 plus years. Been there … done that.


    Ken Cerney

    Dan, I’m glad to see you read the forum. It is no secret that I did not like how you did thing on the Board. That is why I supported the other candidate at the zone election. That is the democratic way of trying to solve the problem in an organization as well as government. I wasn’t sure you were wanting back on the Board as you QUIT more times than most people can count. It was stated that The Board was going to be run by Roberts Rules of Order. I am waiting for this to start as what I have seen and read it has not started. By the way I also have been there and done that. Keep on with your poor attitude as the membership may be watching.

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