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Annual Meeting & Impromptu Meeting Minutes

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    John Atkielski

    Minutes from the 2016 WTA Annual Meeting and Impromptu Board Meeting are now posted:

    Annual Meeting

    Impromptu Meeting


    Brad Patterson

    I guess I don’t understand. If the board has been working under a gentlemen’s agreement not to collect mileage, why now is a former director asking for it. From what I understand the treasurer and secretary have been working in essence for free under a gentlemen’s agreement until cash flow improves.

    I also don’t understand how you can be asking for reimbursement from 2014. That should have been paid already. That would be like me asking for reimbursement for my time on the board.

    I have no doubt Bill logged the miles and did the work. He is a honorable man you gave much of his time and talents to the BOD’s and the shooters.


    My question. If we give him the option of the lease as payment, should we make the same offer to the treasurer and secretary? Since our directors are taking no reimbursement, should they get their campsite FOC during the week of the state shoot ? ¬†Some questions to ponder …..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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