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    Dan Rauterkus

    Was just wondering if anyone knows what numbers got paid in the All Around Lewis. Don’t

    think that option was posted yet when we left the State Shoot on Sunday.

    The Shoot, grounds and the entire staff were outstanding. Thanks to all.

    Tim Thompson

    I saw them before I left but only know that I hit one too many to hit the last number.
    2 too many on the HOA Lewis.


    Nathan Tratnik

    They are listed in the results tab above. Click on “Shoots” and look at the results for the final events and payouts. Also, does anyone know if the checks have been mailed yet?


    Don Mittag

    I think they need to be refigured. I missed both the HOA and HAA by one.

    Dick Otto

    All payout checks have been mailed and included a payoff sheet for Sunday. I also believe it is posted somewhere on this website. Got a few back with no postage and a couple of phone calls regarding payoffs. We know of only one outstanding issue where one shooter did not get his check.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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