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    Brad Patterson

    I was just reading the last minutes from the BOD meeting. I got to the part where they spoke about the fees charged for the SCTP event.

    I understand a price increase given the recent increase in target costs.

    But if you get a price increase from last years price and they remove the labor that was a part of the fee last year, wouldn’t that be considered a double increase. Labor has a cost and if removed in theory the price lowers.

    I don’t understand this decision, seems a little excessive.

    Don Mittag

    Unless removing the cost of labor doesn’t cover the increase in target prices. Are they removing all the labor costs or just some of it? Maybe the price would have gone up more if the WTA still had to pay for help. As you can see the cost for help will be going up quite a bit.

    Brad Patterson

    Well last year we paid a fee and it included all the labor. (scorers and loaders) This year we get charged the same price and all the scorers are removed as the teams now must score their own. Then they took that price and added the target increase. So in effect we had a double increase.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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