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2018 Director elections.

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    Don Mittag

    Anyone have election results from your zone. I know SW and NE are next weekend.

    In the SE Mister Richard Otto ran and was unopposed. Thank you Dick for stepping up when none of the other 500 or so Zone members didn’t.

    Tate Barwald

    I know this will come as a surprise Don…… but no one ran for the N/W zone seat. Phil did not run again as his work schedule is hectic and said he cant commit the time needed, which I understand as Amy and I know first hand the time this takes. With that said we need people to step up and help out as this will likely be my last term on the board. The wta has one person that works a full time job 40+ hours a week doing the state shoot camping, camping for all the youth shoots,secretary duties, shoot coordinator, deposits for homegrounds, state shoot program this year, and whatever else I’m missing. In addition the wta has a handful of 65+ year old hardworking people to run the place on a daily basis, including mowing, loading houses, setting up for shoots, cleaning up before and after shoots,taking care of the campground, and many other jobs. I could go on and on but i think this should do for now.

    Amy Jenkins

    You gave a good explanation Tate of the majority of my duties. I also update the website and whatever else might fall into my hands. I arrived to Homegrounds on Wed at 11am. That was after stopping at the Town of Rome to apply for my Bartender’s license and the Beverage license for the State Shoot. I arrived and set up 2 traps so kids could come practice. Then I opened up 5 more traps so that I had less to do on Thursday. We had all 30 traps set up before 9am yesterday. A HUGE Thank You to Wayne Vandeberg for helping. Jerry Kaszynski mowed for about 6 hours and then went to get a pallet of water at Pritzl’s for the youth to sell. His wife put all the mics on the posts and helped Arlene with umbrellas. The biggest task of the day was loading all 30 traps with almost a full pallet in each house with about 4 of us. UGH. Thanks to Dwight Paulin, Wayne, and a great camper that helped all day. Dick Otto helped with loading targets, garbage and cardboard all day as well. Don Chrapla ran the skidsteer delivering targets all day. Fritz was here getting the building plan ready for next week and meeting with the caterer for the fish fry for the state shoot. John Coniff spent all day spraying the weeds!!! I hope I didn’t miss anyone that was here yesterday.

    There will be 1177 youth shooting on Saturday. If anyone isn’t doing anything on Saturday, you should drive up. It is an amazing sight to see this weekend. Great family support. There will be 60 to 70 campers in the campground.

    So like Tate said, we need help. We can’t do everything on our own. I know everyone is busy, but I work a full time job and then my other full time job with the WTA. After we got everything done yesterday, I spent about another 1.5 hours doing paperwork in the camper. And these are vacation days for me!!!

    I’m not looking for any praise or thanks, but just awareness, that we need help from other people. The Directors, Treasurer, Secretary/Shoot Coordinator cannot do it ALL.


    Ken Cerney

    Fritz back in from the SW zone.

    Brad Patterson

    Sad but true … but some things never change. It was the same scenario during my 10 years on the board. All those that Amy listed including herself deserve a huge thank you from the membership. Eventually, new people will have to get involved if you wish to maintain and grow the facility. The facility is stating to get some traction, now is not the time to take a step backwards. I myself am looking forward to seeing the new building in a couple weeks when I’m up at the Homegrounds for the SCTP Youth State Championship.

    I still have all the comments sheets from when the WTA was pursuing the Homegrounds project and where it would be built/located. Overwhelmingly, if you build it we will come, we will donate, we will get involved, and overwhelmingly, Rome was the preferred location. If that was the case, why so much difficulty getting help from the membership ? Has to change at some point if you wish to maintain and continue building the facility.

    Dick Otto

    At our annual meeting last year, this situation of not having two directors representing a WTA Zone was discussed. I believe that the solution was: if no one from a zone volunteered to represent that zone, the WTA BOD could locate a willing soul, from any zone, willing to represent the zone for whom there was no one elected. That option was discussed in one of our Spring meetings and it was decided to wait until the Zone shoots were completed. I feel sure this option will be exercised by the BOD to fill the director positions in order to provide representation for the Zone with the vacancy. Many thanks for Tate “throwing his hat in the ring” again. He is a definite asset to our BOD!!!

    Don Mittag

    I certainly hope you all find the people that you need. The more bodies you have the easier it makes it for everyone involved. Thank you Dick for stepping up.

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