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2017 WTA 5-Man Team Shoot

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    Dick Otto

    This shoot has not been widely publicized so I am putting it up.  Sunday Jul. 2 is the date and the event is 100 NON-REGISTERED targets @ $24/100.  There is an optional ndividual $10 Lewis Purse as well as a $25 Team Score Lewis Purse.  Y.Z. has put up $1,000 added money to be awarded to lucky participants.  If ya got nutin better 2 du – cum on over!!

    By da way, we got a regular registered 100/100/50 pair on Saturday July 1, if yer not goin to da buckle shoot @ Nord Bristol.  Targets & options same as fer da May shoot.



    Dan Rauterkus

    Thank you, Dick

    We are going to try to get a squad together for the team shoot. What time does it start?  I know there is a downloadable program for it on this web site but I am not easily finding it.

    I will keep searching, thanks.   Dan



    Dan Rauterkus

    I found the Team Shoot flyer. It is under Shoots/Registered Shoots.

    Starts at 9:00.

    Dick Otto

    I have modified the Team Entry form shown on the website in order to be able to use the 3S Cashiering program for the shoot.  In order to incorporate non-ATA shooters into the program they need a “dummy” ATA# which we will assign.  Shooters with ATA#’s will have their address information extracted from the ATA database.

    Section 2 will be for shooter names only and the post# which has been chosen for each shooter in the squad.

    Section 3 is where shooter address data is tied to the shooter by the post# chosen for the shooter in section 2.  Non-ATA shooters must enter the “dummy” ATA# (mentioned above) followed by the address to which any payoffs from the shoot.  The “dummy” ATA# will be assigned at the actual shoot when team entry is made.  Shooters with ATA#’s simply enter that ATA# on the line to use their ATA database address.  If the shooter wants to use another address, enter the address to be used.

    No cash payouts will be made at the shoot, as specified by the WTA Treasurer.  Therefore the addresses of Section 3 become critical to match up with the names of Section 2.  It is important that the address information is readable when that information is entered in the computer.



    Section 3 requires

    Brad Bomkamp

    Could someone please post the results from this shoot?



    Dick Otto

    Results were sent to website person today.  Thirty five entrys with high score of 487 by Wescot Sportsmens #1 (Dan Lemke – 100, John King – 92, Ken King – 98, Harv Lemke – 99, Jesse Martin – 98).  They won team lewis $175 (only one class).  The grand added was spit up by the 35 shooters participating (100 – $100; 6 98’s – $16 each); 7 – 97’s – $25 each; 5 96’s – $20 each; 4 95’s – $25 each; 3 94’s – $33 each; 1  92 $100; 2 90’s – $50 each; 1 89 – $100; 1 88 – $`100

    My opinion – you will not see this event again – due to lack of entrys.  Allowing non-ATA shooters drew only 7 such shooters.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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