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2017 State Shoot Thank You

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    Andy Hall

    The grounds was unbelievable this year, 1 st impression when we drove in was WOW and it continued throughout the week, AWESOME!!!

    I would like to thank everyone that had anything to do with the 2017 State Shoot. Tried to thank everyone but I know I missed many, THANK YOU for one of the best times I have had at the State. We can never say Thanks enough to all of you!

    I will not name anyone as I know that some would be missed, THANK YOU to everyone who gave donations, auction purchases, gun raffle tickets and all other fund raising events. We cannot never Thank You enough.

    To the current Board, Treasurer, Delegates, I cannot put in words of how proud to have you all as my Directors and Assoicates of the WTA,  THANK YOU. I am amazed at the energy all of you had to keep going after all the hours you put in.

    Shoot off committee again as always great job and Thank You.

    Thanks to everyone that over the years have worked so hard to keep the WTA going.

    If I missed anyone please accept my apology.  It was great seeing many old friends and making new ones.

    We are passionate about our sport and our state organization. Lets all Keep a positive forward direction of the WTA and it will be a successful journey for a long time.






    James Droster

    Great note above written  by ANDY HALL  it says it like I believe most everyone  that was at the state shoot feels  .I know myself I feel the same way .Thank you to all the people  who put there time in and did what ever you may have done  it takes a lot  and you all should be very proud of your hard efforts  .Thank you Andy for the great words  I hope everyone feels the same way .


    Kevin Longberg

    Thanks again to the board, volunteers, and all the sponsors.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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