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2016 State Shoot Fund Raisier

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    Paul Becker

    For those of you who do not know me I am Paul Becker and was asked at the end of our state shoot to coordinate the fund raising aspect of our group.

    We are blessed with a great start this year with Jeff Mainland of Kolar coming through with a Kolar Max Combo of your choice of Barrel lengths and rib. Also an upgrade and custom stock fitting. This is a $19,500 prize. We are selling 300 $100 tickets for a chance at a gun the way you want it.

    Items are coming in for our Live Auction which Dave Dressler has kindly offered his services once again.

    Bob Schultz of Target Guns has donated a full set of EZ pull voice releases. This is a $1995 MSRP item. So if your club is looking for a set please come bid!

    Janice Fude is making a shot bag quilt to be sold once again

    As more items show up I will keep in the loop
    Paul Becker pbecker@riversdiefoods.com

    M. Peter Rustad

    Paul, when do the tickets go on sale? During the state shoot only?


    Paul Becker

    Peter Tickets are at the printer Hope to get today
    Any one wishing tickets please email I will mail!!!!


    Paul Becker

    please note I misspelled my email



    John Atkielski

    Kolar Raffle

    Paul Becker

    16 are gone out already


    Keep up the good work!!!

    any questions please call

    Paul Becker   920-323-2836

    Paul Becker


    <div data-redactor=”1″></div>
    <div data-redactor=”1″>If you want a chance act now!!!  I have 65 tickets with me and the Silver Dollar  M</div>
    Mark Zauhar and Sandra Joe Jack have a handful   Bill Simonar is getting 15 in the Mail on Tuesday

    This will be it!!!   do not miss you chance

    Thanks to all who purchased tickets


    Paul Becker

    Paul Becker

    <div data-redactor=”1″>Good AM and Thanks to all who have helped our cause and have a chance at a beautiful gun</div>
    <div data-redactor=”1″></div>
    <div data-redactor=”1″>I now have 33 tickets left here</div>
    <div data-redactor=”1″></div>
    <div data-redactor=”1″>I believe between the other sellers there is another 17-23 left</div>
    <div data-redactor=”1″></div>
    <div data-redactor=”1″>This is great and thanks to all!!</div>
    <div data-redactor=”1″></div>
    <div data-redactor=”1″>Paul Becker</div>
    <div data-redactor=”1″>pbecker@riversidefoods.com</div>
    <div data-redactor=”1″>920-323-2836</div>

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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