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Minutes: March 3, 2023

WTA Meeting
March 3, 2023
Homegrounds and Zoom

The 03/03/23 Board of Director’s meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association was called to order at 9:01 am by Ken Michels, President.  Directors present were N/E Ken Michels, S/E YZ Weisensel, Bob Ebbers (zoom part of the meeting), N/W Tate Barwald (zoom), S/W Tyler Buchanan and John Reding, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, 1st Alt. Delegate Tyler Buchanan, 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, Executive Assistant/Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins.  Absent: N/E Andy Wondrash (available by text if available), N/W Aaron Katzenberg, Treasurer Taylor Katzenberg

Also present were:  John Atkielski, Roger Lemke, Dennis Gervasi, Jon Denman, Bill Ohrmund, Andy Hall, John Coniff, Tom and Nora Bristol

Meeting started at 9:01 am.

Treasurer’s Report:
Account balances are as follows:  Checking account $83,999, Camping $76, 428, Savings $13,507, Expansion fund is $62,600.  Summit Loan as of 2/28/23 is $625,435. Target stock as of 1/31/23 is $15,879.  All sponsorship money for the state shoot has been received and all trophies have been ordered.  Fritz asked to have the information about the memorial pavers updated on the report.  YZ stated that the Silver Seitz should be removed from the profit and loss statement.  Ken will follow up with Taylor on both items.

Tyler made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report.  John seconded.  So carried.

Secretary’s Report:
Amy reported that there are two sites available for HSCTL and the campground is full for SCTP weekend.  Amy continues to work on the camping waiting list.  It remains quite long at this time.  She sold about 50 Kolar raffle tickets at the Spring Grand in Tucson.  Sales were not as good as last year.  YZ will take 25 tickets to Florida and Amy will take the rest back to Tucson for the AZ State Shoot.

Friends of the WTA:
There is a balance of $50,320.92 in the account.  Will need to pay the money for the Kolar raffle.  Looking at a strategy to compete with the raffle each year; going to do upgraded Turkish walnut and Jeff Mainland wants to do some engraving on the gun this year as well.  It will be a special Edition (Last year was one-of-a-kind).  Ken asked if it will stay in sequence of serial numbers (#2 this year).  FabArm ELOS All Sport over/under is the gun to be raffled for the youth shoots this year.  The gun was purchased from Don Grundy.  Tickets are printed and will be sold one for $5, 3 for $10 and 7 for $20 (same as last year).  Fritz asked if we were going to be able to sell the raffle tickets at the HSCTL without paying the $250 vendor fee, Amy stated we tried to work this out last year and the answer was no.

Old Business:

Entrance Canopy/Landscaping:
This is scheduled to be completed the week of March 27.  John Coniff will be present helping with the install. The town of Rome sign will be done at the same time.  The current sign did not weather the winter very well.  YZ will look into something that may work better in the winter weather.  Tyler said we should wait on the sidewalk until a decision is made on the expansion/building.  Jon Denman asked if the expansion was going to affect the canopy.  Tyler stated that the expansion would not affect the canopy.

Trapline help:
Gary said that as of this morning, 1% is filled.  Gary will send the information to the schools and snowmobile clubs.  Tyler has someone to take one trap for the entire week of the state shoot.  Tyler thinks that Andy might have a couple kids to cover another trap.  Gary said we may need to reach out to more areas as it is going to come quick.  Amy will post this to the facebook page as well.  Amy can add it to the shoot calendar as well. Amy reminded the group that last year MN did an “adopt a trap” and maybe we need to look at something like that.  Fritz asked if we had a plan to train the kids.  Gary said we will plan a date for training once we get some signed up.  John Coniff will volunteer to work all of the kid shoots and will do whatever is needed (score, fill traps, etc.).

Loan negotiations:
No banks are expecting the rates to go up at this time; estimating that the increase is over.  The banks are recommending that we NOT refinance at this time because our rate is low.  They are suggesting that we wait until the loan is a few months away from expiring.  The current loan is expiring in September.  Andy Hall said that we need to make sure there is no pre-payment penalty.  Jon suggested not doing an ARM loan.   Andy said that Sauk rates were around 8-9%.

Lead Reclamation:
Discussion was held on completing this project.  The decision was made to complete the reclamation after the state shoot so that we do not have any issues with dust, etc. for the state shoot.  We will be at the top of the list after our state shoot is over.  Andy asked if we had an estimate of how much lead is out there.  Tyler had compiled some numbers over a year ago and is willing to share that information with Andy.  Andy said lead is at 44 cents a pound.  He estimates $302,500 and our cut would be $91,000.  His numbers are based off 11 million rounds at one ounce.

In Winter 2022, Andy Wondrash talked with Dan Sperburger with Local 139 Heavy Equipment Operator Training School about the possibility of the school moving the dirt for the WTA trap expansion. At that time, Dan told Andy that he needed to present the project to the school’s board of directors. The WTA took this information as this project will not proceed until the school board makes a decision. On Tuesday February 14th, 2023, Dan had a vehicle being worked on at Rich “YZ” Weisensel’s Auto Body Shop. Dan told YZ that he wanted to come to the Homegrounds to stake things out on Thursday of that week. From the meeting on Thursday ,February 16th the Operating Engineers wanted to start the project as soon as DNR permits for the project could be obtained. Team Engineering Inc. was then contacted to start the permitting process. The DNR permit would take anywhere from one month to six months to obtain, but once obtained would be good for 3 years.

As the project started to get investigated more and more, other obstacles started to arise. These obstacles included costs to the WTA such as, an estimate of 8,000 gallons of fuel for the project, roughly 4 acres of tree removal, a culvert pipe, engineering costs, and all erosion control items for the project. Due to the obstacles Ken Michels and Dan had a conversation, and both parties agreed that the project could be pushed to Spring of 2024 or Spring of 2025. The WTA board would like to properly investigate this project and determine all costs, present and future, of proceeding with the project. The board is open to any public input the membership would like to express.

Tyler said the fuel cost was estimated to be around $28,000, unknown what the price would be for the culvert, and $4000 in permits and fees (including Team Engineer fees).  There is also four acres of trees that need to be cut down.  Jon asked if this land is in the forest protection; no it has already been removed from that.  There would need to be 2400 feet of silk fence as well (roughly $5000).  Jon asked with the amount of dirt being moved…would it be for 10 traps.  Tyler said it would mimic the layout of the current site.  There is only enough land to build 10 more trap; these would go to the road.  We would also need to have a retention pond and a parking area.  We could spend the money to move the dirt and then not touch it until we are in a better financial state to add the traps.  Andy asked if the parking area could remain there without developing it and there would be no issues with it washing out.  Tyler said it would not be a problem to leave it.  Fritz doesn’t think that we need a silk fence as he said the town of Rome said we would not need the DNR permit as we not are within a thousand feet of water.  Tyler said that there is an endangered lizard in the area and it may take up to six months to get the permit.

New Business:

PA System:
Ken said that the company that did the temporary system last year is willing to put in a temporary system again.  They suggested us doing a 4-year plan where we purchase some of the equipment each year and pay the rental fee until we own all of the equipment.  In order to get a full quote, we would need the timeline of when we need the temporary system set up.  Tyler said we would need it for June and July.  The quote is $6600 for year one, $8200 for year two, $31,000 for year three and $31,600 for year four.  It would still require buying the wiring, etc.  We also would incur the rental fee each year until all the equipment is purchased. Andy suggested putting the outdoor speakers up this year and see how they work.  Tate asked if there is a way that we can run power to the current speakers we have and can we get a better antennae and try to utilize the current system.  Tate asked what happened when we went to the new antennae because it used to work.  Fritz agreed.  Ken said that the microphone is part of the problem and it picks up all the noise from inside the building.  Tate said the speakers we have are the same ones that are used at the Grand and in Tucson. Tate said maybe we can use the equipment that we have.  Amy suggested getting a quote to rent the system for 6 weeks to cover the June shoots and the state shoot; and to find out what date we need to know about utilizing the rental system.  In the meantime, try to use the temporary wiring that Bob used last year for the rental system and see if that helps with the system we have.  Tate said it is hard to spend this kind of money when the future of the sport is unknown; Tucson was down 1000 shooters for the Spring Grand.  John Atkielski suggested maybe just renting so there is no cost of upkeep in the future.

Amy explained that she talked to Al who works for Lynxx in Camp Douglas.  He spoke to the rep from Solarus at a conference and he recommended running fiber from the club house to the shower house; that would be the simplest and cheapest.  However, we would have to do our own locate because we are private.  Doing it this way would be one service fee.  If we ran fiber from the road to the shower house, the tube is already there and the fiber would just be pulled through.  We would have a separate monthly service fee doing it this way; but you avoid any concerns during the big events of everyone pulling the wifi when it is needed in the clubhouse.

Fees for 2023:
Target prices went up $1.35 and does not include electricity increases, cost of help, etc.  Ken suggested getting two containers and parking them on each end and getting all of our targets before the shoots start and store in the containers.  Jeff Recob thought this was a great idea.  State shoot target prices are:  Iowa $43; MN $42, IL $40, KY is $40 to $42, MO is $43 plus $3 ATA (daily) and $2/100….so $48 for the first 100 and $45 for the next 100 or 200 for the day.  John A. suggested raising the maintenance fee to $2.  YZ suggested raising the price because we are a supreme facility and we are a Category 6.  He suggested $40 plus $2 maintenance fee.

John Coniff suggested raising the price of practice to $8.  Marathon Monday targets will be total $32.  Spring and Fall shoots will be $32.  Jon Denman suggested with these prices if you don’t make money at the spring and fall shoots you no longer hold them. Tate doesn’t think there needs to be a motion for this, but we review it in full before setting the shoot schedule next year. Fritz said that people liked to go to Waukesha before the state shoot to shoot targets; if we do not hold a shoot in May, not sure when people would be able to do that.  Amy suggested that anyone can shoot here every weekend.

John Coniff said that we need to look at multiple ways to make money at this facility.  He suggested possibly renting it out for weddings, etc.  Ken said you have to be careful on generating income other than shooting because of the 501C3.  Tate said that in twelve years he has not seen this place make any money other than the state shoot.  Bob suggested we make 15-20% off the cost of the price of shells.  We will set the price once we purchase them.  Bob thought we charged $2/box  more than cost.  Fritz said what we have here are 3 dram.

John made a motion to charge $40 plus $2 maintenance fee for state shoot targets.  Tyler seconded.  So carried. 

John made a motion for $8 practice fee.  YZ seconded.  So carried.

Tyler made a motion to charge $32 plus $2 maintenance fee for marathon targets at state shoot and spring/fall shoots.  YZ seconded.  So carried.


2023 Event Dates:

May 6 & 7 – WTA Shoot
May 13 & 14 – WI Junior Olympic Qualifier
May 20 – Kettle Moraine
June 3 & 4 – NE/SW Zone Shoots
June 10 & 11 – HSCTL
June 17 & 18 – NW/SE Zone Shoots
June 24 & 25 – SCTP
July 10 – Marathon Monday
July 11 to 16 – Wisconsin State Shoot
July 19 – Cheesemakers
August 18 – Mid-State Technical College
September 23 & 24 – WTA WI Fall Classic

Weekend Coverage for 2023 (Directors):
Amy went through the current list and said that we need to get this finalized so that any weekends we need to be closed that we can hand a poster when we open for the season so shooters know. Ken can fill in most weekends but he needs to be at both zone shoot weekends so we may need to close the first weekend in June.

Plan for loading targets:
Tate said it is nearly impossible to rent an off road forklift.  Prices to rent a telehandler:  United Rentals $1200/week; Wood Street in Stevens Point $850/week; All American $2200/week.  Tate said all the prices are pretty expensive.  John R. said that he has a truck and flatbed trailer that we can use as well.  Ken will get the price for the storage pods for each end.  Amy said that we need to get targets loaded in half the traps for the May shoot and then all traps filled for the KM shoot, then HSCTL, again for SCTP and then for the state shoot.  If anyone can volunteer on weekends to help load traps, it would be appreciated. 

State Shoot:

  • Program: John suggested that you have to collect the ATA and WTA fees separately so that the fees get paid.  No money would be collected for membership fees at the cashier counter.  If the shooter cannot provide a receipt for their ATA fee they will be charged.  John will use the current rebate amount as the ATA provided us.  Amy will still try to collect the unpaid fees.
  • Trophy Storage: We need to hold off on this until we determine the expansion plan.  
  • Parking: This is a tough issue.  We cannot utilize the east end (future) campground because it is all sand; gravel is too expensive.  If anyone from the general membership has ideas, please bring them forward.  John C. suggested the Friends putting some money into gravel into the east end campground.  Tyler said he could look at the design and see what he can come up with.  Amy stated that the roads in the campground will need some maintenance this spring as well.  She asked if the money in the campground account can be used for this.  Tyler will work with Chops on some of the work that needs to be done as he reviewed it with Hoffmann last year.
  • Food Vendors: State shoot food vendors are filled.  Nora will send Amy something to put on the Facebook page for the fall shoot.

Camphost List of Job Duties:
Amy started a list and shared it with everyone.  Jon asked if there is a clean up weekend.  Amy said that the next meeting is scheduled for April 22 and we will plan the rest of the day as a work day.

Bylaws Revision:
John A. presented the bylaws.  Jon D. said that the 2017 bylaws were not legal because they were never filed with the state.  John said that he checked into it and your original ones need to be filed with the state as well as your articles of incorporation.  John suggested going over the changes and post them for the general membership.  They will then be reviewed again at the April 22 meeting.  At the state shoot, the bylaws can be brought up, but there will NOT be time for discussion of them, but they would just need to be approved at the annual meeting.

Andy asked that the residency language be read from the minutes from the last meeting.  Andy said that the information from the general membership does not agree with the decision that was made.  Andy said that any Tom, Dick or Harry can be a Wisconsin resident shooter.  Tate disagreed that he has heard people against the decision.  He asked how many people know that Philip Crenwelge is a Wisconsin shooter.  He has been a WI shooter and has not lived in WI and Tate said no one said anything about him in over 15 years or more.

Round Table:
:  The board needs to look at our schedules to ensure there is director coverage for meetings.

YZ:  Plates for the extensions on the traps for throwing doubles have been ordered and paid for; just waiting for delivery….donated by YZ’s Body Shop.  Amy will provide YZ with a donation letter for this expense.

John A.:  He asked what the current position is regarding the museum/HOF building.  The board agreed to allow Bruce Wiegmann to pursue getting a design for the building and the board will review again.

Andy: He thanked the board for considering the change on the residency and for what the board does.

YZ made a motion to adjourn.  Tyler seconded.  So carried.

Meeting adjourned at 1:35pm.


Meeting Schedule:

Saturday, April 22 – Plan to turn water on in campground depending on weather; work day

Friday, May 26 – Load traps after the meeting