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Minutes: January 28, 2023

WTA Meeting
January 28, 2023
Sherwood Lodge and Zoom

The 01/28/23 Board of Director’s meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association was called to order at 9:02am by Ken Michels, President.  Directors present were N/E Ken Michels and Andy Wondrash (zoom), S/E YZ Weisensel, Bob Ebbers, N/W Tate Barwald and Aaron Katzenberg, S/W Tyler Buchanan and John Reding, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, 1st Alt. Delegate Tyler Buchanan, 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, Executive Assistant/Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins.  Absent: Treasurer Taylor Katzenberg

Also present were:  Chops, Dan Campbell, Roger Lemke, Roger Taylor, Mike Christensen, Matthew A. Riffe, Dennis Gervasi, Andy Hall, Jessica Nyhuis, Paul Nyhuis, Brady Nyhuis, Jeff Gropp, RJ Gropp, Kim Gropp, John Atkielski, Julie Atkielski, Sarah Atkielski, John King, Fritz Thistle, Karlie Klas, Bill Ohrmund, Jon Denman, Dwight Fitzsimmons, Logan Denman, Glen Grabski.

Meeting started at 9:02 am.

Treasurer’s Report:
Account balances are as follows:  Checking account $94,149, Camping $50,944, Savings $13,505, Expansion fund is $62,600.  Summit Loan is $627, 651. Target stock is $15,081.  The 2022 sales and use tax return has been filed.  A payment of $10,299 will be made electronically on January 31st.  All 1099s have been filed with the IRS.  First half of the property taxes were paid and that amount was $24,452.  A donation of $1000 was sent to Rome EMT for their services.

Aaron made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report.  Kevin seconded.  So carried.

Secretary’s Report:
Amy opened up the Campspot reservation system last Sunday.  As of this morning, there are 19 sites open for HSCTL and 12 sites open for SCTP.  The sales in the past week were $17,500 and Amy will deposit $6000 to the bank today for state shoot camping.  Two new lease holders for the state shoot will be concreting their sites this spring (site 170 and 188).  This will give us two more concrete sites to rent throughout the year as well.

Old Business:

TV/Responder/TV Antennae: This will be removed from the agenda as there has been no update.

Entrance Canopy/Landscaping:  Ken thought that timbers and such have been cut and just needs to be finished. One of the workers broke his back so there was a delay in finishing this project last fall.

Trapline help:  Gary Witzke has implemented a google document and has sent that out.  Ken will try to get an update on the progress of getting summer help by the next meeting.

Loan negotiations:  The loan has been transferred from Fritz to Ken and will be adding Tyler to it as well.  Ken has spoken with a couple banks.

Lead Reclamation: The company sent a new version of the contract to Ken, but the terms were different so he did not sign it; they will be sending a new one. The original contract did not have a completion date on it.  Tyler stated that the new one must have a completion date.  Glen said that the three bags of lead were put into the storage pod next to the hoop building.

Expansion:  Operating engineers have no plans to do the dirt work during 2023.  Andy spoke with them after the last meeting.  The expansion will be deferred until 2024.

Residency Concerns:
Glen stated that maybe we just add an extra place for the state team this year.  Jon Denman stated that the real question is whether the person lives in the state or not.  He doesn’t think it is fair to lie about where you live.  Kevin stated that there are emails amongst the ATA that are going around because this issue has spread throughout the country.  Tyler stated that there is an issue with the bylaws.  Tate asked if anyone knows the definition of residency.  He said that many think that this is a Matt Riffe and Jeff Vollmar issue.  It is way bigger than that.  What will happen if someone is stationed at Fort McCoy for 4 years and they want to shoot as a Wisconsin resident.  Mike Christensen stated that he was in the military for 20 years and stated that he shot as a resident in four different states.  Mike asked if anyone has looked at the number of targets thrown in Wisconsin.  Why does it matter, don’t we want more members for the WTA and to throw as many targets as possible.  Roger Lemke stated the first line on the all state team application asks if you are a resident of Wisconsin.  Andy Hall said anyone is welcome to come shoot our state shoot as a resident or non-resident.  Mike believes that it should be a choice and we should welcome anyone that is a United States resident be able to shoot for our state.  Andy stated there was a facebook post about someone stating they were so happy they were a Minnesota resident. He also talked about Matt and Jeff shooting the blizzard shoots for Minnesota.  Kevin stated that the address that is listed with the ATA is what we have gone by.  Mike said that if someone shot an 80, would someone have brought this forward.  Paul Nyhuis said that he would have brought it forward because he follows the rules.  And if someone is breaking the rules, he would bring it forward to the WTA.  Mike asked if the Board has already made a decision on this matter, YES.  And he asked if the ATA has supported that decision, YES.  Fritz gave an example about someone shooting for South Dakota.  Tyler explained that the WTA is looking at revising the bylaws to better define residency.  Matt stated that this has become so contentious – so far removed from what he wants as a shooter.  The words that have been used……lies, not following rules, robbing from other shooters on the petition is very upsetting to him.  He explained the rules that he followed for the NSSA.  As long as there were no defined rules for the WTA, he followed the NSSA. He did not hide where he lived.  He asked that people not call him a liar and say that he doesn’t follow the rules.  Karlie stated that none of us are taking this against you or kicking you out.  She just would like clearer rules so there is no grey area.  John Atkielski says there are two things…what happened in the past and what to do going forward.  In the bylaws that were passed at the 2017 state shoot, the residency piece was removed; anyone could be an annual or life member.  There was no black and white on this in the past.  The WTA will be fixing this going forward.  Both Jeff and Matt did what was expected of them, paid their dues, shot targets, won trophies etc.  Matt said it might be simpler to withdraw his all state team application.  It was confirmed that he DID withdraw. He doesn’t shoot for accolades; he does it to shoot with those that he wants.  He can’t speak for the other guy, but he said “take it back”.  Fritz explained how the open shooter class works and Kevin gave more information on that.  Kim Gropp stated that anyone should be able to be a member of the WTA; however, it does not mean the same thing as being a resident.

Bob said that he doesn’t think that we should be rushed into making a decision.  Board goes into a closed session at this time.  Back in session in 11:15am.

The motion from the 09/20/22 WTA meeting regarding Matt Riffe stands as a WI resident until today.  This does not apply to Jeff Vollmar. 

From today, forward, a valid WI driver’s license will be used as proof of residency.  If under 18, a parent/legal guardian would need to provide their driver’s license for proof of residency.

Going forward, if any shooter’s residency of WI is questionable, in order to shoot as a WI resident, the shooter must file a petition with the WTA BOD to receive the final determination of their residency.  The BOD will vote on each case individually at a closed session and their decision stands.  (Military, college students, border towns, past residency, etc., would all be considered for exception.)

YZ made the above motion.  Tate seconded.  So carried.

New Business:

All State Team:

Tyler read the names of the all state team.


George Hass, Captain                    95.95%

Tyler Buchanan                                95.30%

Dan Haag                                          94.50%

Andy Wondrash                               93.63%

Cody Barwick                                   93.41%

Jason Goudreau                               92.92%

Don Wagner                                     92.89%

Greg Arneson                                   92.79%

Bruce Wagner                                  92.290%

John Wilke                                        92.287%


Karlie Klas, Captain                         91.67%

Kelsey Lorenz                                   89.45%

Janet Reding                                     88.46%

Lillian Longworth                            86.53%

Samantha Tuschscherer                85.51%


Dwight Fitzsimmons, Captain      95.48%

Gerald Demulling                            94.64%

Joe Schepper                                    93.52%

Don LaBarge                                    92.97%

Tom Hoppe                                       92.04%

Senior Veteran:

Dwight Paulin, Captain                  92.04%

Don Chrapla                                     91.28%

Bill Ohrmund                                    91.15%

Don Mittag                                       91.12%

Bruce Wiegmann                             90.00%

Sub Junior:

Caleb Studnicka, Captain              86.39%


Robert Gropp, Captain                  95.18%

Hunter Knotwell                              94.59%

Logan Denman                                 93.63%

Brady Nyhuis                                    91.93%

Sage McKeough                               91.10%

High Average Winners In-State Targets:

Singles – Tyler Buchanan              98.85% on 2000 targets

Handicap – Jason Goudreau         92.73% on 1100 targets

Doubles – Dwight Fitzsimmons   97.20% on 1500 targets


PA System/Wifi:
Bob provided quotes for the PA system.  Option 1 was $85,635 and Option 2 was $133,605.  Jon Denman asked if this is a good use of money right now.  He asked if we could rent again.  He said some places are using a kiosk system.  In Missouri, if you want to be notified you enter your phone number into the system.  Ken will get a price to see what it will cost to rent a system for the shoots this summer.

Ken will follow up with Solarus on a price for running fiber to the shower house to see if about having wifi in the campground for long-term campers.

Fees for 2023:

We will need to set prices for targets and shells once we get updated pricing information.

2023 Event Dates:

May 6 & 7 – WTA Shoot

May 13 & 14 – WI Junior Olympic Qualifier

May 20 – Kettle Moraine

June 3 & 4 – NE/SW Zone Shoots

June 10 & 11 – HSCTL

June 17 & 18 – NW/SE Zone Shoots

June 24 & 25 – SCTP

July 10 – Marathon Monday

July 11 to 16 – Wisconsin State Shoot

July 19 – Cheesemakers

August 18 – Mid-State Technical College

September 23 & 24 – WTA WI Fall Classic

Plan for loading targets: We will need a way to load targets into the traphouses for the entire season (not just the state shoot).  YZ has a tractor that we can use.  Will need to look at storage pods and renting a telehandler for a month or longer.  Tate will check into rentals and off road fork lifts, etc.  He did check and the approximate cost for a telehandler was over $1200 a week through United Rentals in Stevens Point.  John King said that we will need two new pallet jacks as well.

State Shoot:

  • Food vendors: They will remain in the current location right now for this year.
  • Hall of Fame Banquet: Wednesday July 12, tickets are $35 per person.  No tickets will be sold at the state shoot; tickets need to be purchased in advance.
  • Pig Roast: It will be held on Friday night, July 14.  YZ will be added as a sponsor.
  • Golf Carts: YZ signed a contract with Master Karts.
  • Fine Design: Ok to sign contract with them to come Thursday to Saturday.
  • Parking: Fritz suggested mowing some of the trails in the east end campground for parking.

Camphost List of Job Duties:

Someone will need to start working on this.  Deb and Jeff asked for a list of duties for the 2023 season.

Round Table
Jon Denman: 
Jon asked where the money from the lead reclamation is set to go.  He suggested using the money when the loan negotiations are done in order to secure the loan.

Glen gave a list of gross income for the grounds for the four years that he has been the manager.  He went over his duties in the past few years.  He said he isn’t sure what is up with his position.  Ken explained that we are trying to cut some costs and are working on a plan for the 2023 shooting season.  Ken had talked with him and explained that we were working on a rotation to have directors cover weekends.  Glen said that he wouldn’t be able to cover on a last minute basis.  Amy explained that we were working on a summer schedule and he would know ahead of time.  He said that he couldn’t do that.

USA Shooting membership has been paid for this year; this allows us the ability to host shoots.  He suggested that we add a new site for the camphost to the east of current spot so that we don’t have to find a spot for him each year. He said that we will need the skid steer serviced; Tate will talk with Dylan to service it again this spring, but he will not be rebuilding the undercarriage.

YZ made a motion to adjourn.  Andy seconded.  So carried.

Meeting adjourned at 12:38pm.

Meeting Schedule:
Friday, March 3
Saturday, April 22 – plan to turn water on in campground depending on weather
Friday, May 26