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Minutes: May 28, 2021

WTA Meeting
May 28, 2021

The 05/28/21 Board of Director’s meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association was called to order at 9:15 am by Fritz Thistle, President. Directors present were N/E Don Chrapla and YZ Weisensel, N/W was Rich Johnson (zoom), Keith Lehmann (zoom), S/W LaVerne Lehmann (zoom), S/E Tyler Buchanan, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring (zoom), 1st Alt. Delegate Dwight Paulin, 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, Executive Assistant/Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins, Treasurer Taylor Katzenberg.  Absent:  S/W Bob Ebbers.

Also present were:  John King, Glen Grabski, Chops

Meeting started at 9:15 am.

Treasurer’s Report:
Balance in accounts are:  Checking $47,000; Camping $38,000, Expansion $32,500, Savings $13,500.  On May 3, Taylor transferred $30,000 from the camping account to the checking account. The balances reflect this.

We brought in $11,385 from May shoot.  After expenses (not including trap help) was about $4500 profit.  After paying the trap help, it cost us approximately $3100 to hold the shoot.  All reports from shoot are completed and sent to ATA.  Raffle licenses have been renewed.  The Friends has a separate license.  All trophies will be here by the end of June.  We still owe about $16,000 for trophies, but the bills come after they make the trophies.  We received a check for $11,500 from the Kettle Moraine shoot in May.  Discussion was held about the money in the brokerage account which is money for the expansion.  Summit Credit Union loan has a balance of $672,000.

YZ made a motion to authorize Taylor to pull the money from the brokerage account when needed.  Don seconded.  So carried.

YZ made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report.  Tyler seconded.  So carried.

Secretary Report:
Amy gave an update that camping is full for HSCTL weekend and there are only a couple of sites left for SCTP weekend.  Amy will be renewing her bartender license with the Town of Rome today.  She explained the process for getting the license.  Glen, John King and a few others will complete the online bartender course and get licenses as well.  The permit for the beer license has been submitted to the Town of Rome.  The permit will be reviewed at the June 26th board meeting and Fritz will plan to attend. Amy gave an update on presquad and said that she has opened up more banks at least two or three times based on people still squadding.

Old Business:

TV Responder/Antennae:
Kevin is still waiting on getting supplies across the border.

YZ serviced all the golf carts this year. They are working on a plan/procedure to service them this summer as well.

EVR Water and Event Center Water:
This is done!  There was one leak and Chops fixed that. He has a diagram that should be put in the archives.  East vendor row was shortened up by one pedestal as it would interfere with the expansion.  There are 3 pedestals past trap one.  He also has a diagram of what is underground out front as well.  The plumber was to send a picture of the diagram when he sent the bill but it has not been received yet.  Pump house is done out front as well.  Chops reported that during the winter, Glen should turn the pump switch off when not here during the week.

Target Management System:
We have systems for five traps.  Dan Haag will be here next week to start getting everything set up.  He will pick up the boxes from Brian Pierce to put on the back of the trap houses.  They will be on traps 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18.

WTA Staff T-shirts:
YZ ordered some more shirts and will be disseminated when he receives them.

West end pavers:
A crew worked on the cart path on the west end both days this past weekend.  There remains 66 yards yet to complete, but it likely won’t be completed until next year. There is some landscaping to complete yet.  They completed 393 yards last weekend.  A big thanks to Don Wagner, Bruce Wagner, Pat Taylor, Dwight Paulin, Don Chrapla, John Wilke, John Filtz, Larry Heinrich, Tom Kitzerow and Tom Bristol for working over two days and ending in the rain on Sunday on Don Wagner’s birthday!

Trapline Limestone:
No update.

Wi-Fi for Building:
Wifi is live in the building. There are two separate connections – one is public and one is private.  The password is posted on the bulletin board.  A wire needs to be run from the mechanical room to the back room to make all of the jacks live.  Glen and Bob will get this completed.

New Business:

EVR Improvement:
Amy sent an email out to the directors with bids to add electric down east vendor row.  We received a bid from VanErt and Rewald Electric.  Rewald would not bill us until after the state shoot.  This would add 18 more campsites with 9 more pedestals, 3 transformers and 3 disc switches needed.

Discussion was held about parking near the traps and will it be an issue adding more sites and the loss of parking.

YZ made a motion to approve the $70,000 bid from Rewald Electric for completing the electric on east vendor row.  Don seconded it.  So carried.

Nekoosa Contract:
Fritz got a new contract from them.  New payment amounts were included and dates for receiving them.  The requested amount is $80,000; they originally wanted $90,000.  The contract for last year was $75,000, but we ended up paying them about $68,000 with less shoots due to COVID-19.  YZ asked what the justification was for the increase.  Previously Brian took on everything himself and now in order to manage the contract, they require more teachers and help to cover what Brian did.  YZ said from a business stand point how can we justify paying them more every year and not increasing any of our fees to cover this.   In 2017, the signed contract was $60,000; 2018 was $60,000; 2019 was $70,000 and 2020 was $80,000.  Fritz will talk to Beth about the conditions of the contract being unsure of how the attendance will be at the state shoot due to the shell shortage.

Tyler made a motion to approve the $80,000 contract for the Nekoosa kids.  Rich seconded.  So carried.

SCTP Contract:
We reviewed this last month.  They would like a five year agreement.  Some wanted to review it annually.  Fritz gave a history of why the contract has been done in five year increments.  He suggests that we approve it for five years.

Tyler made a motion to approve the five year contract with SCTP.  YZ seconded.  So carried.

HSCTL Contract:
Amy will be signing the contract for this year.  There will be 555 shooting on Saturday and 706 on Sunday shooting.  Traps will need to be loaded before the shoot.  They have suggested for us to propose dates for five years and lock them in; this would allow us to schedule the zone shoots five years out as well.  Amy asked if it would be worth looking at having HSCTL and SCTP back to back weekends in the future.  This will be a discussion to have later.

Target Prices:
We have placed ads in Outdoor News for getting groups in here to shoot.  When groups are setting up to shoot, Glen will have to coordinate who will be filling the traps.  Groups will not have the ability to purchase punch cards.  We will still use the punch cards, but there will be no break on buying the cards.

YZ made a motion to charge $6 for adults and $5 for youth.  Punch cards will no longer have a free round and will be $60 for adults and $50 for youth.  Tyler seconded.  So carried.

Tate has been talking with the brine guy.  He drew a diagram of how it would be laid.  Discussion was held about where to spread it and at what percentage.  Tate will confirm with Tim on when he can do it and Tim is willing to work with us to get the right amount so we get the best coverage.

Tyler $2750 including delivery fee.  YZ seconded.  So carried.

Nora Bristol is still working on vendors for the shoots.

Rich has reserved 5 carts for HSCTL and SCTP – delivery on Thurs and pick up on Monday.

Discussion was held about the number of carts for the state shoot and who needs them and who doesn’t.  Amy will rent 20 to shooters and the rest will be used for staff and directors.

Fritz said that we will need help for the food nights – pig roast on Tuesday night, Hot dog feed on Thursday night – Connie will cook it but need people to serve it.  Friday night is fish fry and we need someone to serve it.  YZ suggested that the Directors serve the food at these events.   YZ, Amy and Chops will serve the food at the Hot Dog feed on Thursday evening.  Directors will need to let Amy and YZ know what night they will serve.

Amy shared the draft of the 2022 camping form.  Camping prices have not been increased since 2013.  Discussion was held about increasing the prices for 2022.

Tyler made a motion to increase state shoot camping to $250 (full hookup) and $200 for (non-sewer) for the week and approve these changes for the 2022 camping form.  YZ seconded.  So carried.

Round Table:


Handed out a printout to be able to sell a club membership to shooters. He looked at getting some decals to sell.  He will work with Chops with getting some hats to sell at the grounds.

Gateway is proposing to have their shoot the 3rd weekend in May 2023.  We will need to review dates at later meeting to figure out the schedule.  KM is typically the 3rd weekend in May.

He suggested that the bar is in the wrong spot.  You can’t see the scores when sitting at the tables and it is going to be too congested with shoot offs.  Fritz stated that the bar and coolers were moved so that Glen has easier access to sell the beverages rather than having to go across the room all the time.  Taylor and Amy suggested that the bar be moved back to where it was and leave the coolers closer to Glen and move the coolers just for the state shoot so they are out of the way.  YZ will bring his casters and get the bar moved back to where it was.  In addition the bar and coolers are blocking the data jacks that will be needed for squadding and classification.

Fritz asked how much space Taylor needs for trophies.  The display cases will be moved over by the wall so that she can display the trophies for the day.  Taylor asked that the shelves be emptied off in the back so she can utilize for the trophies.

He suggested that we post a sign that says if people that pre-squad get punched, it is the shooter’s responsibility to check their squadding for future events.  Kevin said this is the posted in every program and every shooter already knows this information.  He asked Glen to print out 150 stickers for golf carts and UTVs for the state shoot.  He suggested that Chops get a free WTA life membership for all the work that he has done; Chops already has one.

Has not been able to get traphouse prices yet.  He talked to Bill Boyd about the possibility of changing the traps over to springs which are $160 each and might be able to get a discount on them.  Janesville has them and has not broken one in three years.  They received one from Casa Grande and Al Arner will bring it up and install it on one of our traps so we can test it.  He suggested that we need someone to help up write grants.  Tyler is willing to try to help write some grants.  He suggested rotating some traps instead of using the same ones all the time for practice.

He asked if the PA system is going to be fixed.  Glen talked to Ken Michels and suggested looking at some of the boxes and see if they are programmed. Amy talked to Steve Theobald about this and he said there should be no reason for the boxes to disappear from the programming; however, if we think there is an issue, all serial numbers should be written down.  Someone will then need to call tech support while at the controller and have tech support enter all of the serial numbers.  He did also say that we should let tech support know that we have installed wifi in our building as he thinks that may be causing some of the feedback.

All state team bags are here.

Kevin brought up that we continue to receive notices from the ATA about the shooter that has not paid his ATA dues and shot targets at the Fall Classic.  Phillip Pettit, Jr. is the shooter.  Amy has attempted to contact him multiple times with no response.  Taylor will pay the ATA and we will see if he shoots the state shoot and if so, he will have to reimburse us his dues if he shows up then.  Kevin gave an update on zone shoots.

He asked about elections at the zone shoots.  The following directors are up for election:  N/W Rich Johnson, N/E Don Chrapla, S/W LaVerne Lehmann, and S/E Bob Ebbers.  The director not up for election runs it.

Next meeting will be Friday, July 16, 2021 at 8am at Homegrounds for the Annual Meeting.

YZ made a motion to adjourn.  Done seconded.  So carried.

Meeting adjourned at 12:27pm.