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Minutes: April 16, 2021

WTA Meeting
April 16, 2021
Sherwood Lodge and Zoom

The 04/16/21 Board of Director’s meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association was called to order at 9:03 am by Fritz Thistle, President.  Directors present were N/E Don Chrapla and YZ Weisensel, N/W was Rich Johnson, Keith Lehmann (phone), S/W LaVerne Lehmann (phone), S/E Tyler Buchanan (zoom) and Bob Ebbers (phone for part of the meeting), ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring (zoom), 1st Alt. Delegate Dwight Paulin, 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, Executive Assistant/Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins.  Absent:  Treasurer Taylor Katzenberg.

Also present were:  Catheryn Johnson, Jim Giese, John Coniff, Gary DeSmidt, John King
Zoom:  Don Mittag, Gary Witzke

Meeting started at 9:03 am.

Treasurer’s Report:
The WTA account has $52,800; the Campground account has $59,000, Savings has $13,481; Expansion account has $30,000, brokerage account valued at $18,300.  Total is $155,000 minus the brokerage account.  YZ asked about the golf cart amount of $600.  There was a bill that was found unpaid so Taylor paid it.

Don made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report.  Rich seconded.  So carried.

Secretary Report:
Amy gave an update that the camping is booking fast with the announcement of high school clay target league having their state shoot in June.  The youth weekends are over half full already and most of the premium sites are full.  She is also getting calls to reserve camping for the season and needs to know when the campground will be opened.  Fritz announced that the directors will need to notify Amy if they are coming up to work so that she can reserve your campsite.  The campground will be open for camping on May 1st.

Old Business:

TV Responder/Antennae:
Kevin did not have an update on this. He is waiting to get the stuff in.

YZ has the carts all serviced and they will be delivered back to the grounds next week.  Fritz will get the skid steer serviced; he has talked to the guy and he will pick it up on Sunday and bring it back next week.

EVR Water:
They looked at this yesterday to see where to run the water line. Bob Ebbers marked the electrical as well. We can now proceed with this project and will depend on the availability of the directors to get this done.  Chops will be available to try to get this done the end of April.  Fritz will try to arrange with the plumber to get it done according to Chops’ schedule.

WTA Staff T-shirts:
YZ has the shirts and they are in his car to be handed out to the directors to be worn at the state shoot.

West end pavers:
Fritz talked to Don Wagner about getting this done.  We will level the area on our own.  Rich said that he has a pull behind land leveler that he made himself that he could use if there was a tractor that he could use it with.  Don and Rich will arrange to get this down to the grounds and work on leveling the dirt.  Chops said this would work well for leveling out the driveway as well.

Event Center Water:
The pump house is gone and hauled away.  Bob Ebbers is working on this and this should be done very soon.  We will now be able to leave the water on in the building all year if needed.

Entrance Sealcoat:
This will be removed from the agenda.  This will not be a priority right now.

Trapline Limestone:
Fritz talked to Hoffmann trucking and they will give a quote for this.  They ran the line and determined how much they will need so we are waiting on a quote.

Wi-Fi for Building:
Solarus will be installing the Wi-Fi in the building by mid-May.  They are refining the cost for the east and west vendor rows.  They will give us a new quote as the original one was really high and the decision was to not do it based on price.  We will review the new quote once received to see if it is feasible to add more service.

Target Management System:
They are here and Glen has looked at them.  Fritz has talked to Brian Pierce about the boxes to plug in the wired systems or the wireless systems.  Electrical control boxes will be created to lock them in.

New Business:

Nekoosa Contract:
Fritz has been working a lot with Beth on this.  They are determined to make sure this works as well as it did with Brian.  Beth has put an enormous amount of time and energy into this.  There will be no price increase from last year other than an addition for a possible bonus at the end of the season.  Jim stated that none of the bonus money would go to the workers, it would go to the athletic departments.  Jim stated that we will be short one means of transportation because Brian had his motorized wheelchair.  He stated that he used the gator for garbage pickup.  They will need two modes of transportation for garbage for the state shoot.  Beth gave some suggestions for carts for the shoot weekends (she asked for 4 carts for all weekends and 5 for the state shoot).  Chops suggested that we get the two rentals from K&M if possible.  John Coniff said that we could use his if we got really short.  YZ stated he had another unit for garbage.  Rich stated that he talked to Master Karts and he will need to know a few days in advance when we need the carts and the price will be $50 a day per cart.  Amy suggested checking to see if we can get a monthly rate. The finalized Nekoosa contract will be ready to sign at the next meeting.

John will sponsor water for the workers for the state shoot.  He will also buy Lanny’s ice cream for each worker as well.

Rich stated that we will need to make sure there are workers present when the youth want to shoot practice.  SCTP will shoot practice on Thursday only.  HSCTL will shoot practice most likely on Thursday and Friday.  Gary W. and Gary D. are trying to set up sporting clays for the KM shoot.

WTA Workers for Shoot weekends:
5/15 Kettle Moraine – Bill Simonar, Dennis Kozlowski, Don, Dwight, Fritz, John Coniff, Jon King

5/22 May Shoot – Amy, YZ, Chops, Fritz, Rich, Bob, Bill, Dennis, Gary Witzke, John King; we may need additional help for this weekend

6/11 – 6/13 – HSCTL – Amy and YZ will be there on 6/9 to start setting up speakers; John Coniff, Fritz, Don, Dwight, Tyler, Kevin, Gary Witzke, LaVerne

6/24 – 6/27 SCTP: – Rich, Chops, YZ, Don, Dwight, John Coniff, John King, Fritz, Amy (Friday possibly)

SCTP Contract:
Gary DeSmidt handed out some paperwork with SCTP information.  Fritz also handed out a breakdown sheet of target prices, fees, loaders, etc.  Cost will be $25/100 for targets. Singles will be registered and they will pay the daily fees of $3 each (WTA/ATA) and $1 maintenance fee for a total of $32.  Targets for handicap and doubles will be $25 and $1 maintenance fee as these targets are not registered for a total of $26. The $10 WTA fee is waived for the singles targets.  SCTP targets for nationals are $90 for 200 targets.  SCTP will be charging their shooters $40 to shoot 100 rounds.  Rich asked how the shell shortage was going to affect these shoots.  Kevin stated that some schools are short on shells so it could affect the turnout at some of these events.  Hopefully the schools will be able to purchase shells.  Amy suggested that we sign the contract annually rather than a five-year contract.  Gary D. suggested that it is a five-year agreement but leaves room for target price increases if need be.

Kettle Moraine – there was some discrepancy in target prices and the price should be $23 for targets and a $1 maintenance fee.  It was voted in January 2021 to charge $22 for targets. This will now change and those minutes have been revised to reflect this change.

KM $23/100 plus $1 maintenance fee – they provide loaders, scorers; we provide grounds ($24 total).

HSCTL is $28/100; we provide loaders and grounds; they do their own scoring. 

SCTP $25/100 for singles, caps, doubles, $1 maintenance fee; WTA/ATA daily fees for singles only ($32 total for singles; $26 total for caps/doubles).  We provide scorers, loaders and grounds for SCTP.    

YZ made the motion.  Don seconded.  So carried. 

Friends of WTA Update:
John reported that 63 tickets have been reissued and $1000 has been deposited for the Kolar raffle.  He is requesting that $2000 be approved for 2021 for youth grants.  A new request form is being approved.  Three teams have already asked for funding.  For the youth raffle, we have a Fabarm Velocity AR and we owe Don Grundy $250.  He suggested having a raffle on this one gun in attempt to raise more money.  Or he suggested that we try to sell the gun rather than doing a raffle to get our money back.  Chops suggested that we have the gun at the live auction and sell it that way.  Discussion was held and we will plan to do a raffle and get the parents and youth involved to sell the tickets.

Current balance in the Friends account is $27,469 and the detailed summary is available.  John asked if there was interest in purchasing a Garmin.  The group decided no, we would not pursue this.  Don suggested that we use the money to purchase more carts.  YZ and Chops will be contacting a few people and see if we can purchase 4 or 5 more golf carts so that we do not have to rent them at $50 a day for all of the shoot weekends this season.  John said that we will set aside $15,000 for golf carts.  Rich said that he would volunteer to work with YZ to service the golf carts annually.  John asked if we would like to use some money for building a storage shed.  Amy suggested that we purchase the golf carts and move forward on the next idea after we see how much is spent on golf carts.

Don made a motion to approve $2000 grants for youth shooting and $15,000 or whatever the cost for purchasing five or more golf carts is.  YZ seconded.  So carried.

State Shoot:

Amy gave an update on the program.  She is working with Minute Man Press in Tomah to have the ads placed and a digital version created.  They will then print the 500 booklets prior to the state shoot.  Amy suggested that in the future, we possibly continue with this process and not mail out booklets and possibly not sell ads for the book unless someone else is going to step up to take care of this project.

The plan is to have a silent auction and live auction at the state shoot.

YZ said that we need more volunteers at the state shoot all day long.  It is the responsibility of the directors to be available to work all day – not just the morning but through the day and through shoot-offs.

Chops said all of the apparel is being ordered for the state shoot and it will have the year on it this year.

Fine Design:
Everyone agreed to move forward with the red design.  Amy will follow up and get a revised design from them.

Round Table:

He has been working on the annual beer license.  Amy will need to check on bartender’s licenses.
Town of Rome will seek a waiver for the cost of having EMTs at all of our shoots.

Don made a motion to pay $40 for the USSA membership fee.  YZ seconded.  So carried.

Fritz asked if we want a credit card machine for the facility.  Amy suggested waiting for the Wi-Fi because we can get a processor through the campground reservation system so that will work directly with the camping software. The system we use for our camping also has a point of sale section that all of the shooting and other daily sales could be rung up under.  This would then allow Taylor to run reports from the system as needed.

We will be putting a mailbox at the end of the road and we will have mail delivered for the season right to the gounds.

Bill Boyd and Al Arner will be coming up to work on traps and changing all the bands on May 24th.

Fritz will let Amy know when the water is on, but we will plan to open the campground on May 1st.

Midway USA has a grant available.  One club just got 5 new traps through this organization.  Tyler will take the lead on this.

He states that Fritz is the President of this organization and he should not have to be loading houses and setting up mics.  He stated that Amy is the secretary and should not have to be setting up mics; the secretary job has become way different than it was ten years ago. He stated we have a manager that should be able to coordinate all of this and be able to call in a group of kids to load traps, etc.  Amy stated that we have to be careful on hiring kids because we do not have employees.  Taylor would need to do some work on this before we can start hiring employees.  Bob will talk to her.

Jon King:
George Pappas has five traps will be selling three of them.  He will call us first to see if we want to purchase them.

Anyone that has a line on golf carts get in touch with him or Tate so that we can get them purchased as soon as possible.

He asked if the bar will be finished.  He will talk to Glen to see what needs to be done yet.

He suggested having more zone directors per zone.  Fritz said that we really need some younger directors to step up and learn this process to keep this organization going.  Gary D. stated that he thought adding more directors to their club was the answer to their situation as well; however, it really backfired on them and it made it even worse.

Tyler and Kevin picked up the Shamrock bags for the all-state team awards this morning.

ATA announced yesterday that the Grand American will be held in Sparta for 2021.

Don Mittag:
He stated that Tom Hoppe does credit card machines.  He agreed that it is a good suggestion to hire kids to work.

Amy reminded Bob that he would need to order a pedestal to swap out on site 144.  Instead, Fritz will purchase a reducer cord so that if a camper needs a cord we have it.  This would be cheaper than buying a new pedestal and replacing it.  Currently the pedestal on 144 is just 50 amp and some campers may need 30 amp.

Amy asked about having Lanny’s ice cream park his new RV up by the building when he vends.  It will stick out past the building however, we typically block that area for parking anyway.  Amy and YZ stepped it off and it shouldn’t be a problem and there is enough power for him to plug in; he doesn’t need water.

Next meeting will be May 28, 2021 at 9am at Homegrounds.  The meeting will be available by zoom as well.

YZ made a motion to adjourn.  Rhino seconded.  So carried.

Meeting adjourned at 12:01pm.