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Minutes: January 25, 2020

WTA Meeting
January 25, 2020
Sherwood Lodge

The 01/25/20 face to face Board of Director’s meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association was called to order at 9:07 am by Fritz Thistle, President.  Directors present were N/E Don Chrapla and YZ Weisensel, N/W Keith Lehmann and Rich Johnson, S/W LaVerne Lehmann, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, 1st Alt. Delegate Dwight Paulin, 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, Executive Assistant/Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins.  Absent is S/E Bob Ebbers, S/E Ron Rousseau and Treasurer Taylor Katzenberg,.

Also present at the meeting:
Tate Barwald, John Atkielski, Chops, Catheryn Johnson

Meeting started at 9:07 am.

Wifi/TV/Responder – TV Antennae:
Kevin had talked to Tom Roberts but he has not heard anything back with updated information.  Kevin will try to reach him again and get him contact information so that Chops can coordinate with what we need.  Chops is willing to put it up once we have it.

EVR water/electric:
Chops got the bids all back.  The plumbing bid and electric bids have been received.  Plumbing is $8700 and would include everything but the digging and the wood for the posts.  We would have to supply all the labor and digging.  The bid for electric for nine more pedestals and three transformers, all the wiring, breakers, fuses and switches and all the trenching came in at $42,500.  The total would be about $55,000.  No one can bid the pump house because we don’t really know what is in there.  Chops explained how the valves would be in the pump house for what would be needed to keep the water on in the building all winter.  You would have to have three separate valves and would still have to blow the east and west lines and leave the building on; however, eventually the building would be gone.  Chops is recommending that we put this project on hold.  We will table this discussion for now.

HSCTL National Shoot RFP:
Fritz has nothing new on this.  He has quite a bit of stuff to give to Adams County to try to assist us but has not done anything on it.

 Strategic Plan:
John and Fritz will get it sent to the DNR.

Campground Website Development/Online System:
Amy, Taylor and Fritz had a conference call before Christmas with Campspot.  The call went very well and we are going to have them build a reservation system for us.  Amy received an email yesterday that they are ready to go with training.  She has received the credit card processing equipment to use as well.  Hopefully the system will be up and running by the 1st of February for people to start making reservations online.  At this time, there is no fee for us to have them build the reservation system for us.  The only fees we will incur is the credit card processing which will be paid to the processing company monthly.  Campspot charges $2 for each reservation which is paid by the camper.


Secretary’s Report:
Amy and Taylor have been working on ads for the state shoot program and getting all of the 2020 shoot dates scheduled.  She is working with Carol Keeley to get the shoot calendar finished.  She has been working on camping and vendors and there are still some electric only sites available, but otherwise, everything is filling up very fast.

Laverne made a motion to donate $1000 to Keeley’s for the shoot calendar.  Kevin seconded.  So carried.

Treasurer’s Report:
Taylor could not make it due to weather but she sent the reports via email.   Checking account has a balance of $102,124, savings accounts have $7800 and $5600 and the Homegrounds account has $31,900.   We still owe $705,000 to Summit Credit Union.  Fritz went through some items on the profit and loss and balance sheet.  All the information that the accountant has requested for the 2019 taxes has been submitted.  Hopefully we will see the 1099s and W2s very soon.  Half of the property taxes have been paid, $18,000; they went up about 22%.  Taylor will not be at the May shoot but has coverage for the squadding and cashiering.  She has a plan worked out with Ken for payout reports and she will send checks entered and mailed after the shoot.

Fritz has been working with the Town of Rome for zoning of the property.  It will rezone 10 acres on the business parcel and 30 acres on the north parcel which was forest and will be forest recreational.  We have to do that before putting the traps in.

Don made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report.  YZ seconded it.  So carried.

Bar Plan:
Fritz met with Don and Chops for a bar plan.  Glen will be building a bar on the east end of the building.

Flag Poles:
Dan Gallagher has been looking for flag poles for us.  He found two more so we will have three now once he gets them delivered.  They will replace the ones that continually seem to fall down.  We will put a cement base in for them and make them permanent.

 2020 Schedule of Events:May 2 & 3 – WTA Registered Shoot
May 9 & 10 – WI Junior Olympic Qualifier (Bruce Nelson will run this)
May 16 – Kettle Moraine
June 6 & 7 – HSCTL State Shoot
June 25 and 26 – WI SCTP International Trap Championship
June 26 to 28 – WI SCTP State Shoot
July 13 – WTA Registered Marathon Shoot
July 14 to 19 – WI State Shoot
July 22 – Cheesemakers
September 11 – Mid-State Technical College
September 19 & 20 – WTA WI Fall Classic Shoot

Fritz attended the SCTP meeting last weekend. They want to have the SCTP International Trap championship on Thursday and Friday of the SCTP Trap Championship.  It will be June 25 and 26.  It will be a really busy week because on Thursday and Friday they will be setting up the make-a-break and other things around the bunker.

2020 Shooting and Camping Fees:
Discussion was held about the prices of targets for the state shoot.  Florida is at $36 per 100.  Minnesota was uncertain if they will raise to $35 or stay at $34.  Iowa was at $35 last year.  Due to cost of operations and increase in target prices, discussion was held to raise our targets prices to $35 per 100.

Don made a motion to raise target prices for the 2020 State Shoot to $35 per 100.  YZ seconded.  So carried.

Target Prices:

WTA Registered Shoots – Targets will be $28 per 100

HSCTL – Targets will remain $28 per 100; practice is $6 a round; no youth fee, no punch cards.  Loaders will be provided.

Kettle Moraine – Targets will be $24 per 100.  They will provide their own loaders, scorers and prepare their own shoot results. 

SCTP – Targets will be $25 per 100; $3 WTA fee and $1 maintenance fee.  We will provide scorers and loaders for singles; loaders only for doubles and handicap.   Make-A-Break and Flurry will be charged $18 for every case opened. 

Marathon Monday – Targets will be $25 per 100

Kevin made a motion to raise SCTP target prices to $25 per 100.  The $3 WTA fee and $1 Maintenance fee will be in addition to that.  Laverne seconded.  So carried.

Laverne made a motion to raise Kettle Moraine target prices to $24 per 100.  Don seconded.  So carried.

Kevin made a motion to keep HSCTL target prices at $28 per 100.  YZ seconded.  So carried.

Don made a motion to have Marathon Monday targets at $25 per 100.  YZ seconded.  So carried.


$6 adults/$5 youth.  Punch cards are $50 for adults and $40 for youth (10 punches).

$10 for adults; $9 for youth.  Punch cards are $90 for adults and $80 for youth (10 punches).

Rich made a motion to charge the above prices for trap and bunker practice rounds.  YZ seconded.  So carried.

Practice rounds will be $6/25 and $12/50 doubles (2 tickets) for all events including the state shoot. 

Prices will be $40 per night, $200 for week, $700 for the month.  We will not be offering discounted rates for HSCTL and SCTP weekends.  It will $20 per night for tents and $100 for the week for tents.  The two concrete sites will be $50 per night.  The party site rate will be $120 a night and holds two campers.

If someone wants to store their camper on weekends they are not there, they will need to move to the dump station road (west side).  Storage will be $2 day and we will not be held liable for anything.  No camping will be allowed on vendor row, except for vendors during the state shoot or WTA workers.

State Shoot:

  • Shoot Program – We went through the program page by page and John and Amy made changes as we went. We will try to finalize the ads and get them to John as soon as possible and try to have the program completed before Amy leaves for Tucson in mid-February.
  • Sponsorships – Sponsorships are all taken care of. Waiting for White Flyer to decide if they are sponsoring two events on Thursday yet.
  • Copyright of Logo – We will not pursue a copyright on our logo at this time.
  • Week Schedule – Monday marathon, Wednesday pig roast and HOF/All State Team, Thursday hot dog feed and basket giveaways, Friday fish fry with live and silent auctions with DJ Rhino.
  • Myron Bumstad – Fritz talked to him. He is supposed to be having some surgery.  He does not know if he will be here or not. Tate will follow up on a back-up plan.
  • Golf Carts – 20 from June 1st to July 19 = $10,500; 20 for state shoot = $4200 = $14,700 total. He wasn’t sure about the delivery charge.  He will follow up with Jim’s carts and bring back a final quote at the next meeting for board approval.

YZ asked about the possibility of looking at a wrecked UTV or Gator.  He will start watching some of the auction sites.

Friends of WTA:
Fritz said at the SCTP meeting, he mentioned that there would be some grants available.  John has created a Grant Application form to be filled out.  John already has received four applications and he would like to increase the amount to $2500.  Amy will put the application on the website.

The Friends are also planning to raffle off one gun at each of the youth organization shoots this summer.  Half of the raffle money will go to the Friends to support the WTA and the other will go to promote youth shooting.

The balance in the Friends account is $39,709.  They paid for the insulation in the ceiling.  The Kolar raffle is a go as well and tickets will be coming soon.

Don made a motion to approve the three raffles and the increase to $2500 for the youth grants.  Kevin seconded.  So carried.

WTA Website:
We received a bill from Liz for $810 for 18 months of service on the website.   Taylor will pay the bill.

The list on the website has not been updated since 2016.  Fritz would like to get an update from Amy on the donation letters that she has sent out in the past few years so that he can try to update the donation list that is posted on the website.

Round Table:

We need another gun safe because there is not enough room in the other one.  Recob’s is aware and has one in mind for us to purchase.

He has the tool box to drop off at the grounds.

He would like to propose to get together with Bob Ebbers and work on the electric pedestals on the south side of the parking lot as some of them are close to tipping them over.  Tate suggested talking to Bob and Chops and see if it is a possibility to move the transformers off the east side (south side of parking lot) and add them to the east vendor row and discontinue the camping in the parking lot on the east end.

He will be ordering Bucky pins.  He will get the zone shoot patches and buckles ordered as well.

He asked if we would be replacing the MEC trap in house 18.  Fritz said probably not.  He realizes that it is tough to work on but for now it will remain.  We use it free and MEC takes care of it.

Tate asked when do we get to the point that we ask the Friends for cash to buy at least one more golf cart and a UTV to eliminate the rental fees that we pay every year.

Don made a motion to offer $2000 to purchase the golf cart that Rich found in the cities.  YZ seconded it.  So carried.

Kevin made a motion to adjourn.  Don seconded.  So carried.

Meeting adjourned at 2:05pm.

Next meeting is February 29th at 9am at Sherwood.