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Minutes: October 19, 2019

WTA Meeting
October 19, 2019

The 10/19/19 face to face Board of Director’s meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association was called to order at 9:20 am by Fritz Thistle, President.  Directors present were N/W Rich Johnson and Keith Lehmann, N/E Don Chrapla and YZ Weisensel, S/W LaVerne Lehmann, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, Secretary/Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins.  Absent is S/E Ron Rousseau, S/E Bob Ebbers, Treasurer Taylor Ebbers, 1st Alt. Delegate Dwight Paulin.

Also present at the meeting:
Deana Lehmann, Catheryn Johnson, Tate Barwald, Chops, Ken Michels, Glen Grabski

Meeting started at 9:20 am.

Secretary’s Report:

Treasurer’s Report:
Taylor projected through the end of December we should have $173,000.  Her projection through April is $102,000.  We currently have $192,000 in checking and $32,000 in the Homegrounds account.  The savings account balances are $7800 and $5611.  The taxes for 2018 have been filed for the campground and she will be filing the ones for the WTA soon.  The accountant will let her know what she needs for the 2019 taxes.  All of the W9s are back for 2019.

Don made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report.  LaVerne seconded it.  So carried.

Campground Website Development:
Amy and Fritz have been working with two different companies on a website.  We have been working with Megan from a company in Onalaska; this company was recommended from WACO and was about $4000.  Fritz stated that we would like the website to be able to click on a site, then a picture of the site would pop up and have the ability to reserve a site and get a refund if need be.  The other proposal is for $7000 and is a local person that Lisa Rouse is working with.  Fritz has continued to work with Town of Rome and we likely would be able to get money back from them.  It is unknown where we go from here.  Amy will talk with Megan and Cam at Town of Rome to see if they have any further suggestions.  Amy will try to find the information from the old website.

Land Donation / Expansion:
Fritz asked the board if we are all committed to expanding the facility to add another 10 trap fields.  Fritz said that we would be able to add up to 13 fields.  Fritz showed the “as built” drawing originally.  There were two options – with or without skeet houses for the new expansion.  Fritz has met with the DNR to get the land out of managed forest crop land.  We may not have to pay the back taxes on the land because we are a 501c(3).  That is unknown though.  The land is now ours; the deed has been filed and the land is now in our name.  Laverne gave Fritz a list of traps that are for sale from the Spring Green Rod & Gun club.  Fritz will get ahold of them and get the information on the used traps.  Don got in touch with Jim Grunewald and got a recommendation for someone to do the clearing of the land.  Matt Maroszek from Bonduel was recommended and gave us a quote.  The price was $600 an acre for a total of about $21,000 to clear the land.  Fritz is thinking this would be a two to four year project.  Fritz suggested a grant from the NRA and the DNR for matching funds.  The apprentices or operators from Coloma can come in here and do the prep on the land, but the trees would have to be removed first (which is the amount that Don listed above).  The Town of Rome is okay with our expected expansion but would like an updated site plan.

Kevin made a motion to move forward with clearing the trees on the east end.  YZ seconded it.  So carried.

2020 Schedule of Events:
May 2 & 3 – WTA Registered Shoot
May 9 & 10 – WI Junior Olympic Qualifier (not confirmed until January or February)
May 16 – Kettle Moraine
May 23 & 24 – WI SCTP International Trap Championship (not confirmed; waiting on Perry)
June 6 & 7 – HSCTL State Shoot
June 26 to 28 – WI SCTP State Shoot
July 13 – WTA Registered Marathon Shoot
July 14 to 19 – WI State Shoot
July 22 – Cheesemakers
September 11 – Mid-State Technical College
September 19 & 20 – WTA WI Fall Classic Shoot

Amy will send an email out to the zone shoot clubs about the 2021 shoots.  She will propose not flipping weekends due to an even rotation instead of odd numbers in each zone.

Round Table:
Fritz has been looking for someone to fix the bunker motors.  He will get them done in the next couple months.  He got all of the lawnmowers serviced.  We have another mower that the Friends purchased for us.  Fritz reminded everyone to check the oil in the mowers as well as the golf carts.  Glen will take care of this for next year, but others using the carts should be responsible as well.  We will put some snow stops and gutter up by the back entry.  Glen and Chops will take care of this.  Fritz ordered two guns that have not arrived yet.  He ordered two more radar guns and we now have three.  He closed the safety deposit box.  We will finalize the HOF Banquet date at the next meeting.  Two Mondays are left for the youth league for LNPAF high school clay target league.

YZ made a motion to put snow stops on the back entry door.  Rich seconded it.  So carried.

A guy has trapped 14 or 16 wolves on our grounds in the past few years.  He is also getting some coyotes.  He has about six or seven traps in here right now.    He will be given a key to the gate so that he can continue trapping yet this fall.  Glen reported that he got a call yesterday from a guy that said he may have left his gun here at the Mid-State shoot.  He would like to know about some more registered shoots; he will talk with Kevin about the shoot application process.  He said that some people have asked about how much money he has taken in over the summer.  He said that his deposits have been about $17,000 for the season.  His pay was $20,000 and to be pro-rated over 12 months.  He has been paid $8333 to date.

He will get an estimate from John Wilke to complete the insulation in the building.

Ken M:
Discussed the shoot categories for the shoots next year.  Discussion will continue at the next meeting so that the changes can be made to the shoot program before it needs to be published in the shoot calendar.

He asked if we were interested in having his band play again next year for the state shoot or if we wanted him to just do DJ.  We will discuss and finalize this at the next meeting.

Heartland Grand will be a week early in 2020.  Kevin reported there was some issues with parents of the SCTP going to the line stating their kid didn’t miss that target.  Kevin just wanted us to remind Brian and the scorers that they do not listen to any one else when it comes to scoring.

Kevin made a proposal that if anyone on this board is up at Homegrounds working and cannot attend a zone shoot, they would be exempt from that requirement.  It would just be listed on the all-state team application about the exemption.  Fritz brought up that someone can make the All American Team but didn’t make the Wisconsin All State Team.  It was suggested that it is a choice where people shoot and shooters should be required to shoot the in state requirements in order to make the all-state team.  No changes will be made to these requirements.

Tom Roberts from Missouri has the antennae that we will need for scores to display on televisions in the campground. He would like to be reimbursed for the antennae.  At the last meeting Ron R. agreed to pay for an antennae; we will need to confirm with him that he is willing to pay for this.

Don made a motion that if someone is working at Homegrounds and cannot attend either zone shoot, they would be exempt from that requirement for the all-state team.  Laverne seconded.

He asked if Recob’s is all paid up.  Fritz confirmed that the loan to Recob’s has been paid in full.  Chops purchased some tools that were needed to fix some things on the traps.  He will donate these to the organization.

He would like to get a tool box for the mechanical room.  He will purchase one and label each drawer and donate it to the club.

He says that we need to define rules for free camping on who gets it and what the qualifications are for.

Deana will begin working on the program.  She has a printer in her town that is willing to print and do the mailing of the program.  Deana will start selling the ads for the program.  It will be in black and white with color pages.  Program ads will be $225 for a full page; $125 for half page; $75 for ¼ page.  She will need the program in Publisher, not MS Word.  Amy will discuss with John Atkielski so he is aware of this.

Next meeting is scheduled for December 14th at Homegrounds.

Kevin made a motion to adjourn.  YZ seconded.  So carried.

Meeting adjourned at 11:57 am.