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Minutes: July 12, 2019 – Annual Meeting

WTA Annual Meeting
July 12, 2019

There were 88 WTA members who attended the annual meeting on July 12, 2019.

The 07/12/19 Annual Meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association was called to order at 8:01 am by Fritz Thistle, President.

Pledge of Allegiance

Fritz had a moment of silence for those that we have lost in the past year.

Roll Call – Directors present were N/E Don Chrapla and Rich Weisensel (YZ), S/E Jerry Kaszynski and Bob Ebbers, N/W Tate Barwald and Rich Johnson, S/W – President Fritz Thistle and Laverne Lehmann, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, 1st Alt Delegate Dwight Paulin, 2nd Alt ATA Delegate Fritz Thistle, Treasurer Taylor Ebbers and Secretary/Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins.

Programs were handed out to attendees that included minutes from the 2018 annual meeting and the treasurer’s report.

2018 Annual Minutes –
Rueben Stark made a motion to bypass reading the minutes from 2018 and accepted as written.  John Reeb seconded.  So carried.

Treasurer’s Report
Jack Duwe asked about a negative entry for pre-squad.  Taylor explained that she printed the reports from 2018 and she was not the treasurer.  Her guess is that Michelle likely had to reimburse someone.  Upon further review during the meeting, Taylor determined it was an entry error and the entry was actually a camping refund.  Rhino made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report.  Seconded by Don Mittag.  So carried.

ATA Delegate Report –
Kevin said the ATA has been pretty quiet.  WI state shoot will be July 14 to 19 in 2020.  The Grand moved their dates for 2020.

 Nominations and Elections of Zone Directors –
There are currently two vacancies.  Ron Rousseau has approached us and is willing to fill the S/E Director position.  Jerry nominated Ron to fill the S/E Director position. Don Chrapla seconded.  Ron will now be the new director for the S/E Zone.  Bill Simonar has shown interest in being a director for the N/W Zone.  LaVerne nominated Bill Simonar to fill the N/W Director.  No second.  The N/W zone director will remain vacant.

Elections were done at the Zone shoots.

S/W Zone was LaVerne Lehman; Ken Cerney made a motion to accept LaVerne as Director.  Rueben Stark seconded.  So carried.

N/E Zone was YZ; Rich Johnson made a motion to accept YZ, Kevin Doerring seconded.  So carried.

ATA Delegate –
LaVerne Lehmann nominated Kevin Doerring.  Greg Pursell seconded.  Kevin Cerney made a motion to close the nominations.  Reuben Stark seconded.  So carried.

Don Chrapla made a motion to nominate Dwight Paulin for the 1st alternate delegate. YZ seconded.  Ken Cerney made a motion to close the nominations.  Jerry K. seconded.  So carried.

Paul Becker made a motion to nominate Fritz Thistle for the 2nd alternate delegate.  Don Chrapla seconded.  Rueben Stark made a motion to close the nominations.  Ken Cerney seconded.  So carried.

All State team:
Fritz said everything went well last night.  A big thanks to Kolar!

Hall of Fame –
James “Chops” Gurkowski will be inducted tomorrow night at the banquet.

Building Report:
Chops gave an update on the building report.  We are looking at building a storage building and will be 50×96 with 16’ ceilings and 14×12 doors (base price of $60,000 and with extras is $79,000). The plan was to NOT have concrete floor, so the price may be more.  We also will be putting a canopy over the back door. The hoop building is starting to show its age and a project would be completed to have a canopy out front and storage at the back.  Which project would the membership like to move forward on….storage building or hoop building?  Chops got a show of hands to see what the membership thought was the best idea.  The majority showed interest in the storage building.  Jean Reeb asked if we are paying our debt back and Chops reported that yes we are working on that.

Facility Manager:
Glen Grabski was hired in April and has been working every week up here.  Fritz says he has a lot to learn before we can call him a manager.

Expanding the Business:
We are outgrowing our facility.  We would like to add another six traps and another bunker.  We are having to turn kids away.  If we got another bunker we likely could hold some future events on the bunker.  Don Mittag said we need to work on expanding the traps first.  Fritz said you can have a two day bunker shoot for $1500 but a two day trap shoot could make $20,000.  There is a bunker going in near Winchester.  The first bunker was not paid for by the WTA.   The DNR met with Fritz at one of the youth shoots and has shown interest and helping us in the future.  The initial goal was to have five bunkers.  Fritz said that is we expand to the east with six more fields, we would make them wide enough to use them as skeet fields as well.  Rhino said that he fully agrees that we need to expand.


2020 Zone Shoot Locations and dates:
June 6 & 7
S/W – Sauk
N/E – Antigo

June 13 & 14
N/W – Weston
S/E – Beaver Dam

Discussion was held to keep them on two weekends.  John Denman suggested moving the zone shoots to after the Grand.  He said that there is no place to shoot targets after the Grand.  Glen Grabski said that he agreed. The Champions would then represent the Grand at the next year.  Virgil said that Illinois has theirs in the fall or spring.  The Board will discuss date changes (moving to the spring or fall) at the next meeting.

2020 State Shoot:  July 14 to 19
We will plan to run a marathon again on Monday next year.  We had about 83 shooters on Monday.  We are up on numbers for every event so far this year.  Wayne Vandeburg said that next year state shoot will fall on the water ski show.

Central Zone Shoot:
Chops asked if anyone had talked to Janesville and Sauk about stepping on any toes. Fritz said that when this state shoot is over, he will be done to take a breather and doesn’t know about holding the Central Zone. Kevin stated that originally the plan was to move the central zone here.  He doesn’t think that we need to step on Sauk and Janesville toes.  The Central Zone will remain as is.  Don Mittag said for the same reasons that we stay out of the rotation for a zone shoot.

Hall of Fame Banquet:
Singles Shoot Offs on Saturday night:
A suggestion was made to move it to a time not during the state shoot so it is not so chaotic to get there.  Tim Mackey suggested to have the singles shoot offs on Saturday night.  It would make for a shorter day for Sunday shoot offs.  It also allows the shooters the ability to shoot off on the same day that they shot their singles scores.

Tim made a motion to have championship singles shoot offs on Saturday.  Jay Nigbor seconded.  So carried.

Kevin suggested that more people show up to help with shoot offs. The Directors work all day and we need more help at shoot offs from the membership.

No decision will be made for the banquet date at this time.

State Shoot Camping:
Amy suggested that we charge a fee of $25 for campers that want to come in early for the state shoot.  The campground is getting busier and long stay campers want to stay until the Sunday of the state shoot.  Because of this, campers will need to reserve their sites and pay for additional nights if they want to arrive early; rather than assuming their site is available.  Everyone agreed that this was a good plan. Volunteers coming early to help out will not be charged the $25 for additional nights.

State Shoot Program:
Amy reported that she will not be doing the program next year so we will need assistance from someone to help with the printing.  Amy and John will work together for the content, however, someone will need to take the lead on selling ads and getting quotes from printers.  We will not be using the same printer that was used the past two years due to many issues with them.

Friends of the WTA –
Paul Becker has about 40 tickets to sell yet for the Kolar raffle.  WOW – Women of Wisconsin taking care of the other raffles. Thank you to everyone.  Tonight is the fish fry.  Live auction will be at 7pm.  Mark and Sharon will be doing the bead raffle as well.  Sandy reminded everyone to pick up their trophies as soon as you win them.  There will be a live band tonight with some give away’s as well.

Thank you to John Reeb for mowing the grass in front of the traps as well. The EMTs are on grounds for the entire week.  Leftover hot dogs and beans will be put out at lunch time.

Tom Bristol suggested having a $10 fee to use your personal ATV or golf cart.

Randy Binversie asked if we can put up a wall for all of the volunteers.

Don Mittag said the pig roast was wonderful on Tuesday night.  Jim said that he will do it again next year.  Over 300 people were served that night.

Ken Cerney made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Rueben Stark seconded.  So carried.  Meeting adjourned at 9:08am.

Board Meeting

YZ made a motion for Fritz to remain President for 2019.  Bob seconded.

So carried.

1st Vice President

Bob made a motion for Don.  Fritz seconded.  Don accepted.  So carried.

2nd Vice President

Dwight nominated Laverne.  Bob seconded. Laverne accepted.  So carried.