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Minutes: May 4, 2019

WTA Meeting
May 4, 2019

The 05/04/19 face to face Board of Director’s meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association was called to order at 5:26 pm by Fritz Thistle, President. Directors present were N/W Tate Barwald and Rich Johnson, N/E Don Chrapla and YZ Weisensel, S/E Jerry Kaszynski and Bob Ebbers, S/W LaVerne Lehmann, 1st Alt. Delegate Dwight Paulin, 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, Treasurer Taylor Ebbers, Secretary/Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins.  Absent is ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring.

Also present at the meeting: Ken Michels, Catheryn Johnson, Chops, Dennis Fude, James Badtke, Jerry Vanderwerff, John Fitz, Dennis Minks, Tom Lewic, Don Wagner, Bruce Wagner, Glen Grabski, Bryon Fennig, Sean Mackin, Michael Thomas

Meeting started at 5:26pm.

Wifi/TV/ Responder:
No update at this time. Sean Mackin said that it can be done different ways.  He thinks it can be done for a lot less money.  Ingenious is one of the sites that we can look at if need be he says.  Sean suggested buying a pay-as-you-go hot spot and will send information if he finds some good deals.

Camp Hosts:
Bill and Helen have arrived. Buck’s will be coming mid-month.  Bill and Helen are on W168 and Buck’s will be on V525 on the line.


Secretary’s Report:
Amy said that she still has Kolar raffle tickets for sale if anyone wants one yet this weekend. Paul was uncertain how many tickets are still available.

Treasurer’s Report:
Taylor reported the checking account has a balance of $80,700. The first installment was paid to the Nekoosa kids.  The accountant got Taylor everything she needed; she will still be filing an extension for us.  Fritz said that we have a safety deposit box at the bank that we can close since we have a safe on grounds now.

Tate made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report. Don seconded it.  So carried.

Building Update:
The building is 99.9% done. Some lights will need to be strung in the attic so they can see when they blow the insulation.  The bathrooms are totally done.  Gary DeSmidt has the closures for the doors so those will get added also. NO TAPE ON THE WALLS. Chops met with a company from Marshfield on the tables like they have in Tucson.  Those tables are approximately $1000 for a table and 4 chairs.  The cleaners were here last week and cleaned the entire building.  A bill will be coming from then.  Mike Thomas donated rugs in front of all of the doors.  Don said that we would like to install a canopy type thing by the front door for when it is raining.  Fritz said that Recob’s have one and it came from Baraboo Tent and Awning.  We cannot attach it to the building otherwise we will need permits, etc.  Chops said we need to find out if it will make it through the snow and ice falling off the building.  The Wagner brothers are willing to put pavers in front of that entrance.  Bob will move the electrical box from this area as well so that the pavers can go out further.  Chops said that we still have to go to the city to make sure it is okay and see if we need a permit.

Grounds Caretaker/Manager:
Glen Grabski has been up taking care of the youth on Mondays. There have been conversations about having leagues; however, we will discuss with Heart to see what the original agreement was with them.  Glen is thinking we should be open more than Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  He is hoping to close on Tuesday and Wednesday and be open the rest of the week.  Bob said the best way will be to have an employee versus a contractor.  Tate said that last year we grossed approximately $20,000.  If we hire Glen for $20,000 it is probably going to cost us $10,000 but would hopefully reap that in the next few years.  Tom Lewic stated that if it is an annual salary then he would be available to come out and check on the grounds in the winter time as well.  Dwight said that he thinks a contract should be drawn up because hiring him on a motion could be changed at any meeting.

Rich made a motion to hire Glen as the manager for $20,000 annually. A contract/job description will be developed and presented to Glen.  LaVerne seconded.  Jerry K. nay.  So carried.

State Shoot:

  • Shoot Program – Amy gave an update on the programs and why they have not been mailed yet. The printer claims that they have been printed and are sitting at the post office. He will find out why the delay.
  • Pre-Squad – Amy gave an update that $3200 was sold in less than 2 hours on opening day.
  • UTVs – Fritz will coordinate these for the youth shoots and state shoot.
  • Overflow Camping: – We will plan to put what we have down on the east end; however we should not sell any more.
  • Jim Poublon – He had asked if he could use our logo to add to shirts/hats at the state shoot; no, he will not be able to, due to Chops selling shirts and hats already.
  • Fish Fry – It looks like Connie and Glen will take over for the fish fry.   Paul will supply the fish and they will cook it. Silent and live auctions will both take place that night as well.

 The magnetic squad numbers worked great for the shoot today. We just made new ones for the shoot today so that we didn’t mess up the state shoot bags. Big thanks to Connie Gresk for making these for us.

Becker Proposal:
Paul gave an update that with the costs that it would be to do the new plan, they will be backing out. Joe and Paul will plan to go back to their original plan for site 101.

Round Table:
Fritz: Septic: He said that when we turned it on it was in failure.  Some testing was done and there was a module that needed to be replaced and it is working great now.
Bunker:  There were some issues with it last weekend, but it is working great now.  He is still working on the claim from the water issues this winter.
Mike Czieski will be carpeting the back office area and will try to have it done in the next three weeks. Chris Bernau donated two office cubicle stations that look great in the new building.

Jerry: He would like to put solar panels on the roof.  He would like to use his raffle money from the booze raffle and put it towards that.  Any money that is made will be earmarked for this.

Tate: Calcium chloride quote for this year is the same price as last year, $1.05 a gallon.  It comes out to about $2600 a load.  We can go a lighter application and spread it out further.  Do we want to do it and if so, do we want to do it in early June and again before the state shoot. We currently have $500 donated towards the first load.  Tate will determine whether or not we will need a second load before the state shoot.  Tate is working on the golf carts.  One of the carts has a broken frame and he will be getting that welded.  YZ is painting the body for all of them and they look great.  The goal is to have them completed by May 18 and delivered back to Homegrounds.  Tate will get the broken speaker fixed and get the one put back on the shower house so that they are all working before the first youth shoot on May 18.

Don made a motion to have Tate negotiate and arrange to have the calcium chloride done. Rich seconded. So carried.

He got prices for getting 25 straight, 100 and 200 straight patches. There would be 400 patches total.  $3.08 per patch.  Fritz asked Dwight to find out how much the ATA charges.  Once we have that price, we should determine if we could sell them to other clubs so when they hold a registered shoot, they could hand out a WTA patch.

He talked to Jim Grunewald to make a ditch in front of the bunker so that we don’t have a water issue again. He needs to have the Wagner brothers look at what we need to do to finish the cart path.  He thinks we either need to purchase or borrow a spare trap for the state shoot in case one breaks down.  Tate will see if he can talk to a local club to have one on standby.  Chops will check to see if Berlin will let us borrow one for just the state shoot.

Amy gave an update on camping site availability for High School Clay Target League weekend and SCTP.

Next meeting will be the annual meeting on Friday July 12 at 8am.

Tate made a motion to adjourn the meeting. LaVerne seconded it.  So carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:08 pm.