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Minutes: April 13, 2019

WTA Meeting
April 13, 2019

The 04/13/19 face to face Board of Director’s meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association was called to order at 9:03 am by Fritz Thistle, President. Directors present were N/W Tate Barwald and Rich Johnson, N/E Don Chrapla, S/W LaVerne Lehmann, 1st Alt. Delegate Dwight Paulin, 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, Treasurer Taylor Ebbers, Secretary/Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins.  Absent was N/E Bob Ebbers, S/E Jerry Kaszynski, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring.

Also present at the meeting: John Coniff, Jeff Recob, Ken Michels, Catheryn Johnson, Brian Giese, YZ, Chops

Meeting started at 9:03 am.

Wifi/TV/ Responder:
Bob was unable to attend the meeting so there is no update on this. Fritz did talk to Solarus prior for some estimates but they are all over the board at this point.  Dennis Minks will plan to help Fritz on it.

PA System/Speaker:
Speakers are in and Steve will be in contact to get them installed, hopefully before the end of April.

Fritz has talked to Kyle Okray a lot over the last couple years and has been working with him closely since he returned from Tucson. He has been working with him on the bunker insurance claim.  We are up to about $5000 or $6000 in damages from the flooding.  Fritz will be in contact with other agencies to get multiple quotes and compare them all to see if we can get our insurance cheaper.  Right now, Fritz believes it is over $11,000 annually.

Fritz will be meeting with Town of Rome on Monday to get approval to put our new double-sided sign up on the corner of Hwy 13 and Akron.

Squadding/Cashiering Tables:
John has the third one almost done. He has one coat of finish on the first one and would like to get at least two more coats on it.  He will have 2 or 3 finished for the May shoot and all 5 will be completed for the state shoot.  He needs to know about the trays and how big those are.  John and Catheryn went to the grounds after the meeting and found the trays so he will be able to ensure they are the right size.

Camp Hosts:
Bill and Helen will be arriving late April or early May. Mike and Tony Buck are the other hosts.  They will not be here until the middle of the May.  They will set up on the trapline and help out with the traps and other shooting events.  We likely will still have to have Melissa clean the bathrooms for the state shoot; but it will be an expectation for the camp hosts to clean the shower houses and the bathrooms in the main building. Fritz and the others will develop the job descriptions for them.

Visit Rome – Cameryn:
Cam came and handed out some Visit Rome information and talked about the blog she did last year on the trapshooting association. There is an article in their current booklet and brochure for the WTA.  If they can do anything to help promote our facility, they are more than willing to help.  They are willing to help sponsor some events if needed.  They have a budget for special events.  They recently moved and are now located in the Rome Realty office. She is willing to put advertising in the office for us if we have anything.  The town is still working on the hotel study.

Secretary’s Report:
Amy gave an update on things she has been working on. Camping calls are coming in daily for HSCTL and SCTP weekends. The RMR Mechanical folks will be returning for another shutdown at the papermill in Rapids.  They are staying for 2 weeks and an additional 35 days.  There is a concern about a few of them not being gone before the state shoot starts.  They would like to know if we can have a place to store their campers if they need to check into a hotel.

The program proof was reviewed and overnighted last week. It arrived back to the printer on Monday, April 8th.  She has not heard anything back from them so assumes it is being printed this week and then mailed out.  Amy has been in contact with Michelle to get our information posted on pre-squad.  Pre-squad will open May 1st at noon.

The ad for Trap and Field was finalized and should be published in the next edition.

Amy has the temporary beer license and bartender’s license renewal forms ready to give to the Town of Rome for approval.

High School Target League made a decision earlier this week that they will keep their shoot to one day again this year. Amy notified Brian so that he knows they won’t be needed on Sunday.

Amy received an email from the WPVA stating that they would not have a booth at the state shoot this year. They were very thankful for being able to set up a booth at the state shoot for approximately the last 15 years; however, the organization has taken a different approach and is going away from the shooting sports.  Last year they sold $1200 in raffle tickets during the state shoot.

Treasurer’s Report:
Taylor went through the entire accounting system and reviewed everything that has been paid for the year. After all the checks have cleared, right now we have $98,000 in checking.  We still owe $12,000 for trophies.  The only outstanding bill for the building is $1045 for Advantage Plumbing.  We will owe $3100 for the changing of the doors and putting trim and wainscoting on; however, have not seen an invoice yet.  The Summit loan is about $5000 a month. Amy estimates approximately $11,000 for camping income between the middle of May and for the two youth shoots.  We will receive about $12,000 for the Kettle Moraine shoot and $35,000 for the HSCTL.  SCTP typically pays half of their invoice on Sunday of their shoot.  We will owe for at least one load of targets.  There is currently $23,000 in the Homegrounds account.  Amy suggested taking $10,000 out of this account to pay Brian’s first installment the first week of May.

Tate made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report. Don seconded it.  So carried.

Taylor has had difficulty reaching the accountant. The sales tax report is now being filed annually, not quarterly.  The 2018 taxes have not been filed yet, but the accountant says that we will need to file an extension.  Taylor said there is a stipulation of not being open more than 75 days a year otherwise we have to pay sales tax on everything including targets, shells, camping, t-shirts, etc.  Taylor has some concerns about this so her and Fritz will schedule a meeting to discuss this with the accountant.

Taylor asked the accountant about hiring an employee. They file quarterly reports for employees but it has always been zero.  Taylor checked on having a salary employee with exempt status but have to make a certain dollar amount per year ($23,000).  If non-exempt, you would have to do payroll through Quickbooks, but there is an annual fee to do that and Taylor would have to figure out how to do payroll that way.  Or we would have to outsource it and who knows what that cost would be.  Either route it is going to be very difficult.

Taylor has filed the raffle license renewals and will know in a few weeks. Taylor received a letter from Adams county to have the septic pumped every three years.  Fritz has already talked to this guy to take care of.  She also received the inspection for the water and Fritz will take care of that when we turn the water on.

We had a fire chief inspect the grounds. We had three things to fix within 30 days.  The covers were off in the bunker; so that is an easy fix.  Exit lights in the hoop building need to be taken care of as well as the wiring for the lights in the hoop building.  Taylor ordered the covers for the light poles that need to be installed. She has the wire for the lights as well.  Don is working on getting all of these fixed by the deadline.

Brian Giese/Nekoosa Contract:
Brian commended the WTA and the teamwork that we had with his workers. Brian asked if there were any questions or issues that need to be addressed with his group.  Brian is committed to a higher level of training this year as well.  Fritz said that we need to remember that Jim is always there to help Brian as well and there is no compensation for him in the amount.  Brian will be doing written work instructions and the team leaders will be training the students.  Brian asked for the first installment by April 29, then June 10 and July 12 ($15/$15/$40).  Taylor will review all the projected expenses, however, is suggesting to push the first installment out to May 4 and do $10/$10/$50.

Don made a motion to accept the $70,000 proposal. LaVerne seconded it.  So carried.

Don made a motion to make installments of $10,000 on May 4; $10,000 on June 10 and $50,000 on July 12. Rich seconded it.  So carried.

Building Update:
Chops gave an update. All the trim was installed in January as well as the wainscoting.  They insulated in the window frames. There were 5 carpenters in there for a week and this was the $3100 bid. Koenen Tile guys and some WTA workers removed all the fixtures so that tile could be completed. They laid tile for seven days straight.  The plumbers came back in and installed the fixtures.  That is all completed.  Koenen donated the removal and reinstallation of the partitions.  Amy will send a donation letter once she gets the information from Chops.  Westfield would like to pay for new tables in the building.  We will be getting tables like they have in Tucson.  Fritz will talk to Ken Beuler to make a plan.  Chops will pick up the chairs from the church that we are purchasing and deliver them to the grounds in one of his trips.  Chops is working on a maintenance plan for the HVAC equipment.  Comfort Aire met with Chops last week; they will inspect twice a year and replace filters and belts and eyes, etc. It would be $145 a unit and be $290/visit (May and November).  Closures were installed on the men’s bathroom door.  The building needs some serious cleaning before the May shoot.  All the wood, windows, scrub the floors with a machine, but it needs some professional cleaning before we open. Fritz is working on finding someone.  The women’s bathroom now has a vanity and another cabinet. Chops asked to PLEASE do not allow anyone to put tape on the walls. We will need six or seven higher chairs for the squadding/cashiering stations and in security office.  Fritz will check with the vendor that he knows of.  There was a lot of work done on the ceiling in order to get that completed.  They nailed 150 sheets of tin to the ceiling and then Gary put the track in and the ceiling tile.  It is very quiet now and looks awesome.  Chops has agreed to oversee the project for the new storage building.  In order to add an additional storage building will require some additional work with permits and town meetings. Discussion was held about adding a canopy type cover over the door to the main building to keep snow from falling on the entry way.

Tate made a motion to accept the quote from Comfort Aire to provide maintenance to the HVAC equipment for $290/visit and to be inspected in May and November annually. Don seconded it.  So carried.

FoWTA Update:
John closed the grant applications for the youth on March 31st.  There was $1300 set aside for youth shooting.  He received three emails requesting funds.  John is hoping that we can do this every year.  John asked the board to think about this in advance, how much money we would set aside from fundraising dollars for the youth.  John suggested $500 to Riverdale, $500 to Nekoosa and $300 for Tomah.  John will send a letter to Jimmy DeKay so he knows where the funds were disbursed to.  Fritz would like to have a certain dollar amount set aside annually for youth shooting, hopefully at least $1500.  John made a deposit of $12,900; he paid for the cooler $1350 and paid $5000 to Kolar for half of the gun.  The balance is $9959.61.

Rich made a motion to approve the amounts to the three schools. Don seconded.  So carried.

Becker Proposal:
Paul Becker will be meeting with Chops sometime this next week to review the proposal and see where they are proposing the new sites to be placed.

State Shoot:

  • Shoot Program – We may need to look at someone else doing the program next year. There were some major issues this year and it was a not a positive experience working with Champion Programs. Some pages were removed from the program that were not approved; however, it was too late to change and it would have cost us, even though it wasn’t our fault. There are some errors in the program, but again, it was too late to change them without high fees which would then affect the printing.
  • UTVs – Fritz will contact them this week to see about using them for the big youth shoots.
  • Food vendors: – Butcher Block will not be coming. We are looking for someone to do the fish fry yet. Paul is talking with Connie to see if she is willing.

May 4/5 = Post 9
May 18 = Kathy Havas, Papa Murphy’s
May 19 – No Vendors
June 1/2 – No Vendors
June 21-23 = Buck Shot, Papa Murphy’s – SCTP would like more food vendors added for this weekend; Amy and Glen Hammerly are looking at adding additional ones if possible
State Shoot = Buck Shot, Lanny’s Ice Cream, Papa Murphy’s, Kathy Havas
September 21/22 = Post 9

  • Overflow Camping: – We will look at the east end for generator use for state shoot and the gated road for RMR overflow.

 Schedule of Events for 2019:
May 4/5 – WTA Registered Shoot
May 18 – Kettle Moraine
May 18/19 – WI Junior Olympic Qualifier
June 1/2 – WI SCTP International Trap Championships
June 8/9 – High School Clay Target League
June 21-23 – WI SCTP Championship
July 8 – WTA Registered Marathon Shoot
July 9-14 – State Sheet
July 17 – Cheesemakers
September 6 – Mid-State Technical College
September 21/22 – WTA Fall Classic

Ken Michels has been working on computer equipment for the grounds. Taylor will bring a monitor for the May shoot.  John will pick up a couple monitors that he donated to bring up here as well.

Tate showed the magnetic squad numbers for the back of the trap stands. Connie Gresk made a pouch with the squad numbers for each trap to use for the state shoot.  These are amazing and a big thanks to Connie.  The current boards are aluminum so Don will see about getting some galvanized steel to attach to them so the magnets will work.

Grounds Caretaker/Manager:
No updates at this time. Will defer to next meeting.

Improvement Projects:
Current list is the wifi/tv/responder, signage and the storage building. Fritz has added to the list to pour a concrete pad in front of the current 16 yardline to set the mics on.  We need to add a computer system for monitoring the campground reservations.

Pricing for Season:

Trap:  $6 adults/$5 youth   We will no longer be selling the punch cards; we will honor any existing cards.

Bunker:  $9 adults/$8 youth – We will no longer be selling the punch cards; we will honor any existing cards.

Shells:  Bunker shells will be $8/box or $70/case for Noble Sport or $10/box or $90/case for Winchester

Trap shells are $7/box and $65 a case for Federal or Winchester Super Targets

Camping: Prices will remain the same; $40/night, $200/week, $700/month, $20/night for tent or $100/week for tent.  State shoot camping will be the same; however, we will only offer a weekly rate, not a nightly rate.

Kettle Moraine will be $22 per 100. They will provide their own loaders, scorers and prepare their own shoot results. 

High School Clay Target league will be $28 per 100; loaders will be provided. Practice will be $6/round.  $100 for vendors.  Practice will start at 7am and shooting will start at 8am.  Trap 18 will be practice all day.

SCTP will be $28/100 for the singles and $25/100 for doubles and handicap. Loaders and scorers will be provided for singles; loaders only for doubles and handicap.  $18/case for flurry and Make-A-Break.  Bunker will be 10 shots for $5.

Practice rounds will be $6/25 and $12/50 doubles for all events including the state shoot.

Rich made a motion to accept the prices listed above. LaVerne seconded.  So carried.

Staffing for Youth Shoots:
Kettle Moraine: Chops, Fritz, John Coniff, Glen Grabski
HSCTL: John Coniff, Don, Fritz, LaVerne, Tate, Amy
SCTP: Chops, Fritz, Don, Glen, Rich, Tate, Amy

Fritz would like to open the trap ranges next weekend depending on the weather. We will turn the water on in the campground on April 27.  We will open for shooting the weekend of May 4th.  Hours will be Friday noon to 5pm; Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sunday 9am to 5pm.  Amy will update Google and the website with the hours.

Round Table:
Fritz: We need to look for a director to fill Dick Otto’s spot.  Bob Ebbers will be moved to the S/E Zone (since this is his home zone) and he will be up for election in 2020.  Tate is not planning to run for NW Zone when his term is up.  YZ would consider taking the N/E Zone which is the vacant position with Bob’s transfer.

Don made a recommendation to have YZ fill the N/E Zone Director and to transfer Bob to the S/E Zone.

Tate made a motion to accept the recommendation that YZ fill the N/E Zone, and his term will be up in June 2019. Rich seconded.  So carried.  YZ accepted.

Tate is working on a brine quote for the grounds. Hoping to get a quote soon; haven’t heard back from him yet.  We are looking at getting a load delivered in late May and again before the state shoot. We can go at a lighter weight with two applications.  Jeff Arendt will be donating a portion of it.

He is looking at getting 100 and 200 straight patches for the WTA. Amy shared contact information for another company for them to compare prices.

He will be moving the windsock onto the flagpole that was donated. Don would like to find an older/used pat trap for a backup during the state shoot.  He would like to figure out how all of the shelving goes together that was donated last year.  He would like to start getting that set up.

He will plan to bring computers for the shoots so that the WTA doesn’t need to purchase them at this time. Taylor and Catheryn will be there for squadding/cashiering.  Dwight will be there to classify.

He picked up two coolers from Osceola for $250. Last month we were talking about getting the beer license. He got some more information for future.

Thanked everyone for all the help on the building.

Amy will work with Billie Jo on the schedule for the porta potties delivered for the season. Amy will get prices for umbrellas and they need to have metal handles.  We should plan to order 6 per year.

Next meeting will be May 4th after shooting is done for the day, in the new building.

Tate made a motion to adjourn the meeting. LaVerne seconded it.  So carried.

Meeting adjourned at 3:08 pm.