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Minutes: January 5, 2019

WTA Meeting
January 5, 2019

The 01/04/19 face to face Board of Director’s meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association was called to order at 9:05 am by Fritz Thistle, President.  Directors present were S/E Jerry Kaszynski, N/W Tate Barwald and Rich Johnson, N/E Don Chrapla, Bob Ebbers, S/W LaVerne Lehmann, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, 1st Alt. Delegate Dwight Paulin, Secretary/Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins.  Absent was S/E Dick Otto, Treasurer Taylor Ebbers.

Also present at the meeting:  Glen Grabski, Dennis Minks, YZ, Chops, Jeff Recob, Steve Birno, Dan Gallagher, John VonWald, Ashley Engstrom, Jackie Kitawski, Charlie Duerr, Don Konen, Mike Martin, Gary DeSmidt

Meeting started at 9:05 am.

Konen Tile:
Chops recommends that we utilize Konen Tile from Berlin.  Don Konen was present to give information about the samples that he brought.  All samples are 12”x24”.  He put together some grey tones to match the building.  A plumber would need to take the toilets off so that the tile can be put underneath them.  This was not in his bid.  The partitions might have to come down too as Don is worried about cutting around them and trying to make the joints come together.  The board made a first and second choice and gave to Don to find the best price.  The wall tiles will be staggered and 12”x12” and the floor tile will be staggered at 1’x2’ on the floor.  He will look to see if he can find a 1’x2’ for the wall as it looks really good.  Chops will get a 50-gallon barrel of water for Don to use.  We will tentatively plan for late February or early March.

Secretary’s Report:
Amy gave a quick update on shoot coordinator information.  Clubs are scheduling their shoots and will need to get their applications in very soon in order to make the shoot calendar cutoff date for Carol Keeley.  She is working on the invoices for the sponsorships for the State Shoot.  They will be going out within the next week.  She will include Taylor in all the emails so that she can track payments and follow up with Amy on any that are unpaid.   Amy talked with the Town Clerk about getting a permanent beer license for the grounds.  The Clerk has a call in to the town attorney to check on the restrictions that we would have.  She will get back to me as soon as she can so that we know what we are getting in to.

Fall Classic:
Fall Classic date will be moved to September 21 and 22.  Fritz met with Mary from Janesville and she said that they pull most of their shooters from Illinois and would have no problem with our date moving to that same weekend.  Cassville has a shoot on the 21st as well but that would not cause them any issues.  Kevin and LaVerne would not be able to be at the Fall Classic.

Treasurer’s Report:
Taylor sent the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss reports.  Taylor would like to get paid for the expenses she has incurred.  She can write herself a check for these amounts.  Fritz received a check for $16,500 for the lights from the DNR.  Amy will deposit this money.  There is currently $170,836 in the account right now, plus the $16,500 will be added to this amount as soon as it is deposited.  Amy took in about $14,000 in credit card sales on the Square for 2018.  There are fees for having the Square, however we need this to do credit card business.  Fritz received the property tax bill.  In 2017, we were assessed for $43,000; for 2018 it is $30,446 which is about a 30% decrease based on the assessment that he had done which saved us about $13,000.  The Briley bill was received and it was $418.  However, the trap has been acting up since we got it back.  Bruce Nelson will be there tomorrow to check it out; it is possible that it might have to be sent back again.  Fritz will not have the bill paid at this point until we know if it is fixed.  Fritz has been in contact with them multiple times to try to fix it.  Taylor is working on the 1099s and will have them sent out in the next week or so.  She thinks that we need a better program so that it will combine winnings from all events so she doesn’t have to do it manually.

Don made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report.  Jerry seconded it.  So carried.

A couple years ago a windsock was donated to the grounds and it was installed in front of the building.  Dan Gallagher can get some taller flagpoles and hardware to raise the windsock so that it works better.  There is a suggestion to move it so that it is in a better position.  Dan is willing to give the poles to us.  Don said to bring them out and we will store them until we can get them put up.

Youth League – HSCTL:
A group (Charlie Duerr, Ashley Engstrom, Steve Birno, John VonWald, Jackie Kitowski) was present to discuss the youth league.  Nekoosa, Lincoln, Port Edwards, Adams schools are all combined on this team and a part of the High School Clay Target League.  They have been practicing at the Heart of WI.  Charlie and the others gave a presentation.  He started the program in 2015 and they shoot in the fall and spring leagues.  He provided an information sheet about their priorities for their league.  He wants to provide opportunities for the youth.  It is not a lettering sport for these schools.  Last spring, they had 38 students participating in the league.  They are looking for a place for the students to come and shoot their league.  Currently they pay $3 per round at the Heart.  They are looking to find a place to keep the price the same as many of the students are in the free/reduced lunch program and money is tight; these schools have a very high poverty rate.  They are looking to hold their league on Monday nights at 5pm.  Practice for the HSCTL starts the week of March 31.   Glen Grabski will coordinate with the group to make this happen.  Dan Gallagher will donate as much time as he can and help Glen.

Jerry made a motion to allow the schools to shoot their league at the WTA grounds.  Rich seconded it.  So carried.

Building Update:
Chops informed us what is going on right now.  We purchased about 100 folding chairs from a church in Red Granite at $4 each.  We are coordinating a CPR class with the Nekoosa first responders.  Chops will check with Town of Rome as well because they were going to donate a defibrillator which was supposed to come with instructions.  Chops received a rebate from Menards of $95 and is asking what to use the money on.  He will look at purchasing an air compressor for about $119.  We received the bid from the carpenter to put the trim around the windows, the wainscoting, etc. The bid was $3150 and would take a week to finish.  We have $2400 left in the FoWTA account.  The building is completely painted now.  Chops will need to give the bill to the WTA for payment (see motion below).  Chops will need four to five guys on the first day to assist in prep work for the carpenters to get started (two doors to be swapped, plastic taken down, set countertops, etc.).  Chops said that someone told him that they had five tall chairs to be used behind the counter area, but we cannot remember who said they had these chairs for us.  If anyone knows, please contact Chops.  The final bill of $1100 was paid to the painter.  We can get the tile for cost and Don will only charge us labor.  We will have to incur some additional charges to get the plumber back in there to pull the toilets to be able to tile around them.  Discussion was held about the water/pump house and moving everything.  A decision was made to postpone this until the fall so that weather isn’t such a concern in the spring.

Tate made a motion to accept the bid of $3150 from John Filtz to finish the carpentry work.  Don seconded it.  So carried.

Tate made a motion to accept the bid from Konen Tile for $9100.  Don seconded it.  So carried.

Bunker Grant:
The application will be completed and submitted by the end of the week to see if we can get a grant for another bunker.  Fritz has done a great job on the paperwork with the help of Jessica, which has been a lot of work.  In the application, Fritz included that the WTA would be able to incur $12,000 in expenses for oversight, labor, excavation, miscellaneous materials, etc.  Fritz has a good feeling about this; a decision will be made in March by Midwest Foundation.  Someone had talked to Jerry and Don about donating the concrete; however, neither one of them can remember who this was.  If anyone knows who this might be, please let a director know.  Jerry is working on gathering information on skeet houses.

State Shoot:

  • Dennis – There was an email sent out about questions on the White Flyer day and how the shoot off is going to be run. Dennis suggests throwing all the numbers in a bucket and drawing them to avoid any extended delays.  Dennis will talk to John to get the program language set.  He will contact Dick Otto on the printer/scanner options and get one purchased.  Suggested change is:
  • White Flyer Day – Thursday HOA $1,000.00 Shoot Out
    Must have shot in 2 of the 3 events on Thursday White Flyer Day to be eligible.
    We will draw a number from zero (0) to nine (9) for each event. If the ending number in your score, for that event, matches the number drawn your name will be put into another drawing. At the end of the day we will draw 10 numbers to shoot off. If we don’t get 10 shooters to check in for the shoot off we will draw more numbers until we reach 10 shooters. Each shooter will shoot off at their assigned ATA yardage.
    Pay Out will be     1st Place $500.00         2nd Place $300.00       3rd Place $200.00
  • Meals – Butcher Block is confirmed to do the fish fry with Paul Becker. Paul and John will be adding a flyer in the Shoot Calendar for this as well as the auction information.
  • Shoot Program – Amy was able to confirm from the ATA that we do not have to pay to put an ATA ad in our program.  Amy and John will choose the cover color for the program.  Amy will talk to John about adding a page for the mega shell raffle, jewelry raffle, beverage raffles, clothing sales and a page for the fish fry.

Grounds Caretaker/Custodian/Manager:
Fritz has talked to Taylor about checking to see if we are going to be able to have a contractor vs. an employee.  John sent out a page of stipulations for a contractor.  At this point we will not be able to make a decision.  Gary DeSmidt gave some background on if someone is going to be dictated on what the duties are, that is an employee.  This discussion will be tabled for now.

Camp Host:
Bill and Helen will be planning to return and they are talking to others where they are at and see if anyone else is interested in coming here to host.  Bill would like to be able to work the trapline, rather than be working in the campground.

Schedule of Events for 2019:
May 4/5 – WTA Registered Shoot
May 18 – Kettle Moraine
May 18/19 – WI Junior Olympic Qualifier (TENTATIVE)
June 1/2 – WI SCTP International Trap Championships
June 8/9 – High School Clay Target League
June 21-23 – WI SCTP Championship
July 8 – WTA Registered Marathon Shoot
July 9-14 – State Sheet
July 17 – Cheesemakers
September 6 – Mid-State Technical College
September 21/22 – WTA Fall Classic

We will need to find help to run the shoots if Dick is not going to be available.  Mike Martin will talk to Ken Michels to see if he is willing to run the May shoot and Fall Classic.

Round Table
He hired a person to plow the driveway whenever there is more than 6” of snow and it is $100.  SCTP has their Coach’s meeting on January 12 at 1015 and there needs to be a WTA rep there.  Glen will attend for the WTA.  Fritz went to talk to Solarus about wifi to see if we can get internet.  They will get back to him.  Fritz said that someone can come burn brush if they have time.

Camping prices will remain the same for 2019.  Amy emailed Brian Giese and he is working on a contract and was just waiting for the finalized schedule of events.

He has a friend this is a contractor working on the remodeling at the Hotel Mead and is checking to see if we can get some fill from the site.

He asked if we could reuse the unbroken targets if the kids want to go out and pick them up and shoot them.  Gary stated that they would not be able to be used for competition as they are brittle and break.  Tate said that they did this for their youth league, but the targets need to be picked up right away otherwise they are discolored in about a week.  They did not experience a lot of breakage. Glen can coordinate something with the league if they so chose.

He is willing to come up and do the burning.  Gary DeSmidt will be working up here a lot in the next few months and said that he is willing to light the brush pile when he is there working.  Don and Gary will discuss a plan.

He asked if there state approved drawings for the building; he would like to look at them before he starts the ceiling.  He will be bringing the lights down about 10 inches; he wants to keep the ceiling as high as he can.  There is attic access in the mechanical room and the office.

He is still working on the research for the tv/tower/repeater.  He will update us when he has all the information gathered.

He missed a junior shooter for the All-State Team.  He will be the first shooter and Devin will be the other one.  Revised list is below.

Hadyn McKeough        91.65
Devin Doucette             90.38

Rhino’s band is willing to come and play at the state shoot.  Tentatively it will be Friday night after the fish fry and auction.  He will confirm with Rhino.

Steve Theobald said that it will be no problem to tie into our current PA system and Tate will contact him in the next few months.  Tate talked about getting some golf carts for the WTA.  He purchased two carts last weekend.  He is willing to fix up the one and sell it to the WTA for what he has in to it.  The front end needs to be rebuilt and some other things.   If the WTA doesn’t want to purchase it, he will just sell it.  He will also take the two carts (that the WTA owns) back home to tune them up before summer and just be reimbursed for the parts.

Don made a motion to pay Tate whatever money he has into the golf cart to purchase it for the WTA.  Rich seconded it.  So carried.

Next meeting will be March 9th at 9am at Sherwood Lodge.

Jerry made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Don seconded it.  So carried.

Meeting adjourned at 1:14 pm.