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Minutes: December 8, 2018

WTA Meeting
December 8, 2018

The 12/08/18 face to face Board of Director’s meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association was called to order at 9:03 am by Fritz Thistle, President.  Directors present were S/E Dick Otto and Jerry Kaszynski, N/W Tate Barwald and Richard Johnson, N/E Don Chrapla, Bob Ebbers, S/W LaVerne Lehmann, 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, 1st Alt. Delegate Dwight Paulin, Treasurer Arlene Otto and Taylor Ebbers, Secretary/Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins.  Absent was ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring.

Also present at the meeting:  Keith Lehmann, Glen Grabski, Jay Nigbor, John Atkielski, Julie Atkielski, Dennis Minks, John Coniff, Pat Taylor, YZ, Chops, Jeff Recob, Otto Bowe

Meeting started at 9:03 am.

Secretary’s Report:
Amy gave a quick update that shoot paperwork should be arriving within the month since the shoot calendar will be coming due in January.  Amy has raffle tickets from the ATA that she would like volunteers to sell before the state shoot.

Treasurer’s Report:
Taylor reported that November is reconciled and all good to go.  Taylor said things are going great.  Her and Arlene did it together but did not run the transaction reports and the balance sheets.  She will email them out and they will be added to the hard copy minutes.  Next month we will have printed financial data.  We will have an end-of-the year report next month as well.  Our accountant will be merging with another company but there should not be any change to us.  Fritz received a couple forms on what we expect them to do.  Fritz will sign the agreement and send it back.  Dwight asked if we had enough money to make it to next summer.  Taylor said our balance is about $149,000 including the two savings accounts (approximately $136,000 in the checking account).  Amy will have another deposit for camping before the end of the year as well, roughly $5000.  Fritz said the DNR matching funds check for $16,500 is in the mail for the lighted fields.

Dick made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report.  LaVerne seconded it.  So carried.

Building Update:
Chops met with another contractor for the bathrooms.  He has three bids ranging from $9100 to $14,000 to complete the tile.  He will see if Koehn can attend the next meeting to review samples.  He would like to start the project in early April.  Chops, John Coniff and Don Chrapla picked out the wainscoting at Menard’s and ordered it in early November.  The materials should be here next week.  Chops will meet with John Feltz and go through the entire building and let them know what they need to do yet – change doors, install wainscoting, etc.  They think they can complete it in a few days.  Chops told them we need a hard bid so we know the amount.  Rich Johnson saved us a pile of money.  We bought the straight pine and he stained all of it for us.  He did a great amount of work and a big round of applause was given to him.  Chops may need a few extra boards of trim for the offices.  Fritz brought paint samples and asked those in attendance to review the colors during the meeting so we can make a decision by the end of the meeting.  There is about 5000 square feet to paint.  Fritz said it will be about $800 for paint and Chops will see if he can get someone to spray it, but we would have people to roll behind the sprayer.  Chops will call the guy that did the drywall to see if he can give us a quote to spray.  The walls need to be painted before the first of the year.  Chops will get the price, email it to Amy and she will send it out to the Directors for approval.  Chops talked to the company that did the fertilizer that broke the tiles.  The driver admitted that he drove on them.  There are 243 broken pavers.  Chops suggested that maybe John Coniff, Fritz and Chops could try to go and talk to Marty to see if there is anything they will do.  Maybe they will give us a break on fertilizer or something.  John Coniff suggested not waiting until the Spring; but talk to him sooner than later to see if filing a claim with their insurance is an option to cover the breakage.  Gary DeSmidt will be bringing up materials soon for the ceiling, but will not be able to start working on the ceiling until after the painting is completed.  Chops said if anyone has a dresser with a mirror they would like to donate, we could use that in the women’s bathroom.

Fritz presented a life membership for the WTA and the ATA for Bobby Ebbers for all of the hard work that was done on the electrical work this past year.

Hall of Fame Nominations:
John Atkielski asked if everyone received their nominations via email for the Hall of Fame recommendation.  If there was no discussion or questions, a vote would be needed.  (It is noted that Chops was asked to leave the room, while the Board discussed this nomination.)

Don made a motion to accept the nomination for James “Chops” Gurkowski for the WTA Hall of Fame.  Rich seconded it.  So carried.

Fritz presented Chops with the paperwork as the newest member of the WTA Hall of Fame.  Chops was speechless.

John asked that we add something to the Hall of Fame Guidelines and Rules that the vote totals would be kept confidential.

Dick made a motion to accept that revision to the Hall of Fame Guidelines.  Don seconded.  So approved. 

State Shoot:

  • Marathon Monday –
    Glen Grabski will run the marathon shoot.  Target prices were set at the last meeting.
  • Camping –
    Amy gave an update on camping that all sites are booked for the state shoot.   One spot is being held for the free Greenway camper; however, we will likely need this spot for the WTA camper that was donated to us.  We will have to determine this as the state shoot gets closer and see if we have someone staying in it and running the grounds.
  • Schedules/Sponsors –
    Husband/wife and parent/child forms will need to be turned in with names during the Singles event.  The WTA will pull the scores; they do not need to turn in their scores. This way the trophy can still be presented on Saturday not on Sunday.

    This is the plan for the WTA Flyer Day:
    They will add $1000 for a White Flyer Shootout at the end of the shooting day.  It would be awarded as follows – First: $500; Second: $300; and Third: $200.  After each event is completed that day, we will draw 3 numbers from 100 to 75 to get a total of 9 scores for the event HOA Shoot-off.  At the end of the events, we will then draw one additional number to make it 10 shooting off.  They must have shot 2 of the 3 events on White Flyer Day.  The shooters will then shoot off at their assigned yardage.  Finals shoot-offs will be 10 targets per station.  At the beginning, if there is more than one shooter for the number drawn, they will shoot off to determine that one position.
    Dennis asked if there was any interest in doing something for the 120th year such as a glass cleaning cloth to hand out to all shooters.  Dennis will work with Jeff Recob on this.

  • Meals/HOF Banquet
    The plan is to do a Pig Roast on Tuesday of the state shoot.  The price would be about $1200 and we could look for a sponsor for this.  John Coniff will pay for the amount to feed the Nekoosa kids.  We would serve the food.  Chops suggested to have two or three of Brian’s kids serve and clean up for some extra money that night.

    Dick made a motion to hold the pig roast.  If a sponsor is not identified, the WTA will pay for it.   Tate seconded it.  So carried.

    The Hall of Fame banquet will be at the Ridges on Saturday night.  Fritz has been trying to get a hold of Mike from Butcher Block but has been unsuccessful.  Amy will try to reach him.

  • Shoot Program –
    John will purchase a version of Adobe in order to be able to make the changes to the program in the format that Champion Program needs.  Fritz will need to do a new President’s message.  Discussion about eliminating 3rd place trophies for events 5, 8, 14 and 15.   Dwight suggested that we compare to other larger state shoots like Pennsylvania.  This was discussed last month and agreed to remove them; however, discussion was to keep them.

    LaVerne made a motion to keep 3rd place trophies for those events (Event 5, 8, 14, 15).  Dwight seconded it. So carried.

    Amy suggested adding something to the program for releasing unpaid pre-squad positions, similar to what Tucson does.  Tucson’s program states:  All pre-squad positions for all events each day will be held until 30 minutes prior to the first event of the day.  After that time, pre-squadded positions not yet cashiered for that day will be cancelled and opened to all shooters.   Dick said we have done this in the past and agreed it should be added back into the program if it wasn’t in there.

    Don made a motion to release any unpaid pre-squad positions 30 minutes prior to the first event of the day.  Dick seconded.  Dwight opposed.  So carried.  The program will be updated with this information.

WTA Policies – Rules and Regulations:
Fritz suggested that we determine the how many nights the WTA will pay for the delegate during the Grand.  It will be two nights.  Any checks other than regular monthly bills (dollar amount) needs to be approved by the President or the Vice-President. Motel reimbursement for one night if more than 150 miles.  Reimbursements to family members of the treasurer will require prior approval.  Meals will be removed from the rules; meals will not be provided regardless of how long the meeting lasts.  Arlene will revise and send it out to all Board members.  Fritz reminded everyone that the reimbursement form needs to be completed within 90 days (with receipts attached).

Dick made a motion that non-operational bills will be reviewed with President before payment.  Rich seconded.  So carried.

Grounds Caretaker/Custodian/Manager:
Glen Grabski is interested in running the grounds and was present to discuss.  Fritz is suggesting that we expand the business with having some one there. It would not include anything to do with the scheduled shoots (registered shoots, youth events, state shoot, etc.)  Glen said that there would be two or three weekends during the summer that he would need to be home for family events.  Fritz has a figure in mind of $20,000 and anything over $20,000 gross income, the manager would receive a 5% bonus for expanding the business.  This income would be for casual shooting only; not scheduled events.  Last year we grossed $29,000 but included about $7000 for t-shirt sales.  The manager would work closely with the President for ordering supplies, ammo, shells, etc.  John Coniff will help with writing up an agreement to make this happen.  Amy asked if this needed to be opened up to “others” to see if anyone else is interested.  People may say that they would be interested but didn’t know anything about it.  Dwight said that we have been looking for someone for five years; however, Amy stated that we have never put details on what we are going to pay, and what the duties actually are, etc.  Tate said if we are going to “hire” this as a contractor, then people should “bid” it.  Then we pick the lowest or the best one for the job.  The discussion will be tabled for today’s meeting. 

John had a meeting with Fritz last week to discuss fundraising for the year.  The three priority items would be wifi or tv tower/repeater for the grounds, a sign on Highway 13 and a storage building (listed in order of importance).  These items will be built into the marketing campaign for the 2019 season.  Other items discussed were blacktop or seal coat the entrance, target management system or 5-stand.  Tate suggested adding something to the PA system that works in conjunction with the one we have for the new building.  He also said that the electric boxes on the south side of the parking lot need to be upgraded as they were originally meant to be temporary.  YZ said that he has a 40’ tower that he would be interested in donating.  Bob will research the wifi or tv/tower/repeater for the grounds and bring back information for the January meeting.  Dennis will work with Sandy and Bob Schultz to determine the cost of a target management system for two trap fields.  Balance in the account is $5548; of that $1300 is pledged for youth shooting.  John has set up the Constant Contact system and has had training.  All applications have been submitted to the state for their own raffle licenses.  Paul Becker prefers not to do any raffle tickets until they have secured their own raffle licenses.

Dennis Minks will pay for us to purchase a multi-function printer/copier/scanner.  A big thanks to him for this.

Briley Trap Repair:
The trap is back from Briley and has been put back in the bunker.  Bruce Nelson will be coming up soon and will start using the trap.

Campground Dissolution:
We are not at risk currently of losing our 501(c)3 status with combining the campground with the shooting facility.  Fritz will sign the Articles of Dissolution of Homegrounds RV Park, Inc.

Richard made a motion to dissolve the Homegrounds RV Park.  Don seconded.  So carried.

Round Table

The security alarm system will be installed after the painting is done, which will be January.  The May schedule will not be finalized until Bruce Nelson and Gary DeSmidt finalize the date for the JO Qualifier. Perry was going to move it to May 18 and 19; however, May 18 is also the Kettle Moraine shoot.  Fritz will be meeting with Janesville in December to discuss their shoot dates and the possibility of changing the Fall Classic to September.  Fritz stated that we should not need to raise target prices for the youth events.  Fritz said that we need to set some prices for people that want to rent the building.  The Town of Rome charges $200 to rent their town hall.  Most require a refundable deposit as well.  We will need to discuss and set some prices in the next few months so we are prepared when people call to rent.  Midway Foundation has come up with enough money to fund ten new bunkers throughout the country.  Fritz will be applying for everything for a complete bunker; grant is due in January.

Jeff Recob:
The WTA purchased 9239 cases of targets this year.  The rebate is 40 cents a case   There will be a $3695.60 rebate coming from White Flyer sometime in February. They will be doing the rebate for 2019 as well.

Amy received an email from Kevin stating that there was an error on an application that was received from Cody Barwick for the all-state team. He should be listed as a Sub-Junior and 3rd place.  Amy will update the post on the forum as well.

All-State Team:
Robert Gropp                88.89
Hunter Knotwell             88.11
Cody Barwick                87.86
Logan Denman             87.31
Kendra Doberstein        81.32

Devin Doucette             90.38

Pig Roast:
YZ has agreed to put $1000 towards the pig roast for the state shoot.  We will no longer need to look for a sponsor now.

Amy will check into the possibility of getting a beer license for the new building.

Jeff Recob:
Showed appreciation for how much more fun the meetings are.

He just wants to know as soon as possible when the paint will be in to get that completed in December.

Pat Taylor:
He suggested that we need to find a way to get email addresses for people so that we can get them added to our Constant Contact system that we now have.

Thinks that the takeover by Taylor is going wonderful and has great confidence in this transition.

Reported that everyone is doing a great job and is looking forward to the state shoot.  He is willing to help out whenever he can and will continue to set targets.  He will check with his band and see if they are willing to come up and play for the Friday night fish fry.

He will try to get ahold of Steve Theobald about the PA system.

Next meeting will be January 5th at 9am at Sherwood Lodge.

Bob made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Dick seconded it.  So carried.

Meeting adjourned at 12:39 pm.