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Minutes: August 18, 2018

WTA Meeting
August 18, 2018

The 08/18/18 face to face Board of Director’s meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association was called to order at 9:18 am by Fritz Thistle, President. Directors present were S/E Dick Otto, N/W Tate Barwald, N/E Don Chrapla, S/W LaVerne Lehmann, S/E Jerry Kaszynski, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, 1st Alt. Delegate Dwight Paulin, 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, Treasurer Arlene Otto, Secretary/Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins.  Absent was N/E Bob Ebbers.

Also present at the meeting: Chops, YZ, Dennis Minks, Jeff Recob, John Coniff

Meeting started at 9:18 am.

Fritz said he received all kinds of compliments at the Grand American on what a great shoot we had this year. Tate did a wonderful job running the line.  The brine was a great addition and it is still working today.  Hopefully next year we can apply it earlier and it should last through the season.

Secretary’s Report:
Amy gave an update on the 2019 purple stickers for the WTA memberships for the new target year. She stated she is still getting continuous calls for camping and shooting.  There will be a handful of campers staying with us for the next month with the Hwy Z project.  Camping forms are coming in weekly for the 2019 state shoot.

Fritz said that we will not get any fill off the Hwy Z project due to the concern of the road conditions. Mashuda was not willing to pay for the damage to the roads.

Treasurer’s Report:
Arlene passed around the profit and loss from the state shoot. The expenses are not exclusive to the state shoot and likely are also for the youth events, etc.  She also included the July financial report and the profit and loss detail report.  Jeff R. asked for the total number of entries. $42,431 was the cost of targets based on Jeff’s calculator that he uses.  Jeff said that we had more broken targets that we should not have next year.  $167,095 is the balance in the bank account right now. $13,636 is the balance in the Homegrounds account; however, some of this money needs to be transferred.  Arlene has the 2017 taxes completed for the campground and separated for the trap range.  They deducted money from our checking account when the taxes were due and we received four checks back after the taxes were completed.  The refunds were directly due to all the work that the original accounting firm, that said they did not want to work with us, but since have agreed to keep us and have helped us so much.  Schenk now thinks that we won’t have to do an audit.  Dwight asked about the fish fry money.  It was barely a break even.  Fritz talked to the caterer about it and they were upset because it was supposed to be 400 plates and it was approximately 200 and Fritz said that is because of the quality and what people saw on the plate.  Frtiz was very honest with them.  Next year Paul Becker is supposed to supply the fish and Butcher Block will cook it.

Don made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report.   Kevin seconded it.  So carried.

Delegate’s Report:
Delegate meeting was held on Wednesday at the Grand. Kevin brought up the date concern of it continuing to move back (into July next year).  As of September 1st, there will no longer be an 18-yard line.  Target requirements will be waived for Lady II after age 70.  Kevin read a new change to the delegate changes.  He stated that Minnesota has had some issues that likely will fall into this new change.  There was also a change if someone is a convicted felon that you cannot be a delegate.  Kevin stated that Kathy Key said that Dick should no longer be changing addresses.  Address changes need to be changed by the shooter only.

State Shoot Review:
Fritz stated that whatever is written in the program is what needs to be followed. There was an issue where we failed to put a start time for Sunday; it was voted on at a meeting but we changed it again at the state shoot; we need to follow what we vote on.  Dwight suggested that we add the all-state team target requirements into the Shoot Calendar and the State Shoot Program.  The cover page has a W on our address which needs to be removed.

Amy said that she will not be producing the program next year. Discussion was held about having Champion Programs produce the 2019 program.  They will sell all the advertisements on their own (which pays for the program) and we will be responsible for the postage to mail them. The 2019 program will be in color.  Jeff commented that the golf cart safety was much better this year and there was less speeding and youth operating them.

Don mad a motion to hire Champion Programs to produce the 2019 State Shoot Program. Dick seconded.  So carried.

Tate brought up about possibly changing the program for Thursday. Suggested to go to singles, handicap, doubles and then Friday opens with doubles.

Tate made a motion to change the 2019 State Shoot Thursday program to singles, handicap, doubles and Friday to open with doubles. LaVerne seconded it.  So carried.

Fritz asked if we wanted to do a marathon on Monday of the state shoot. Dennis asked if any other clubs would be offended if we were throwing marathon targets.  We reviewed the list of clubs that held shoots this year and it appeared that none of them were within 50 miles.

LaVerne made a motion to do a marathon shoot on Monday before the state shoot. Tate seconded.

Fritz stated that in year’s past, when the zone shoot was held all on one weekend, no other clubs could hold registered shoots. Now that the zone shoots are spread to two weekends, should there be some sort of rule on who can hold shoots on the same weekend?  A 50-mile rule is very hard to enforce.

Discussion was held about Clay Target League staying as the same date as the zone shoot. Discussion was held about the practice tickets and trying to control that a little bit better.

Discussion will be held at the annual meeting next July on the zone shoot weekends to see if we can go to one weekend due to the Clay Target League state shoot growing each year.

Building Update:
Chops handed out a list of ideas that were brought to his attention:

  • Suggestion for two gun safes – one for money and one for the gun. Jeff Recob is willing to donate a gun safe. He suggested as smaller safe for the money. Amy to publish on website to see if anyone has one they aren’t using and could donate.
  • Coke is willing to give us a 2 door cooler to use from April to October.
  • Clocks for walls. Jeff will see if Winchester or Remington can donate.
  • American flag for the wall – Jerry K has Ray Moser’s flag so we will hang that.
  • Tool set for building – Chops said that you can get one from Menard’s for about $125; he should go and get one while the 11% sale is still on; it will be kept in the mechanical room
  • Wainscoting price is $4567 without the top and bottom molding and labor; however, Jerry K has an idea in the works for black walnut
  • Chops would like to make shelves for mechanical room; he should get the materials and get them hung; Dennis asked if there would be a place for trophies to be kept and displayed. We will be able to eliminate the trophy pod next year.
  • Tile for bathrooms; Chops has two bids; one was for $14,000 and $9177. One of them is a shooter and is willing to do the materials for cost and we pay for his labor.   Hold for now until we get a financial report from FoWTA. Chops is willing to put the money up front now if he can get paid back next year. We will speak to the guy at the Heartland Grand about the bid.
  • We need to have walls taped and finished.
  • Chops does not want to do the dropped ceiling in the bathrooms and office area.
  • Change door swing on men’s bathroom
  • Water line in to new building; Bob Ebbers needs to look what we need from the well to control pane in new building to eliminate the old pump house. Fritz will follow up with Badger as they were supposed to do this in October.
  • Dropped ceiling and insulation is all to be donated and completed by Gary DeSmidt

Fritz has talked to Glenn Hammerly about having an AIM shoot here. Chops got a call from the Bear Hunters and they want to get a shoot scheduled to donate money/trophies for.

Chops thought that Eau Claire was going to donate a sound system. Jerry K. said that Bob Ebbers is to be getting a price to be given to them.

Town of Rome is working to get a grant for us to get an AED machine.

Chops suggested having a steak fry on Wed or Thurs night, fish fry on Friday night and food for the Hall of Fame banquet on Saturday night all done by Butcher Block at the state shoot next year.

Chops asked if there was ever any conversation about moving the Central Zone shoot to Homegrounds. This will need to be a discussion for the annual meeting.

Friends of WTA Update:
There is a balance of $33,866 in the checking account. The electrical bill was higher than projected.  There should be some raffle money in the WTA account around $8500.  There are still some things floating around that aren’t resolved.  There are still some funds coming in from the donated Badger tickets and a few others.  After the electric bill is paid and other outstanding expenses, there will be around $9000 in the account.

John would like to purchase Constant Contact to email things out to members. It is $20 a month for 0 to 500 names.  Fritz asked to table this conversation until next month when Lisa Rouse can attend.

John got quotes on a spreader and sprayer to use on the grounds. Jeff said that he already has the tractor and the spreader and is willing to get it up here when needed. We would still need a sprayer which the quotes are $1336 or $1400.  Riesterer & Schnell said that they might be willing to work on a demo tractor for us in the future.

Don made a motion to buy the sprayer from Riesterer & Schnell. Kevin seconded it.  So carried.

Director’s Guidelines:
See handout titled WTA Policies Rules and Regulations

Jerry made a motion to accept the WTA Policies. Dick seconded.  So carried.

Grounds Caretaker/Custodian/Manager:
Mike Martin said he wanted to be in the running for the manager position, but he changed his mind. John Atkielski is interested in being our manager as well as Lisa Rouse.  Glen Grabski is also interested.  Right now, we need someone to be here on the weekends and run the “grounds”.  Jim Giese is interested in coming out here to work on projects or mowing, etc.  At this point, we are unsure what we need and what we can afford to pay.  Fritz will talk to John about what his ideas are on being the manager.

Website Manager:
Fritz asked if anyone knew if we had a contract with Elizabeth Foellmi. She sent a bill for 2017 and the first six months of 2018.  It was approved for her to be paid.  She is performing all of the background work on the website and security updates.

Treasurer Replacement:
Arlene talked with Julie Atkielski, Theresa Howland and Taylor Ebbers at the state shoot. Arlene would like to be done by the end of the year. We will need to find a replacement as soon as possible.  Taylor Ebbers has since contacted Arlene stating she is still interested.  No decision has been made without the BOD of personally speaking with Taylor and having her attend a meeting.  Fritz will also talk to John A. about the manager position and see if Julie is interested in the position as well.  The BOD will have to appoint and approve a replacement for Arlene.

Mid-State Shoot:
Don and Fritz and Otto’s will be here to cover this shoot scheduled for September 7th.

Security System:
Fritz got a quote for an alarm system for the new building. It would have an electronic lock on it with three cameras.  Someone said that Bill Simonar knows a person that possibly does security systems.  We should get a few more quotes to compare prices.

August 24-26 – Jerry and Don
Labor Day weekend – Jeff Recob; closed on Friday; Amy will post it on the website that we will be closed Friday, August 31
September 7-9 – Otto’s
Sept 14-16 – Don
Sept 21-23 – Otto’s
Sept 28-30 – Fritz

October Fall Classic – Kevin and LaVerne will not be here

Grounds will close after the Fall Classic. We will close the grounds either October 13 or 20.  We will confirm this at the next meeting.

Round Table:
There is a concealed training class and gun show next weekend here.

Fritz will be putting in the DNR grant very soon. Fritz will see if Jessica will help him with the DNR one and put one in for the NRA.  LaVerne will talk to someone tomorrow to see if he will assist as well.

We owe Recob’s $100,000. Arlene says that we can pay them $35,000.

Kevin made a motion to pay $35,000 to Recob’s to pay back part of the loan we owe them. Dick seconded.  So carried.

Dick needs the program finalized for the fall classic. He will remove the 18 yard line for the handicap.

Dick would like to get copies of all of the contracts with the youth organizations. Gary DeSmidt and Perry will be invited to a meeting to discuss the shoot for next year.  We will see if we can get the state directors to come to a meeting from Clay Target League as well.

Kevin will be ordering bucky pins and will get a price on them at the Heartland Grand and bring it back to the BOD for review. Kevin will get a quote for some WTA patches for 25, 50, 75, 100 straight.

Fritz contacted Briley to see if someone can come up and look at the bunker. The number one trap has been breaking targets. Briley will give us a quote on what they propose.

Tate brought up that Rich Johnson may possibly be interested in the NW Zone position. He said that he was more than willing to help out whenever he could.  Tate talked to Dean Neumann at the state shoot and sometime next spring he would like to have Dean come and set the traps with the angle master.  Everyone was in agreement that this was a good idea.

Don brought up about having dogs in the clubhouse. He said there was a situation where a dog’s tail was stepped on and almost bit someone.  There will be no dogs allowed in the new building.  It is also a non-smoking building.

If this is Gateway’s last year, we would consider moving our fall shoot to that weekend.

LaVerne made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Tate seconded it.  So carried.

Meeting adjourned at 1:42pm.

Next meeting will be October 5th at 6pm at Homegrounds.