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Minutes: May 12, 2018

The 05/12/18 face to face Board of Director’s meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association was called to order at 4:03pm by Fritz Thistle, President.  Directors present were S/E Dick Otto, N/W Tate Barwald, N/E Don Chrapla, S/W LaVerne Lehmann, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, Treasurer Arlene Otto, Secretary/Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins.  Absent was S/E Jerry Kaszynski, N/W Phil Challoner, 1st Alt. Delegate Dwight Paulin.

Also present at the meeting:  Chops, YZ, Lisa Rouse, Tom Bristol, Nora Bristol

Meeting started at 4:03pm

Treasurer’s Report:
Arlene emailed out the Treasurer’s report.  There is a balance $109,500 as of May 1st.  They took the levy out of the bank for the Homegrounds for approximately $2800.  We will try to get back the penalty and interest.  We are now paid up on that.  Arlene would like to make a recommendation to combine the shooting grounds with the campground.  It has been very difficult to separate everything and the taxes, etc.  Down the road we may have to separate the two if the campground is making over 20% income.

Tate made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report.    Kevin seconded it.  So carried.

Building Update:
Chops stated that we are ahead of schedule.  Modern Pole will be in the week of May 21 to start on the building.  Rich Weiler did a great job.  They even worked on Sunday to be able to pour concrete on Monday.  Once the materials arrive on site, we will need to put insurance on them.  Bob Ebbers put all the conduit in for the electric and the lighted fields.  John Coniff has paid the bills.  The partitions and grab bars are ordered for the bathrooms.  Permits are submitted for the HVAC.  The HVAC units will be delivered on Monday.  John Felts will come in with his crew once the building is up.

Al Arner and Dale Miller came up and checked all of the traps. This is the third time that they have been up here to check them.  A big thanks to them.

Friends of WTA Update:
There is a balance of $151,344 as of May 11.  Two checks are outstanding so the actual balance is $149,761.  There will be two deposits from Greg and Nancy Regalia for the water heater and from Don Chrapla for $1750 for the Stealth crossbow plus an additional donation.  New total will be $152,011.  John got another gun donated to the WTA as well for the live auction.

Many prices have been checked on different models of mowers.  Amy will be filling out grant paperwork for Toro to try to get a mower. The grant is due 6/1 and the decision is made by 9/1.  Tate suggested that if we can get a lawn tractor to get us through the summer and see if we can get the grant from Toro, that would be perfect.

State Shoot:
Pre-Squad is going great.  Amy opened up more squads this week as some of the events are already full.  Some big names are coming from out of state to shoot.  We are over what we had last year already.

The ad in Trap and Field turned out great.  Thanks to Amy and the ladies at Trap and Field for designing the great ad.

Chops and Tate measured the lines needed to do the water on east vendor row.

Amy gave an update on camping availability on sites and how they will be parked on the south side.  Tate and Amy will be marking the camper spots with orange paint the weekend before so campers know where their site lines are.   Camping for SCTP and HSCTL are selling great.

Recob’s likely won’t be able to keep a trailer up here this year to store targets.  Suggestion was to see if Stor-Cor has a pod for us to use.  Lisa will contact a local trucking company to see if they can let us use one.

Tate checked with Allied Co-op who said they had never heard of chloride being used as dust control.  Pete Rustad said they use chloride all of the time and it could be done a week before the state shoot.  It is easiest to spread it and then water it to work the best.

Lease prices will remain the same for renewal – $1300 for 5 year and $2000 for 10 year.

Tate made a motion to keep lease prices as $1300 for five years and $2000 for ten years.  LaVerne seconded it.  So carried.

State Shoot vending:  Retail Vending only will be $100. Camping and vending will be $300.  Food vending is $150 for the week.

Don made a motion to charge $100 for retail vending ONLY (no camping).  Camping and vending on vendor row will be $300.  Food vending will be $150 for the week.  Tate seconded it.  So carried.

Round Table:
Fritz gave Arlene the bill for the flagpole.  Modern Pole will be reimbursing us for that as they ran it over.  The t-shirt bill was given to Arlene to pay.  We are selling the ones with the dates of the events right now and will have a second design made for the state shoot.  Chops will talk to Berlin so that they know the WTA will be selling shirts for the 5th year anniversary.

There have been some people out on the grounds turkey hunting.  Glen Hammerly’s tree stand was stolen last week and it was chained to the tree.  We will be posting signs for no hunting.

Tate made a motion to post No Hunting or Trespassing signs on the property.  Don seconded.  So carried. 

There will be a two-day bunker clinic coming up.

The water samples will be done soon and submitted to the state.

Allied will be here to look at our propane needs.

Coverage for shoots:
Kettle Moraine: Amy will be here to collect from food vendors and check in.  Fritz and Glenn Hammerly will be here. Otto’s may be here.

Clay Target League:
Amy will arrive on Wed.  Otto’s will be here.  Fritz and Chops will coordinate having the traphouses loaded by June 6th.  Amy will coordinate having someone help load the traps on June 10th before going home.  Fritz will be here until Thursday of that week before he goes home for his zone shoot.

Amy will arrive on Wed.  Otto’s will not be here.  Fritz will be here.  We may have to load targets on Sunday that weekend.  Chops will be here to help that weekend and stay in the Weigmann camper.

Fritz read through the entire appraisal.  We only have 280 acres.  It appears that the Town of Rome has the wrong amount of parcels for us.  Fritz attended the Open Book meeting to discuss the property tax assessment.  We are working together to resolve a difference between the Town Assessor and our appraiser of over $600,000.

Lisa Rouse:
She is working on advertising for us.  She took over the Homegrounds Facebook page.  Once we have enough likes on it; we then can do cheap advertising.  Lisa and Amy are working on getting the Homegrounds website back working.  She reached out to the state ski show that is 4 days after the state shoot, to see if there is any interest for people to camp with us.  She will also send out information to the ATV clubs in the area.  We need to develop a budget, where we want to advertise and a way to measure our results from the ads.  We will work on a budget in the fall for Lisa to advertise and market through the winter for 2019.  She is volunteering her time and work to the WTA.  We thank her for this.

Don made a motion to allow Lisa to spend $1000 on marketing and advertising to make us through the summer.  Tate seconded it.  So carried.

Kevin made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  LaVerne seconded it.  So carried.

Meeting adjourned at 5:35pm.

Next meeting will be the annual meeting at the state shoot.  We will schedule a conference call if needed before then.