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Minutes: April 21, 2018

Please note that this meeting was postponed from April 14th to April 21st due to weather.

The 04/21/18 face to face Board of Director’s meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association was called to order at 9:05 am by Fritz Thistle, President.  Directors present were, S/E Dick Otto and Jerry Kaszynski, N/W Tate Barwald and Phil Challoner, N/E Don Chrapla , 1st Alt. Delegate Dwight Paulin, 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, Treasurer Arlene Otto, Secretary/Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins.  Absent was ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, S/W LaVerne Lehman

Also present at the meeting:  Chops, John Coniff, Brian Giese, Jim Gignac, Joan Harnish, Greg Regalia

Meeting started at 9:05am

Secretary’s Report:
Amy gave an update on things completed since the last meeting.  At the last meeting, we agreed that the start time for Sunday of the state shoot would be 9am; however, after further discussion, the start time has been changed to 8am.  Pre-Squad will open May 1st.  Discussion was held about the gun club application.  Sandy Jack will complete it prior to the July 1st deadline and we will try to get funding for an additional pat trap in case one breaks down.  There are approximately 13 sites left for the state shoot, the majority of them are electric only.  We need to replace the pedestal on W144 in the campground to make it a double so that we can rent the site next to it.  The site is sold for the state shoot.  Fritz will talk to Bob Ebbers about getting that done.  Amy will need to get more WTA membership cards printed.  In the past, Kevin had suggested a different layout for them, however, the board agreed to keep them the same as they are smaller and the shooters are used to them and know how to fill them out.  Amy will check on prices to get them printed.  The 715-number cell phone was turned on today.  The bill will be a direct withdrawal from the Homegrounds account.

Treasurer’s Report:
Arlene emailed out the Treasurer’s reports last week.  The balance sheet as of last night lists current assets of $485,000; checking $111,014 and includes the last deposit that Amy made and the trophy bill to Tilden was paid out of that.  All bills are current except for the taxes, but that has to be straightened out by Jen.  We did not pay taxes on the campground for 2015 or 2016; there is a late payment fine and an assessment fee for not being paid.  Unsure why the taxes were not paid in the previous years.  We are attending to business the best that we can.  Arlene had received a letter from Adams County Electric stating that they had cut our chain on the gate because they couldn’t get in to check the meter.  We didn’t receive the letter right away so we were bypassing their lock as we were unaware who put the lock on the gate.

Tate made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report.    Don seconded it.  So carried.

Nekoosa Agreement:
Brian and June Harnish (President of Athletic Association) were present to go over the 2018 Contract.  All of the monies for the trapshooting are funneled separately.  Her group is there for a support system for Brian.  The youth programs are excited to have money in their accounts, which gives great incentive for the youth to come out and work the trap events.  Brian read a letter and gave an explanation where the funds went from the 2017 season.  There were $16,250 funds donated to the youth funds in 18 sport/scholastic programs (i.e., band, football, FBLA, golf, chess, etc.).  In the past three years, the WTA has given $150,000 to the Nekoosa organizations for volunteering at the shoots.  Brian thinks that he will need to go to other area schools in order to have enough students to staff the shoot events this year.  He is proposing $70,000 for this year’s shooting season, which is a 10% increase.  John stated that last year he suggested shooters sponsor a youth to feed them for a day or the week.  Brian said that he will need to have to have the meals planned ahead of time; he is willing to give the money back if someone else is willing to fund the meals.  Tate suggested having Brian’s group sell the water and keep the money from the water as well.  Then, at the end of the year, possibly looking at the performance and possibly give out a bonus at the end of the year if all shoots were staffed as needed.  If we are able to also feed the youth, we can do that as well.  We are hoping to stay with the $60,000 amount, same as 2017.  John would like to propose to purchase three pallets of water and he doesn’t care what the group does with it.  John would like to make sure the kids are getting enough water to drink first, but the rest they can do what they want with it.  John is willing to throw in some soda and Gatorade if they need it.  Brian agreed to stay with the $60,000 and will sell the water and keep the money.  They can sell water at all of the shoots if they want.  Installments will be paid as follows:  $15,000 on May 4, $15,000 on June 21 and $30,000 on July 11.  Any shoots that are canceled or students are not needed, the money will be paid back to the WTA.

Dick made a motion to accept the Nekoosa contract of $60,000.  Installments will be $15,000 on May 4, $15,000 on June 21 and $30,000 on July 11.  Don seconded it.  So carried.

Jim Gignac was present to show a banner that he had made that will be displayed going south on Hwy 13 with an arrow pointing down Akron.  He had this banner made and is donating it to us.  He was very involved in getting the Homegrounds up here.  We will work to get another banner made for the other direction.

Building Update:
Chops thanks Amy for doing a great job on the program.  Chops asked two companies for HVAC bids for the new building.  Berlin Heating and Cooling is very interested in the bid.  Chops met with the owner and engineer.  Modern Pole transferred the plans to Berlin and started figuring out costs.  We will need two 10-ton a/c units because of the capacity (243) for the building.  We will have to go back to the state to get another permit which will take a few weeks and another $350.  Outside of the building, the units will have to be set on a concrete pad so that no snow can get under them.  They have to be 10’ apart and double snow guard on the roof at $3 a foot.  Tate suggested putting them on the east gable end over the septic.  The state will require two electric wall heaters in the bathrooms as well as fans.  The bid for heating and cooling came in at $32,000.   Insulation is about $4000 but if we are able to do it on our own, it would be about $1400.  Chops thinks that the building will be up by the state shoot, but he doesn’t know if the inside will be finished.  You cannot put a septic system in when there is still snow on the ground; so the start of the building is obviously delayed with the past two snow storms.  Modern Pole does not want to come back in until the cement is poured.   Hoping to have the electric and plumbing by June 1st.  Greg Regalia has donated the water heater for the new building.  Amy will send a donation letter.  Chops will need some sand in order to get the floor of the building to grade.  He will get it from Hoffman Trucking.  Fritz would like to start a list of everyone helping out and donating  to the building so that we can keep track of everyone.

Dwight made a motion to accept the proposal from Berlin Heating & Cooling for $32,195 and having Modern Pole insulate the entire building rather than just the roof.  The original quote was only to insulate the roof.  Don seconded it. 

Friends of WTA Update:
John sent out a memo with an update on the account.  There is a balance of $178,515.  Two checks were written out to Advantage Plumbing and Jon’s Sport Shop for the cross bow for the raffle at the state shot.  John has volunteered to spread lime on the front fields.  He also is willing to purchase or co-purchase gravel to be spread by Chops between the new building and the hoop building.  Chops will talk to his friend that works at the co-op to about lime prices.  Chops and Tate will also contact the co-ops to find out a price for the chloride for the parking lot for state shoot.  He is having the raffle tickets all printed for the state shoot raffles:  Crossbow, Hat Raffle, Shell Raffle, 50/50 Raffle and Big Ben Raffle.  John will be donating a walnut slab clock for the auction.  He is also going to build a 30×96 conference table for the new building.  Jeff Recob is getting an upgraded BT-99 to be auctioned at the state shoot.

Range Schedule:
We will open the grounds on April 28th.  Fritz is willing to be at the grounds starting next weekend through June 7.  Fritz has a couple other people that are interested in helping out.  He is thinking about seeing if they can provide us help on the weekends.  Camp hosts will be arriving around May 13 or 15.   Open hours will be Friday noon to 5pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm, which was the same as last year.

Hwy Z Contract:
The company that got the project bid $3.7 million.  This is not the same company that had contacted us for taking some of the materials to our grounds.  Fritz will follow up with the company that got the bid and see if we can interest them in dropping some of the materials on our grounds.

Fritz was looking at a Cub Cadet for $2200 brand new, but he was too late on it.  We are looking for a 60” to 72” mower.  We also need edgers and two weed whackers.  Amy and Tate will check with Ace Hardware to check on some prices with Jeremy.  We will also need a water softener and iron filter for the new building.  Tate suggested maybe checking with Culligan or something on a contract for that.

Target and Shell Prices:
Targets went up 15% from White Flyer.  We have been charging $6 a round and $5 a round for youth.  Bunker is $9 a round and $8 a round for youth.  Punch cards are $50 for adults and $40 for junior.  We will not change prices for the casual shooters.

Tate made a motion:
High School Clay Target league will go to $28 per 100; loaders will be provided.

SCTP will be $28/100 for the singles and $24/100 for doubles and handicap.  Loaders and scorers will be provided for singles; loaders only for doubles and handicap.  $15/case for flurry and Make-A-Break.  Bunker will be 10 shots for $4.

Kettle Moraine will go to $22 per 100.  They will provide their own loaders, scorers and prepare their own shoot results.  

Practice rounds will be $6/25 and $12/50 doubles for all events including the state shoot. 

Jerry seconded it.  So carried.

Don made a motion to charge $65 a case or $7 a box for Federal Shells.  We will no longer sell Winchester shells.  Jerry seconded.  So carried.

Camping Prices:
Camping will remain at $40 per night and $20 per night for tenting.  Weekly rate will be $200 and $25 for additional nights.  Monthly rate is $700 a month and tent is $400.  There was no increase from last year.

Our policy went up 6% from Secura.  We will look at quotes for next year to compare – West Bend, Secura and Kozlowski.

Hwy 13 Sign Agreement:
There is a glitch in the sign agreement.  A letter was sent to Matt Harn from the Town of Rome informing him that the sign permit has been revoked.  Fritz still has the contract and retyped it based on changes that were made at the last meeting.  Fritz will not send the signed contract back to Matt until things are taken care of with the Town of Rome.

Dick contacted a couple of the news media places but no one got back to him.  He has been working to try to market the place.  We have to promote camping and shooting which is different clientele.  Lisa from Greenway is willing to help us market the campground.  She will be promoting the Facebook site for Homegrounds.

State Shoot:
5th year anniversary promotion – Fritz came up with some t-shirt designs and prices and passed out the examples.   We will have two different shirts to sell at all events this summer.

Catering – Thursday night hot dog feed; Glenn and Connie will handle the food in conjunction with Phil.  We will do hot dogs, beans, chips and two cakes.  Phil can bring up tables to use in the new building for the state shoot.  Fritz is still working on the details for the fish fry.

Water on EVR – We will determine when Tate, Chops and Don are going to take care of this.

Radios – We will check all the radios during the first few shoots and determine how many we need to buy to make it through the summer.  We will need to purchase batteries as well.

Golf Carts – We went through the carts and determined when we needed them delivered for the youth shoots and state shoot.  We will have Jim’s deliver two 4-seaters and one regular car delivered on May 11.  Another 20 cars will be delivered on June 8 and the remaining 20 cars will be delivered on July 9.

We received four copies of the appraisal.  Open Book is May 11 noon to 2pm and Board of Review is June 1 noon to 2pm.

We will add big dumpsters for cardboard and trash at both ends starting in June through the state shoot.  We will also have the normal dumpsters in the campground, but have them moved away from the campsite.

Porta Potties:
Amy will take care of talking with Billie Jo for scheduling the delivery of additional porta potties for the summer.

Round Table:

Dwight made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Tate seconded it.  So carried.

Meeting adjourned at 2:58pm.

Next meeting is May 12th at Homegrounds, after shooting is over for the day.