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Teleconference Minutes: May 24, 2017

Teleconference Meeting on May 24, 2017

The teleconference meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors, was called to order at 6:03pm By Jerry Farnsworth, President.  Directors present were, N/E Don Chrapla, S/E Jerry Kaszynski and Bill Marsden, N/W Tate Barwald, S/W Dan Horkan, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring (last portion), 1st Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, Jim Kroeplien and Amy Jenkins.  Absent was N/E Josh Kroeplien

Meeting started at 6:03pm

Jim’s Carts:
Amy received a call from Jim on Monday stating that the prices we have been paying were supposed to be to help us getting started at Homegrounds.  He stated that the prices we were paying the past are not what they normally charges so he would need to look at what we need for carts and get back to us with some figures.  He said typically he charges by the day or the week.  Amy received a quote for 20 carts for five weeks at $200 a week for a total of $5000 (to be delivered June 9 and picked up after the state shoot).  Then a separate quote for $200 a week for 20 more carts for a total of $12,000 (to be delivered June 22 and picked up after state shoot).  Currently, Amy has 8 carts reserved for SCTP weekend.  Tate suggested someone trying to call Jim to discuss to see if we can only get the bare minimum for the SCTP weekend (not add any additional ones) and take an additional delivery of 20 carts right before the State Shoot.  SCTP weekend is also the time the Jim’s has all of his carts sold for the Indy races in Elkhart Lake.  They have mentioned this to Amy each time during conversations with them that they had all their carts reserved and would need to borrow them from other places in order to cover our extra delivery that we normally get for SCTP weekend.  Dewey talked to Joe Brown yesterday who used to handle the golf carts for Waukesha.  Tate suggested seeing if we could get 25 carts for the five weeks and then just get an additional 20 carts for the state shoot and not take

Tate made a motion to take the first quote for 20 carts for $5000 for five weeks.  He suggested that we try to increase that number to 25 carts.  In addition, talk to Jim about taking an additional 20 carts for the state shoot, for the one week for $200/week and not add any additional carts for SCTP weekend.  Dan seconded.  So carried.

Camp Hosts:
Amy met with the camp hosts last Thursday.  She gave them the cell phone with the 715 number and the square in order to run credit cards.  Amy gave Helen the calendars that showed which sites were rented on what days so that she knew what sites could be sold. Helen stated that it would be interesting because they have never handled the paperwork side of things when they were camp hosts at other places. She asked if we were going to get a shack in order for people to self-register and leave payments in a box.  Dewey said that when he talked to them last year they suggested having a white board in a little shack so that if someone came in they could look at the board and any sites that had an X were unavailable.  She stated that she didn’t know any prices; however, Fritz had given them the price list when he gave them the keys upon arrival on their first day.  Helen asked what their days off would be.  She also said that she may have an issue with the chemicals and we may need to get someone else to clean the shower house.  Bill said that he might be able to do it if he could get a hose.  Jerry stated that there were hoses in the pump room and will get him one.  Amy also asked them their plans for the state shoot and where they would be going and they said they didn’t have any plans and didn’t know they needed to move. However, this was made very clear last year before the agreement was made with them.  Amy told Helen and Bill that she would discuss with the BOD and see if a site with electric only could be utilized during the state shoot week if needed.  Tate suggested that we are going to have to be very clear on the expectations as they are receiving free camping and at this point, we are unsure what they are doing for work.  Fritz and Amy will come up with a list of duties for them.  Fritz, Tate and Amy will meet with them on June 2 and make it very clear what the expectations are for the season and remind them that they are to give us 40 hours a week in order to offset their camping. In addition, they have 160 hours to work from the month that they stayed last year in addition to the weeks that they have stayed this year.

John Coniff has sprayed all the weeds on Monday.  He is willing to come back to do it again whenever we need him.  Tate said that there is a sprayer up there already and if we got the camp hosts a hand sprayer they could touch up as needed.

Homegrounds Coverage:
Fritz gave an update on his medical appointments coming up.  He will be at Homegrounds in June.  Depending on what happens at his appointment on June 13 will determine if he will be able to volunteer the rest of the summer.  Dewey said that he plans to call Brian to see if he can have some help there on Friday, June 23 because Perry is expecting they will need to start shooting at 3pm on Friday for three hours in order to get everyone through their targets because their counts are so high already (1400).  Targets will be delivered tomorrow and houses will need to be loaded on June 3 and June 11.  We will get help from the kids camping clay target weekend to load houses on June 11.  Don will cover Homegrounds the weekend of June 15 to 18.  Fritz will talk to Otto’s about covering a day early at Homegrounds for the July 1st weekend as they will be there for the registered shoot and team shoot that weekend.  Clay Target League coverage – Fritz, Jerry, Amy, Jim, Dan, Dewey and Don.  SCTP weekend coverage – Dan, Amy, Tate, Jim, Josh, Otto’s, Don, Bill.

We are still looking for confirmed people to work in squadding and cashiering for the state shoot.  Jim made a call to the Wisconsin Rapids school to get some assistance.  Amy talked to Brian and he will have Ann from Nekoosa look for a few more from there to help.  Jim has one that sent a resume from the job fair.  Jim has some auditors lined up as well also.  Dewey has a few people that are interested but they don’t want to be stuck inside all day.  Dewey suggested that some people would be able to stay in the camper that Greenway gives us for the week.  Jim will follow up on that and talk to Greenway and see how many people the camper will sleep.  Jim believes that he has someone lined up for the water cart and score runner.

Dewey received a call from Melissa that cleaned the showers last year for the state shoot.  She is wondering if we will need her assistance for this season.  Last year she cleaned every day of the state sheet and did a great job.  Dewey will let her know that we would like her services for the state shoot and we will get back to her in a week or so after we check with the camp hosts for the remaining weeks.

Jim ordered the tents for the state shoot.  The pods are ordered as well.

Kevin will send out the zone patches this week.

Dumpsters:  After the last shoot, they had to make two pick-ups because the dumpster was too full.  Empty hulls fell all over and Jerry had to scoop them up with a shove.  Fritz has ordered a 30 yard for cardboard and a 30 yard garbage for the kid shoots.  It costs $300 to dump them.  For the state shoot we will have a 30 yard for carboard and garbage on each end of the trapline.

There were some issues with the bunker trap. Bruce Nelson is an electrician and looked at it, but Fritz has given him the numbers for the company in Texas as we likely will need to order some spare parts.

Shooting fees:  Jerry and Fritz were talking about the prices for a round of trap.  Right now it is $6.50 a round or $6 if you buy a punch card.  Fritz is suggesting $5.50 a round or a punch card for $5.

Dan made a motion to charge $6 per round; if a punch card is purchased it will be $5 per round.  Tate seconded.  So carried.

Fritz asked if there has been any work done on separating the Homegrounds from the trap side.  Jim said it would be very advantageous to have the Homegrounds board get a Treasurer so that all bills could be separated.  Fritz said that Jay Adams and Bruce Stitely did a lot of survey work originally to separate the two entities.  Jim talked to Bruce about the original plan which was that the WTA would own everything and the Homegrounds would pay $3700 a month to rent the campground.  Jim said that he doesn’t know if anything was formally written up with Ruderware or not.  That was supposed to cover the electric and taxes.  Fritz will contact the campground board and see what he can figure out and Kevin will try to talk to Jay Adams about his involvement in the past.

Fritz said that Jerry K. is doing an awesome job covering Homegrounds for the month of May.

Dewey will deliver the 20 gauge gun to Homegrounds the next time he is up.

Fritz said that there is a key missing in the sewer room.  Dewey said they were all hanging there when he was there last time.  Fritz will get another key made.

Fritz said that we will need water for these shoots coming up.  John Coniff was providing the water for the SCTP shoot and Chops possibly provided some as well.

Don Grunde’s mower will be delivered to Homegrounds before June 10th.

Fritz said the price will be $5 per dump for campers that come in to use our dump station and it will remain locked at all times so that people aren’t using it without paying.

Jerry K. asked if we could eliminate the Forum due to all the negativity.  There recently was some negativity about not getting paid at the last registered shoot at Homegrounds.  Jim made four phone calls that were not returned to address this issue.  Tate will post something on the forum that he is the new moderator and that if any posts are considered negative or inappropriate the user will be banned from the forum.

Don suggested some signs be made up for the state shoot in order to get the rest of the traps sold that are still available.  Rachel has banners made up advertising the sponsors for the events that will be displayed along the driveway.

Tate made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Bill seconded it.  So carried.

Meeting ended at 8:21pm.