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Teleconference Minutes: March 15, 2017

Teleconference Meeting on March 15, 2017

The teleconference meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors, was called to order at 6:43pm By Jerry Farnsworth, President. Directors present were, S/W Dan Horkan, N/E Don Charpla, S/E Jerry Kaszynski and Bill Marsden, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, 1st Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, and Amy Jenkins.

Meeting started at 6:43pm

Kevin stated that after the last meeting, he received a call from Bill Simonar who told him that the insurance that we currently have: the $680 amount was for the hoop building and the $4000 amount was for liability and property.  Bill said that there were only two companies in State of Wisconsin that offer the insurance that we need.

Brian talked to Dewey last night and Brian said that he will have something back to him by this weekend; but doesn’t look like the Nekoosa kids will be volunteering for the shoots this summer. He doesn’t think he will have any of the coaches to work with because of the issues with the funds for the individual programs last year.  He believes that he was promised $12,000 for the sports programs in addition to the funds that were paid to the kids.  This year, he wants to be paid ahead of time (before the shoot).  Dewey asked what happened if it rained and he said he will hold the money until the next shoot.

Josh and Chris will go to the A/F job fair next week to see if we can pursue some kids for this summer. Brian said he was willing to help us, but didn’t think that he would be able to get the kids from Nekoosa.

Don said that they stopped in Georgia to shoot on the way to Florida and the trap help gets paid $70 a day regardless of how many hours they are there. It is the same price in Florida, $70 a day.  Fritz went through numbers that have been paid out for trap help in years past.

Dewey asked what Fritz new about the DNR grant. Fritz said we were awarded $16,000.  Fritz has been playing telephone tag with them.  We are resubmitting the application and sending it in by the end of the month due date.  Fritz is trying to find out the details of what needs to be done.  Fritz believes that we need to apply for $32,000 so that we get the half ($16,000) and the information needs to be submitted by March 31st and Fritz said that it will be completed.

Mike Martin is putting together an insurance quote. He needs to know some more information based on the current policy.  Contractor’s equipment in open is listed on the contract but he doesn’t know what that is.  There are seven of them on the current policy “contractor’s equipment in open” at multiple dollar amounts with replacement costs for a total of about $100,000.  There are computers listed on the current policy as well.  Dewey went over the premiums that Mike had estimated so far.  He will get quotes for an officers and directors policy.  He will try to attend the next meeting.  Agreement was to start over on a new policy rather than to try to determine what the old policy meant.  Dewey stated that we will need to review everything in full detail and agree to everything so that we all agree on the coverage when completed.  Questions were raised on whether the traps are covered for lightning strikes or a tornado coming through.  Dewey will try to call the current provider and see if he can find out any further information.

Amy received a call from Thrivent Financial and they are interested in holding an event at Homegrounds. Fritz stated that in the past we have charged $7 for 25 targets and $8 for shells.  Amy will pass the information on to Matt Casper and try to confirm a date and number of shooters.  They would bring in their own food or have it catered.

Meeting ended at 7:25.