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Teleconference Meeting: March 27, 2017

Teleconference Meeting on March 27, 2017

The teleconference meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors, was called to order at 7:00pm By Jerry Farnsworth, President. Directors present were, N/E Don Chrapla and Josh Kroeplien, S/E Jerry Kaszynski and Bill Marsden, N/W Tate Barwald, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, Jim Kroeplien and Amy Jenkins.

Meeting started at 7:00pm

Trap Help:
Dewey received an email from Brian and he said he had some numbers, but Dewey has not yet received the numbers yet. He said the kids are on spring break right now so it has been kind of hard to get in touch with the coaches.

Jim stated that he got an email back from the attorney regarding employment versus volunteers of minors. At first glance, they don’t think it is advisable for the WTA to employee these volunteers. We will need to have a waiver of liability to cover us. The attorney said that he is not an expert in child labor laws or child volunteer laws, but if there are specific questions, he is more than happy to spend time researching them. Work permits must be completed for any lawful employment of minors under 18; however, work permits are not required for volunteer work. According to Child Labor Laws, a minor 14 years of age and older may be employed generally by gun clubs, and must be 16 or older as trap loaders and for pullers and scorers if work is performed on gun range itself. Kevin stated that those 14 and under are not allowed in trap houses; however, they would be able to score (the rule of thumb in most states is that they cannot cross the 16-yard line). According to what the attorney is saying, this contradicts what is being done in most states. The attorney also interprets the Volunteer Law that if you cannot employ a minor of a certain age for a certain position, you cannot use that child as a volunteer. Example: you cannot employ a child that is 13 to load trap houses; therefore, you cannot let that 13-year-old child volunteer to load houses. The attorney provided us with some documents to review further details on employment versus volunteers.

If they are volunteers, we should not be paying them minimum wage because paying them this way makes it appear as if they are employees. Bill asked if the school would be providing the waiver and Jim reminded us that last year Brian had to reach out to other groups last year so uncertain if those others had waivers signed.

Dewey said that in Janesville the dance club and the cub scouts volunteer for a three-day shoot, however, the money goes right back to the organization and nothing gets paid to the kids.

Josh stated that if Brian comes forward with a dollar amount for each kid to be paid, that then will require them to be “employees”. It needs to be made very clear that the money will be based as a donation. They may be there for 6 hours or 10 hours, but here is the dollar amount for the day.

Josh and Chris will be attending a job fair in Adams Friendship this Wednesday to see if we can find some more help. We need to determine how many kids per trap and what we are willing to donate per day so they have an idea when they attend the job fair. Dewey suggested touching base with Nick at the job fair.

Jerry K. stated that down in Georgia and the Silver Dollar, workers get paid $70 per day; however, he is uncertain if it was a donation or paid as an employee with insurance and worker’s comp, etc.

Jim stated that last year, the kids were paid $50 per day for the registered shoots and approximately $68 per day for the state shoot. Last year, Brian had 77 kids for the state shoot which is too many. Tate and Josh said that if you had 50 kids for the state shoot each day, that would be plenty to run the shoot. Tate suggested if he had 60 kids lined up this would cover sickness or someone that doesn’t show up that. Dewey stated that they are not there for 10 hours a day; yes some come early to load the houses and do clean up after the shoot, but on average they are not there 10 hours. The BOD would have the ability to increase the donation on a certain day if they felt the need.

Jerry stated that in Florida, they shoot 25 per trap and move to the next trap house and it seemed that it went much faster. It was also done in Tucson this way. Kevin stated that time studies have been done and there is always a dilemma on which is the fastest. The program is already printed and therefore would not be able to able to be tested this year. This will be something that can be discussed at the annual meeting to see what other members have for input on this topic.

Josh made a motion that we will make a donation of $50 a person per day for all shoots, other than the State Shoot. For the State Shoot, the WTA will make a donation of $60 per person per day for the week; however, if the individual works every day, it will be a $70 donation; not exceeding more than 60 workers. Tate seconded. So carried.

Insurance Update:
Jim got a call from Larry and he is very disappointed with the company that he had everything lined up with. He thought he had it all done and they pulled the carpet out from under him. The company does not want to insure the hoop building. It was a package deal with the officers and director policy so therefore, he has nothing at this time. Larry will need a few more days to put something together.

Secretary Position:
Dewey received a phone call this evening from Theresa. She stated that we need to find someone to be the Secretary. She said she is going to be looking for a new job and won’t have time. She will help out with the state shoot. She resigned a year ago and a replacement has not been found yet. Jerry K. asked what the position entails. She sends out the all-state team letters and the thank you letters for the state shoot, in addition to taking minutes at the meetings and other miscellaneous duties.

Dewey asked if the current bylaws are posted on the website. Jim doesn’t believe they are posted there. If someone sends them to Amy, she will post them on the website.

Don stated that he talked to Jeff Mainland and Paul Becker in Florida and that him and Chops should go ahead and pour the concrete for the building and they should have enough money to put up the building. Dewey had talked with John Coniff and he said that they wanted the money spent by June 2017. Dewey thought the intent was to move forward on building plans to determine how big of a building, bathrooms, electrical, etc. before concrete can be poured. A perk test will need to be completed before anything can be done; in addition, this will be a public building so it will need state approval. Discussion was held on what needed to be done to move forward on this project. Dewey will make some phone calls tomorrow and talk to the building inspectors that he knows personally in his area. Dewey will get back in touch with Don so him and Chops can move forward.

Raffle License:
Jim has five days to turn in the information to the state for the profits made in 2016 and he needs to reapply for the license again. However, he doesn’t have the information that he needs in order to file and is unwilling to put his signature on the paperwork since he does not have all the data that he needs. We also need to apply for the new raffle license for 2017. However, if the paperwork is not submitted for 2016, they will not renew our license for 2017. Once you lose the raffle license, it is nearly impossible to get it back. Dewey will contact the Department of Gaming tomorrow to see what answers he can get on what needs to be reported.

Jim brought up having auditors at the state shoot and he brought this up at the last meeting. He said that there were three deposits that were wrong last year. He believes this will protect the ladies in cashiering as well as the WTA by having more than one person count the money. It is a very large sum of money so having checks and balances in place is a benefit to everyone. Suggestion was to have a separate area for check cashing and having the ability to lock the door and count money at the end of the day. Auditors may be able to use the other half of Michelle’s pod.

Josh made a motion to set up auditors for the state shoot. Don seconded. So carried.

Jim will not reconsider staying on as the treasurer until we have an officers and director insurance policy in place. Tate’s resignation lies on this same stipulation. Jim will not put his business at risk with some of the things that have happened in the past. Bills have not been paid and he has some deposits that are sitting longer than normal, but we should be good until the next meeting. Before he considers picking back up, he made it clear that things will need to be done legally and correctly moving forward. We are supposed to be a business so we need to run it legally. However, for now, he said it would be best to consider looking for a new treasurer.

Jerry K. made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Kevin seconded it. So carried.

Meeting ended at 9:00pm.