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Minutes: March 4, 2017

The 03/04/17 face to face general membership meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors meeting was called to order at 9:07am by Jerry Farnsworth, President.

Directors present were, S/W Dan Horkan, N/W Tate Barwald, President Jerry (Dewey) Farnsworth, 1st Alt. Delegate Dwight Paulin, 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, Treasurer Jim Kroeplien, Secretary Theresa Howland, Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins.  Absent for face to face meeting was S/E Jerry Kaszynski, S/E Bill Marsden and N/E Don Chrapla.

Also present at the meeting: Rachel Kroeplien, Lynn Howland, Gary Witzke, Jeff Recob, Connie Riemer, Bruce Stitely, Kevin Schutz, Bob Ebbers, Ted Keehn, Steve and Carol Keeley, Dick and Arlene Otto, John Coniff.

Guests: Bruce “Bubba” Bain from Monroe Prairie ATV Club; Larry and Kyle Okray

Meeting started at 9:07am

Secretary Report:
Theresa reported that everything is good.

Treasurer’s report by Jim:
Jim reported that we started with $80,564 on top line; grant money was paid back to NRA of $75,000 leaving a balance of $5568. There is $7816 in an account for lighted fields and bleachers.  Balance of $23,816 in the other account; deposit of $6213 which was money from the Homegrounds RV Park.  Jim couldn’t get the $100 monthly fee shut down so he transferred the money into our account in order to discontinue the fees being pulled out every month and closed the account.  Dewey gave a brief update of how we lost the NRA grant and where the building materials were slotted.

Josh made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report.   Dan seconded it.  So carried.

Monroe Prairie ATV Club:
Bruce “Bubba”, President of club explained that they are responsible for 500 miles of trail. They are interested in trying to get trails to help our organization make money.  There is grant money for making the trails, maintaining the trails as long as our organization maintains them; this allows our organization to make money.  They stated we have the perfect opportunity to make this happen; we have the wash area and the land to make the trails.  We would need to work through the county and they will take care of the grant funding.  If we get the grant, the ATV club would help build the trails and sign them and maintain them.  Bubba works with the county and they go to the DNR for the grants.  They were able to obtain $40,000 to help build trails and for mapping.  The club is not looking to get any money, but to help us.  We would own the trail so we would be able to post hours that trails are open, closed during shoots, etc.  There are currently trails on both sides of the Homegrounds right now.  The ATV club right now has 340 paid members.  They have a webpage and are a member of the ATV association.  They would definitely put something on their website to help us gain exposure for the campground.  Dual purpose trails will pay even more (snowmobile and ATV) if we set it up like that.  Bubba said that we have the land to be able to use for parking/unloading, etc.  It won’t be something that happens overnight; grants are due in April and may be a couple years before anything is done and ready.  Website is the Monroe Prairie ATV club.  Jeff Recob stated that he is worried about the noise that the ATVs may make.  Fritz stated that he talked with the potential camp host and they are willing to enforce any rules that we have set.  The club would be more than willing to make signage for the wash area, speed limit signs, load/unloading signs, etc.

Homegrounds Board:
Kevin Schutz handed out a working draft for a Campground Host as well as some minutes from a meeting that was held. Kevin asked what the purpose was for writing the position description.  Dewey stated that we wanted a list of duties that the camp host would perform.  They determined that they had more questions as they went through things.  During the state shoot the camping is rented from the Homegrounds for that one week.  Jeff stated that he believes that there are others think that if we didn’t have the campground, we wouldn’t have all of this debt over our head.  We now need to find a way to fill the campground during the season other than the state shoot campers.  The board will begin developing by-laws and articles of incorporation.  They will designate president, secretary and treasurer.  Jeff Recob will be a member of this committee as well.  Amy Jenkins will be the liaison for the camping reservations to this board.

Amy read the letter that Lisa from Greenway prepared for us. She has come up with a list of names to consider for the campground.  Everyone should review the list and plan to vote on the name at the next meeting.  If anyone else has ideas about names, they should bring them forward also.

LakesView Acres Campground
Standing Pines Campground
Journey’s End Campground   “The END is just the beginning”
CenterPoint Campground   “In the middle of it all”
Sandy Trails Campground   “Any Season. Any Reason”
Sun Rapids Campground
Summer Bunker Campground
Summer Sands Campground
Roam About (or) Roaming About Campground (a play off of the Town of Rome Name)

Josh gave some information on using Square for transactions. We will be able to give access to the camp host to swipe the cards and not have access to any of the bank account.  PayPal does not allow you to withdraw more than 30% of your income in a 2-week period; will take 60 to 90 days to empty the account.  Square offers a weekly and monthly statement in order to do a cost analysis.

Fritz met with Wisconsin Rapids Chamber of Commerce for some advertising. The rates were quite high; however, Fritz talked to him yesterday and he was willing to lower the fees some.  It was $500 for 1/8 of a page.  We will not be placing an ad with WI Rapid Chamber.  Amy received a call from the Wood Portage Marathon County maps to renew our ad.  The cost is $549 a year.  We will not renew this ad.  Jim has no record of us having an ad with this organization.  Dewey had a request from Trap and Field for an ad for the state shoot $600 for an ad posted in the May issue or $350 for a black and white in June issue.

Dan made a motion to pass on the ad for the Trap and Field magazine this year. Josh seconded it.  So carried.

Larry and Kyle Okray came to talk about insurance coverage. He stated there are some true deficiencies that we have that could easily cut our throats.  He has reviewed some of our past minutes to determine this.  He stated that we need to get some in place to protect ourselves.   He discussed the Wisconsin Worker’s Comp laws and working with volunteers.  Larry stated this is a free opportunity to see what we have.  They like to help people.  They have large carrier access that other agencies don’t have.  Bob Ebbers stated that we should find out when our current policy expires.  Jim had attempted to get a copy of our insurance policy before the meeting, but was unable to obtain it.

Dan made a motion to get our insurance information to Larry and have him review it and come back to present to us what we need, etc. Tate seconded it.  So carried.

The committee met before the state shoot last year. Rachel went through the changes.  We have to review these at two meeting and then vote on them at the annual meeting.

Rachel explained per Robert’s Rules of Order, that if a meeting is open to any member other than the board of directors, it is to be considered a general membership meeting. If so, the vote would be based on 5 officers of the board and “x” number of general members.  Brian Giese explained how the School Board meetings are run with public comments allowed; however, action is not taken on items brought forward; they determine if it is something that needs to be added to the agenda for the next meeting and voted on then.  Rachel will update the bylaws to state that the quorum is five directors/delegate to hold a vote.  Anyone can be a WTA member (do not need to be an ATA member nor a resident of WI).

Josh asked if we wanted to add something in the bylaws if we couldn’t fill a Director position in “x” number of months from a certain zone, if one could be appointed from another zone to fill the spot.

Discussion was held about the possibility of becoming a director and not being a shooter. Discussion will be held again on this next month. Rachel will send a copy to Amy to be posted with the minutes.

Grounds Contract:
Rachel and Dwight worked on the prices and contract to be used for all organizations utilizing the Homegrounds. Discussion was held that if we implement these fees, SCTP and Kettle Moraine would back out and not utilize Homegrounds.  However, on the flip side, we are paying for porta potties, garbage, insurance, and not covering our operation costs.  Tate suggested that each event be reviewed separately: will you provide scorers, loaders, how many porta potties, etc. which would determine what our additional costs will be.  These fees will be charged for non-shooting fees.

Josh made a motion to utilize the fees for non-shooting events; shooting events will be charged based on the direction of the board. Dan seconded it.  So carried.

Building Update:
Don and Chops were not present.

White Flyer is doing a rebate on any club that buys greater than 5000 cases. Last year based on our targets, we should receive a refund of approximately of $3600.  Jeff is estimated 10,000 cases this year so a rebate of $4500.

Fidelity Update:
Everything was signed and delivered. Jim is waiting to hear back.  Jim talked to Julie at Summit yesterday and unfortunately, we were hoping to be able to pay Recob’s but she will not allow us to pay that note off.  She said we can re-amortize our loan once we receive the money; but we need to set something up to pay Recob’s back.  Jim thinks that we will be able to cut our payment in half once we get the money.  We will be able to keep our same interest rate as it is lower than what it is now.  There will be no pre-payment penalties if we pay it off early.  The IRA paperwork went in at the same time.  Jim is hoping that we will be able to keep that money for working capital ($35,000 approximately).  It was a long tedious project and many hours spent on the phone.

Old Business:

State Shoot:

  • Program:
    Program is due to the printer no later than March 13 in order to have it completed by April 1st. Cashiering will close at 3:30pm this year. Program to be updated. Once the program is completed, Kevin gave Amy the information to have the program emailed out to everyone through the ATA website. Rachel asked if we are to mail out one per resident or one per household. Board agreed to one per household.


  • Sponsorships:
    Sponsorships are all completed for each event this state shoot. Talked about possibly doing a banner for the sponsors for each day and hang out on the gates driving in.  Rachel and Amy will work with Lisa from Greenway about these.Trophies:
    Kevin will be ordering the attendance pin and he will order the same amount as last year. For the all state team pins, he will order three years’ worth as it is cheaper.  Kevin will also be ordering the zone shoot buckles.  Sandy, Amy and Dennis have all of the trophies ordered.

  • Camping:
    Amy reported that the camping is very full. Campground is full, east and west vendor rows are full.  Amy will be selling sites on the south side of the parking lot next; with limited water and no sewer.
  • Trap Help:
    Brian Giese was here to discuss the trap help for 2017 shoots. Brian presented two handouts.  He talked about the services provided last year and that he reached out to Dewey a few weeks ago.  Brian stated that he has had students contact him that are still interested in working the shoots this summer.  Lengthy discussion was held about the liability and issues with volunteers and pay status.  Fritz said that Brian came in blindly last year with no expectations and stayed the entire summer.  Dewey stated that we need to come to an agreement now before we wait any longer and don’t have coverage for our shoots this summer.  Fritz suggested that we try to come up with a lump sum to pay the program.  Dewey suggested that Brian think about it and get back to him within two weeks so that we can have a conference call.  John Coniff agreed to pay for the water for the students as well as $250 to feed the kids.  A round of applause was given to Brian for coming back after what he went through last year.
  • Food and other Vendors:
    Glen has been sending out emails to the food vendors and waiting on replies. We asking for insurance and a food license for any food vendors coming over two days.  West vendor row is full for retail vendors.

SCTP Shoot:
Dewey talked to Perry Hintz about the prices that were negotiated at the last meeting. Perry said that they could not do the $30 fee, but could possibly do the $28.  If we do the $27 they would not need the tent this year, which was at a cost of $1600 last year.  On Saturday, they would need scorers and loaders and on Sunday, just loaders.  On Sunday, they would like to do “Make-A-Break” by Trap 1.  They will pay for the targets.  They would like a round of 10 bunker for $3.

Friday – Training/Demos
Saturday – 100 singles on 28 traps
10 bunker rounds for $3

Sunday – 100 doubles on 6 traps
100 handicap on 8 traps
50 bunker

Vendors will be run through Amy and paid directly to the WTA.

Dan made a motion to accept the $27 per 100 targets including the $1 WTA maintenance fee and the $3 WTA fee and the $10 WTA membership fee and we will provide the loaders and markers. Josh seconded it.  So carried.

Perry asked if there will be a discounted camping rate for the SCTP shoot. He suggested $40 per one night and $60 for two nights.

Bob Ebbers from the Homegrounds board made a motion to accept the suggestions for $40 for one night and $60 for two nights for the SCTP shoot. Steve seconded it.  These fees will be carried forward to Clay Target League and Kettle Moraine weekends.

Kettle Moraine:
Discussion was held on the prices for Kettle Moraine. Targets will be $21 per 100 targets for their shoot on May 13.  This is non-registered and they provide the loaders and scorers.  They would like to open up a trap down on the east end for handicap and one for doubles for a tournament.  It won’t be a lot of shooters.

Josh made a motion to charge Kettle Moraine $21 per 100 targets and they supply all the help. Dan seconded it.  So carried.

Clay Target League:
Discussion was held about the practice fees and starting times. Estimated numbers are at 1200 shooters right now.  Amy will continue to work with Josh Kroells on finalizing the details for this event scheduled for June 10.


Summer Events

  • Weekend in Rome:
    Amy received an email from Sara from the Town of Rome to ask about us holding a father/son or daughter shoot on Father’s Day in conjunction with the Town of Rome weekend. We will pursue holding this father’s day shoot. Amy will get back to Sara from the town of Rome. Bob Ebbers and Fritz will both be here that weekend. The cost will be $7 for a round of trap and $8 for shells.


  • Bunker Events:
    Dates were reviewed for the bunker events proposed by Mike Werner.
    May 20/21; June 3/4; June 25; Aug. 19; Oct 7/8
    Amy will touch base with Mike to confirm these weekends. The cost will be $9 for a round of 25.

Round Table:

The DNR has released that we are approved for $16,000 for the lights. Kevin has ATA Perazzi raffle tickets for sale.  Kevin said the ATA will be discuss keeping the 18-19 yardage handicap group.

At the last meeting, we agreed to pay Denny’s ½ salary for Fritz, Dick and Arlene working for Denny.  At the teleconference it was voted to not pay them.  WHY?  Dewey explained that at a conference call, based on the two audits that were performed last year on Homegrounds and WTA that we did not have any employees.  We will be in violation of the law if we pay Ottos or Denny.  Steve stated that it is chicken shit if we don’t pay him and a lot of shooters feel that way.  Josh stated that there were no contracts even for Denny to be employed here.  Steve suggested that Fritz and Dick turn a bill in.  Fritz stated that he was here last summer and talked to Denny on almost a daily basis; so in his eyes he was working.   Jim stated that he has been struggling with this as well too; however, if you take Denny’s face off this situation, if someone didn’t show up to work, Jim would not pay them.  John figures that if we were sued on this manner that we would lose.  John suggested setting up an agreement to pay Denny over a number of years.  Dewey reviewed the conversation that he had with Denny about his pay a few months back.  Jim stated that he has over 100 hours in on this fidelity account and Denny took a percentage of that as the trustee.  When Jim started as the treasurer, the first thing that he asked for was the contract for Denny’s wage and Denny said if a handshake wasn’t good enough he didn’t want the job.  No business would be run without a contract.  Connie wanted to acknowledge what Fritz and the Otto’s have done.  Jim ran some quick numbers and if we had continued to pay Denny until now we would be $45,000 in the whole.  Dewey stated that he is fed up with getting his ass chewed every day and that his presidential rating has gone down to 5% based on an email he received from Arlene.   Arlene responded that was because Denny was not notified of this and had to read it in the minutes.  Dewey stated that not one director on the phone voted against the motion to not pay Denny.  Tate voiced his frustration about the situation as well and said that not only will we have a hard time finding one northwest director, good luck finding two because effective today he is done.  He is sick of the bitching and getting his ass chewed and never getting any appreciation.  He stated it is sad that we have to go to Tucson to hear good things about our Wisconsin state shoot.  Fritz asked for Tate to rescind his resignation and that we need him.  The topic of paying Denny was tabled because there was not a quorum to vote anyway as Dan had to leave early.

He is looking for photos of anything from the past to create a collage. He also gave some corrections for Trapfield 23 on the spelling of names.  He talked about the letter that was submitted from Kevin Jack. Bruce said that he never gave him first rights to the lead.  He said there was no right to refusal or whatever was talked about in the letter.  Fritz has kept track of how much lead is going out.  Bruce said that he is hearing that we will be contacted soon because he has heard that mining is really going to go up in 2018.   He agrees 100% on the insurance review.  He suggested contacting someone legal for workman’s comp issues.

Fritz handed out pictures of the opening ceremony for the Clay target league and that picture will be doubled next year. He also handed out numbers based on Waukesha vs. Rome.  There are only three category five shoots and Wisconsin is one of them.  He stated this is awesome and he does not accept Tate’s resignation.  He said that we should be proud of what we have accomplished and we are only going to get better.

Open book assessment will be coming to Jim and he will need to get the information to Mike May and to Gary Gehertz so that they attend.

Fritz has an idea for a new accountant. She will give us a proposal.  He will get the name to Jim.

We should be receiving the DNR money in May. He has the grant application from the ATA and suggested applying to get two sets of voice actuators.  Bob Ebbers will take care of the application.

Fritz will continue to look in to reclaiming the lead.

Fritz will check into some ads in local flyers and papers.

Bunker has been open every weekend since Super Bowl weekend. They asked if they can shoot trap as well so Fritz opened up a trap field too as there is quite a bit of waiting time when others are shooting bunker.  They are keeping track of the bunker vs. trap.

Friends of Homegrounds update (foundation):

Prior to 02/23/17 and even after, John thought that we had reached an agreement that worked for everyone and that the deposits could be put into a separate account and any withdrawals would be signed off by someone representing the WTA and someone representing the foundation. Yesterday Jim called John and asked what happened to this agreement and Jim stated that he interpreted it wrong.  Jim asked to have one reason why the money needs to be in a separate account and the treasurer has no access to any of the information.  John stated that Paul Becker is excellent at raising money; however, not the best at keeping records.  John said that he will take care of the recordkeeping.  John asked if this is a personality conflict.  John said that Paul states it is easier to have the bank in his town so that he can deposit the money.  Jim stated that he quit and someone else can do this job.  There is so much at stake with this WTA volunteer position that he is concerned about his personal farming business.  Dewey said that he got a call this morning stating if Paul had to transfer the money to the WTA bank that the Kolar gun would no longer be donated and the tickets that were already sold, the money would be returned to the buyers.  Jim also reviewed the raffle license laws and stated that you cannot sell raffle tickets outside the state of Wisconsin and you cannot raffle off a ticket for more than face value.  Jim also called the department of gaming to find out about these rules.   Jim is simply asking for the foundation money to be transferred to River City Bank.  Jeff Recob does not think that is out of line and makes sense.  Jeff will talk to Paul and see what he can do.  Jim stated that if the money is not transferred to River City by March 15th he will have to resign from his position.  He has to do taxes.  He will then send the form around to get signatures for everyone for signing rights.  Gary W. stated that he totally understands and agrees that the money needs to be in an account that Jim has access to.  We need Paul Becker and we need Jeff Mainland so, we need to make this work as a team.

He hopes that we can all pull together. He hopes that we don’t take things personally and we just need to all work together.

While in Tucson, some of the shooters there suggested us moving our traps out. He spoke with Tesker and Dean Neumann and Dean said that yes that made sense to him and that our angles are wide.  Steve agreed with this.  Dean is willing to come up and help us if he is available. We want to throw the best targets.  Tate stated that while in Tucson, a lot of All American shooters will be coming to our state shoot.  Tate stated that he would like to look at putting a brine of some sort on the parking lot before the state shoot to keep the dust down in addition to posting speed limit signs.  Tate suggested drawing out lines for parking and possibly marking lines down the middle if possible.  He also talked about shoot offs and handicap and the ability to carry it over if there is no yard advancement.  Kevin stated it is based on shooter agreement and it is a great idea.  Tate will rescind this resignation as soon as he knows if there is coverage for the board of directors.

Doing some numbers during the meeting, he calculated the cost for the kids working at $5.50 per 100 targets.

Next meeting will be April 8th at Sherwood Lodge at 9am.

Tate made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Kevin seconded it.  So carried.

Meeting adjourned at 4:50pm.