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Teleconference Minutes: February 13, 2017

Teleconference Meeting on Feb.13, 2017

The teleconference meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors, was called to order at 6:30 By Jerry Farnsworth, President. Directors present were, S/W Dan Horkan, N/W Tate Barwald, N/E Don Charpla, N/E Josh Kroeplien, S/E Jerry Kaszynski, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, S/E Bill Marsden, Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins, Secretary Theresa Howland and Treasurer Jim Kroeplien.

Meeting started at 6:30

Jerry stated that he had a chance to talk to Denny about the phone forwarding and why there were two companies. He asked how we could change it so all calls go to Amy and use just one company.  Denny said they needed to get a phone and the company they wanted to use and then they would be able to switch things over.  Jerry contacted Amy and asked what cell phone company she used and it is US Cellular.  Jerry went to US Cellular to find out what it would cost to get the phone and line.  It will be $80 for the phone and $50 a month for the service.  If we did this then everything would be moved from Denny to Amy and the other companies would be closed.  In addition, this phone can be shut off for a maximum of six months during the off season.  He also talked to Denny about the bill he has been paying, asking the amount so we could reimburse him for it.  Denny said it would be $407.75 at the end of this month.

He talked about canceling the service with Wind River. The bills were over $50 a month for this service that we do not need . The Directors talked about using PayPal or a Square for the charging for camp sites.  Josh stated that Square is a free service and there is a 2.75% service fee if you swipe the credit card or 3% plus 15 cents without the card in hard.  We would be able to set up the camp hosts to have access to this service, but with swipe rights only.  Josh will bring more information to the March 4th meeting.

Josh made a motion for Jerry to get the account opened with US Cellular and get things switched from Denny to Amy. Also pay Denny the $407.75. Dan seconded the motion. Jerry asked for a vote, motion passed.

Nekoosa Athletes:
Jerry said he talked to Brian Giese and he is still willing to work with us providing help on scoring, loading trap houses, etc. this summer. He asked if he could see how many shoots were held in 2015 and 2016 so he can compare the money.  He thinks that there were more shoots in 2015 than in 2016 and that is why the athletic programs had money in their accounts.  Per Jim, we paid out $40,129 in 2015 in 5 payments.  In 2016, there were 9 payments totally $44,754.  In 2016, there was an extra payment for food and one was for the kids that didn’t get paid at the state shoot.  The only extra shoot in 2016 was the team shoot in August.  He needs to try and figure out how he can pay the kids and the school programs. Jerry said he invited Brian to the next meeting to see if we can work things out.

Jerry said he also did email the Adams Friendship School to see if they are interested. They said they would get back to him.

Food Vendors:
Jerry asked what the prices are for food vendors? He stated that Glen Hammerly had sent an email to Post 9 stating that the BOD was considering a $60 a day fee, but they had not yet voted on it.  In the past, we had charged 15% of sales, but it is hard to track that information for vendors that do not use a cash register.  Discussion was held on different prices and what others have done and seen at other shoots.

Non-WTA shoots will remain the same as last year which is $100 per vendor spot per day regardless of food or merchandise (this is SCTP, Clay Target League, Kettle Moraine). Jerry will inform Glen Hammerly of the approved fees.

Dan made a motion to charge $90 dollars for the state shoot (for the week) and $40 if only vending for one date. For the smaller WTA shoots, the fee is $40 for each weekend event.  This was seconded by Josh. Jerry asked for a vote, this passed.

Denny’s Pay:
Jim went through two audits last year for state unemployment and he told them and signed off that we did not have any employees or private contractors and that everything was done via volunteers. At that point, we all agreed that Denny was not working so the last paycheck was last February.  So, since Jim signed off on the audit, there is no way that he is going to write a check to Denny and he will resign before the state comes back on him.  He will not ruin his personal business by going against what was signed off on the audit.  Josh asked if we did pay him, will we end up with any kind of workman’s comp issues with Denny’s health since he was “supposed to be on the payroll”.  Jim stated that going forward, we have to get things in writing so that we have something to go back on.  Jim has asked for a written contract on Denny’s position and no one can generate one which means there was not one.  Denny said that he was going to work for half pay and work half time.  That didn’t happen.  Dick, Arlene and Fritz worked that half time for Denny.  However, Josh stated that there was nothing approved for this arrangement; there was no insurance on them or a sub-contractor and therefore would be illegal.  If something happened to one of them, the entire facility would be lost because there was no insurance on them.  Jim stated that there are so many loose ends that it almost scares him and worries about putting his business and family at risk.  He can’t believe the WTA made it this long without getting in trouble.  Jerry stated that every time we take one baby step forward, we get knocked backwards.  Not sure how much further we can be knocked backwards and still stand upright.  Tate reminded us that this needs to be run like a business; sometimes you need to put your feelings in your back pocket and make decisions to improve the business.

A motion was made by Dan that we not pay Denny half his pay for the 2016 year. It was seconded by Jerry K.  Jerry asked for questions, then a vote, motion passed.

Friends of Homegrounds:
An email came out that Paul Becker would like to see the fundraiser money stay right where it is at, in an bank account, in the WTA’s name, but not transfer the money to our current bank accounts. John Coniff drafted an agreement and it basically says that they will give us a monthly statement, they will have access to our Tax ID Numbers and the raffle license.  They will not spend the money without the WTA’s approval nor will the WTA spend it.  However, it did not appear that the Treasurer would have access to that money.  Josh explained that the money needs to be controlled by the Treasurer because with join accounts anyone can have access to the money.   Jim said if that is the case he would need to see all the paper work for the taxes right away so there would be no discrepancies between the cash and fundraising reports.

Tate talked about maybe having Jim get on the account where the money is now and when we can all get together and talk face to face then decide what works best for all. There should also be an agreement that there should be more than one signature to get the money out.

Josh said he would amend the motion he made on Feb. 6th and make a motion that Jim gets put on the account, also that there should be two signers to remove the money; the WTA President or Treasurer and one of the Fundraiser Committee members.  The paper work to move the money should be started by the March 4th meeting.  This was seconded by Dan. Jerry asked for questions, then the vote motion passed.

Jerry will send out something to Paul and John.

A motion was made by Dan that the fundraiser committee should consist of:
Paul Becker, John Coniff, Jeff Recob, Jeff Mainland, and Mark Zauhar on their acceptance. This was seconded by Josh. Called to vote by Jerry and passed.

 Rifle Range:
Jerry said he got an email asking if there was a riffle range at the Homegrouds by Jordan Griffet. He was looking for somewhere close to go. Jerry was going to reply to him that we do not, but that does not mean there wouldn’t be in the future.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15

Next Meeting will be March 4th at Sherwood Lodge at 9:00.