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Teleconference Minutes: February 6, 2017

Teleconference Meeting on Feb. 6, 2017

The teleconference meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors, was called to order at 6:30 By Jerry Farnsworth, President.  Directors present were, S/W Dan Horkan, N/W Tate Barwald, N/E Don Charpla, N/E Josh Kroeplien, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, Secretary Theresa Howland and Treasurer Jim Kroeplien. Absent were, S/E Jerry Kaszynski

Meeting started at 6:30

Jerry asked Kevin to explain the problem with the state team.  Kevin said there were a few averages figured wrong, there were discrepancies with the league averages and ATA paperwork was averaged on different targets then Kevin used.  He also found out one of the shooters had more targets then he figured.

There were a few changes to the men’s team, John Denman was to be second, Jerry Demulling changed to 94.29, and Dwight Fitzsimmons average to 94.26, John Filtz and Paul Meiden were removed from the team and Gerald Tenor was placed on the team.  Women’s team just had an average change with no changes to order, same with the Jr. Team.  The Veteran’s Team had an average change for Don Charpla and removal of LaVerne Lehmann and Andy Hall was added to the team.

All State Team:

George Hass  95.29
Jon Denman  94.45
Jerry Demulling 94.29
Dwight Fitzsimmons 94.26
Mike May 94.13
Dan Haag 94.11
Dan Campbell  93.31
Larry Heinrichs 92.92
Don Wagner  92.80
Gerald Tenor  92.67

Cathy Wehinger  92.16
Janet Reding  91.92
Deb Longworth  90.88
Sandra Jo Jack  89.46
Marilen Sydow  88.06

Mike Nawikas  93.42
Don Mittag  92.57
John Reeb  90.13
Don Chrapla  89.62
Andy Hall 89.11

Dwight Paulin  92.50
Bruce Weigmann 92.15
Jack Duwe  90.87
Steve Keeley  90.30
John Madsen 90.02

Ben Carlson  92.31
Hadyn McKeough 91.28
Karlie Klas 85.45
Richard Oleson 83.75
Kody Simonar  75.38

High Average:

Singles = George Hass – 98.93 with 1600 in state targets

Handicap = Jon Denman – 92.80 with 1000 in state targets

Doubles = Dwight Fitzsimmons – 96.00 with 2700 in state targets

A motion was made to accept the changes to the All State Team by Dan Horkan, 2nd by Josh Kroeplien. Called to vote by Jerry, motion passed.

Kevin then asked that we consider going back to having shooters fill out applications to make the process easier for him and everyone else involved.  He also would send Amy the new state team so it can be posted correctly on the website.

NRA Grants:
Jerry received a phone call from Glen Hammerly stating that the NRA wanted their grant money back.  Jerry followed up with a call to Scott Taetsch who stated that they want their $75,000 back.  Scott stated that they voted on it at their meeting a week ago Friday and it was a unanimous decision to get the money back.  The money was supposed to be used towards a building that was supposedly already being constructed back in 2014 (according to the grant applications).  The money is supposed to be returned to Scott by the end of February.  The check should be sent via US Mail and the tracking number should be sent to Scott so he knows when the check will be arriving at his house.  We are allowed to apply for a new grant in July if we want.

Tate explained his frustration about this and his unhappiness with the grants that were written in the past and the fact that the grant was signed stating that the building was already in progress.  Dan agreed and stated that he talked to Scott for a long time last week and got chewed out for a very long time and the NRA is very unhappy with previous board members.  Scott understood that the current board took over a big mess and they will not hold it against the current board.  Josh stated that when we apply for a grant this time around, the building will be specked out so that we know the exact estimates that will be spent for a complete building and see what the NRA may give us in grant.

 Dan Horkan made a motion to have Jim send a check for $75,000 back to the Friends of the NRA. Seconded by Josh Kroeplien.  Called to vote by Jerry and passed.

Raffle License and Auction Money:
Jerry received a phone call from Paul Becker regarding the raffle license and the possibility of not being able to use it.  Jerry explained that all of the information needs to be accounted for on the taxes and the raffle prizes were not detailed out for Jim to file taxes on this past year.  Paul said if that is the case, he will burn the raffle tickets and he will tell Jeff that he can keep the gun for this year.  When Jim talked to Paul, he asked him if he had a federal ID number and Paul stated that John Coniff was working on it; however, they don’t have one and Jim needs to do the taxes.  Jim stated it is illegal to set up a foundation; you cannot have this foundation and give the money back to the WTA.  Jim needs to know what the plan is with the money.  Jim asked him if he didn’t trust the current board or what the deal is; because this current board is much more frugal than the previous board.  Jim stated that he is really separating the organization.  Paul stated that he doesn’t want what happened in MN to happen to us where all of the money got spent from the foundation.  Jim stated that if we don’t do this the right way, he will quit; he doesn’t do business like this and he will not have his name on the paperwork.  His name is currently on the raffle license and if he isn’t going to get all the information from the raffles then he will no longer be putting his name on the license.  Jim doesn’t even know what is in the foundation account and he is supposed to go into the accountant and file the taxes; with his name signed to them.  Josh suggested that the money be returned to the WTA bank account and it will be earmarked for certain items that the foundation determines and not spent unless the WTA cannot make it through without it.  Jim reiterated the money comes our way or he quits.  He will not have his name on this stuff illegally and have it affect his personal business.

Josh made a motion that Jim receive the foundation money back in the WTA account no later than March 1, 2017 or Paul Becker and his group have an organization of some sort constructed correctly in order to file the paperwork with the IRS by the tax deadline.  The money will be earmarked and they may have a committee within the WTA membership to determine where the money be spent.  Any money made at the 2017 state shoot will be turned in to the treasurer at the completion of the shoot.  Don seconded it.  So carried.

Jim had emailed everyone papers for the trust of Ray Moser.  He stated that we should be getting the $35,000 very soon.  He has been going back and forth trying to get this done and move the money to Summit.  Everyone was asked to look over the forms he sent and if everyone agrees with what these documents say then he will get things moving.  The one form has to be signed by all the Directors so he asked everyone to print and sign as soon as possible so that he can get things rolling on the trust.  Jim said between the attorneys and waiting for things to go forward the WTA is going to lose money.  He stated that attorney fees are approximately $18,000 and another $11,000 for the trustee fee.  He would like to see the trust get finished so we can get our loan payments down.  He also would like to try and save $100,000 dollars from the trust and pay back the Recob’s note. Then the only debt the WTA would have is to Summit.

 A motion was made by Dan Horkan to have the agreement signed by all the Directors and don’t look back. This was seconded by Don Chrapla.  Called to vote by Jerry and passed.

 A motion was made by Dan for Jim to talk to Summit and ask if we could hold back $100,000 to pay  Recob’s note. It was seconded by Josh Kroeplien, called to vote by Jerry and passed.

Jerry stated that he met with Denny a few weeks ago.  Denny wanted to make sure that we keep up the website with Joe Ebel; however, this has already been shut down and will remain down.  Jerry talked with Denny about his pay and that we would try to work out an agreement.  For his half, Denny said that we would have to pay him $3,000 per month for seven months.  The more they talked, Denney stated with his health, he would like to get $5000 soon and then we wouldn’t need to pay him anything until after June.

Jim brought up the call forwarding and why calls are now going back to Denny when they should be going to Amy.   Jim determined that Solarus is a call forwarding company and he has talked to them and asked a bunch of questions.   He explained that we wanted the calls forwarded to Amy Jenkins.  She said she can take care of that.  Jim waited 24 hours and tried it and the call went to Denny.  Jim then called Ring Central and they are a call forwarding as well.  However, Jim can’t get into that account because he isn’t Denny.  Jerry stated that Denny told him that we needed a utility bill, the articles of operations in order to transfer the numbers to Amy.  We are double paying for call forwarding.  Jim will call Solarus again and see what they can do.  Denny gave Jerry a bill for $380 for Ring Central and he stated he needs a credit card in order to turn it over to WTA as he is paying it on his card right now.

Someone needs to talk to Denny and get things that are not being used to be closed and others that we need to be forwarded to Amy.  We need to get all the passwords for websites and everything he has so we can get the bills and websites straightened out.   After much conversation, Jerry agreed to meet with Denny again and see if he could find out why and what all the merchant fees and the two call forwarding companies are for and if we needed them have the bills sent to Jim. This conversation was put on hold till next meeting and Jerry has answers.

Jim said he and Rachel have been working on the state book and getting sponsors. He asked who is responsible for their own ads and who we give a free spots to.  It would be nice to know who they need to contact for payments.  He also said he received two checks form Connie that paid her last year for this year, but the checks are dated from last year.

Jim asked if everyone had received the email from Lisa from Greenway and if they are interested in her moving forward and looking into changing the name of the Homegournds. The BOD decided it would be good to pursue this now, so Jim said he would touch base with her.

He also asked what the thought of changing our accountant was.  Jim was asked if it would be better for him if we change.  He said not much difference. They left it up to Jim, whatever is easiest for him.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30.

Next meeting will be a face to face meeting on March 4th 2017 at Sherwood Lodge.