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Minutes: January 21, 2017

The 01/21/17 face to face general membership meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors meeting was called to order at 9:01 am by Jerry Farnsworth, President.  Directors present were, S/W Dan Horkan, S/E Bill Marsden, N/W Tate Barwald, N/E Don Chrapla, President Jerry (Dewey) Farnsworth, 1st Alt. Delegate Dwight Paulin, 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, Treasurer Jim Kroeplien, Secretary Theresa Howland, Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins.  Absent for face to face meeting was S/E Jerry Kaszynski, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring.

Also present at the meeting:  Rachel Kroeplien, Josh Kroeplien, Terry Farnsworth, John and Julie Atkielski, Fred Kasten, Chops, Dick and Arlene Otto, Glenn Hamerly, Lynn Howland, Jeff Mainland, Gary Witzke, Glenn Carlson

Meeting started at 9:01am

Treasurer’s report by Jim:
Jim went through the report and explained the amounts.  $7800 set aside for bleachers and lighted field.  Ending balance right now is $30,338 with property taxes paid.

Bill M. made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report.   Tate seconded it.  So carried.

Fidelity Update:
The IRA that is supposed to be coming directly to the WTA, Jim believes we have all the paperwork signed and completed; supposed to be coming any day.  The larger amount has hit a road block.  Jim cannot seem to get an answer from anyone right now.  The WTA was sent a six-page settlement agreement that we were supposed to sign.  The BOD reviewed it and the decision was made to hire an attorney as Jim and the BOD didn’t know how to fill it out and answer the questions.  Jim talked to the attorney on Wednesday and they have everything signed and ready to go, but still no money.  Jim asked the original attorney (back in August) for a copy of the checking account that was cashed in to the WTA the year prior and Jim was told prior to Ray’s death we were not allowed to see any of that.  The day after Ray’s death we should have access to those accounts, but Jim has been asking for this since August and he still has not yet received it.  He keeps running into a wall and no one wants to answer him.  Fritz stated that he talked to Denny yesterday and Denny reported that everything was signed and sent the day prior.  Dewey and Denny will be talking next week.  Fritz suggested that Dewey talk to him about the listing of the accounts and Denny has been assured that there is nothing wrong with the accounts.  Dewey received a package of checks for Homegrounds.  Fred Kasten found out Friday that when you change the address on the checks you have to change where they are mailed to.

Pat Schuette Resignation:
Dewey received an email shortly after the last meeting from Pat stating that due to time constraints, he will no longer be able to serve as a director.  Currently there is an opening in the NW and NE Zone.  Josh Kroeplien is interested in the NE Zone.

Don Chrapla nominated Josh Kroeplien to fill the seat vacated by Pat Schuette.  Dwight Paulin seconded it.  So carried.  This position is filled until the Zone Shoot in June.

Raffle License:
There was a concern earlier in the month about not having all of the necessary paperwork to give to the state in order to renew the license for this year.  In the past year, Kettle Moraine and Clay Target League have used our license.  Rachel stated that we have to pay taxes on the money earned; so if we let other organizations use our license, we are paying taxes on their raffle.  In addition, we apply for a license based on a dollar amount; if the additional raffles take us over the amount, we could be out of the dollar limit by the time the state shoot comes around.  Discussion was held about the Foundation and not having the dollar amounts after the state shoot and Jim needing them before the end of the year in order to be able to renew our raffle license for this year.  Currently the foundation has a balance of $48,552.

Jeff Mainland stated that Paul Becker will be doing the fish fry, silent and live auction and a Kolar gun raffle at the 2017 state shoot.  The Kolar gun will have 400 tickets to sell this year, instead of 300 tickets.

Rachel went over a suggested contract that the WTA will have signed by all groups renting our facility their events.  Discussion was held about additional things to add in, such as a grounds fee, toilet fees, donation spot, and a handling fee, etc.  The costs can be laid out there at the beginning, but the BOD has the ability then to negotiate in order to get the contract.  Rachel and Dwight will determine the amounts to charge and build the contracts for the events scheduled for this summer.

Dan H. made a motion to approve the contract (revisions to be made as needed) to be used for WTA.  Dwight P. seconded it.  So carried.

Perry H. Marketing Suggestion:
Perry sent an email suggesting that we try to find sponsors for the trap fields and houses; however, the majority of the fields and houses are already donated.  Jim stated that there are 5 full fields and 2 half fields available to be sponsored.  We will look for sponsors to fill these slots.

Perry sent an agenda for the Coaches meeting at the Mead for 2017.  There is a spot for the WTA to speak at 10:30am.  If someone can go to the meeting from the WTA, that would be great.

Perry sent a breakdown for the SCTP shoot as he was unable to be at the meeting today to set prices for the 2017 shoot.  Dewey read the email that Perry had sent to Dewey.  Last year when we agreed to not charge the WTA $10 fee, they agreed that we could raise prices over the next three years to recuperate the $10 fee (however, typically the $10 would have been charged yearly).  Dewey read the Letter of Agreement that we have with SCTP for the 5-year contract.  Jeff M. stated that SCTP needs to help Wisconsin out; he donated a gun two years ago and they made $60,000 off it.  Jeff stated he is more than happy to talk with Perry.

Dan H. made a motion to raise the target fees to $27 per 100 targets including the $1 WTA maintenance fee and they provide loaders and markers; if they don’t provider loaders and markers it will be $30 per 100.  Don C. seconded it. So carried.

1.  Checking Account – Dewey received checks for Homegrounds so those will be given to Fred. Dewey asked if there was a current board – it consists of Steve Keeley, Bob Ebbers, Kevin Schutz, Andy Hall was but he has stepped down.  Dewey will have Steve get in contact with Kevin to get in touch with Fred to pass the reigns to the new group.

2.  Website – The Homegrounds RV park website has been shut down. Amy will contact Joe Ebel to see if he can route the Homegrounds website to the WI Trapshooter site instead of saying the site is under maintenance.

       3.  Phone Numbers – Both numbers currently are forwarded to Amy’s phone. We will need to figure out before the Spring on how to transfer these numbers to the camp host for when they are on site.

        4.  List of Work Duties and Calendar to track volunteers – Amy will check with Elizabeth to see if we can put a calendar on the website to track who has volunteered for certain weekends. The camp hosts will give us 20 hours per week each and will hopefully be able to help generate a list of what duties need to be done.  Depending on volunteers, we may be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Fritz said that there is a bunker shooter that has requested to be able to shoot practice as soon as possible. He has qualified for the Olympic team.  April 22nd is way too late for that.  Fritz suggested that we trust one of the coaches and give them a key and they charge for their shooting.  Fritz is willing to go up for the first month to get things going but doesn’t want to be up there all summer.  Suggestion to give a key to Bruce Nelson.  Water would not be turned on until the end of May.  Fritz will talk to Bruce and see if he is willing to manage the bunker shooters before the grounds are officially open.

Don C. made a motion if Bruce Nelson is willing to open the facility to get him a set of key for the bunker trap. Josh seconded it.  So carried.

        5.  Square – Amy stated that we need to look into getting a couple squares in order to run credit cards for camping this summer. Amy will set up a PayPal account to be able to receive camping funds over the phone.

Chops gave an update on what he has found out on the possibility of constructing a building with the grant money that we have received previously.  He has talked with a couple builders and gave them the details of what we would like.  The concrete would be about $7000 for the building.  Northland Builders have been working with Chops very well.  Don also has a couple estimates from Northland as well.  Estimates range from $46,000 to $54,000 (not including concrete).  This is for a 40’ x 80’ building with or without a 12’ overhang.   The north side with windows and overhang would face the trap line for people to be able to sit out and watch the shooters.  Dewey talked to the Sanitarian to discuss what we would need to do with septic/water, etc.  It is $550 to re-perk the site.  He did also talk to the Fire Inspector and said that he would work to us with some ideas.  Don said that the person he was working with said if we get this estimate approved by February, they will have the building up in May.  Fritz suggested getting something out to the membership that we are looking at putting up a building and start some fundraising.  Chops stated that maybe we can get some of the foundation money and Jeff stated that he thought that the foundation would definitely agree that this is a positive use of the money.

The estimate of the building is for a 40’x80’ building with a 12’ overhang with 12’ sidewalls is approximately $51,000 without concrete.  Dewey will talk with Bob Ebbers to mark some of the electrical lines.  Chops will talk to the Amish to check on a price.

Pete Rustad has offered to do the excavating for the concrete for the new building.

Dan H. made a motion to get a perk test done on the east end of the grounds.  Tate seconded it.  So carried.  Dewey will get a hold of the sanitarian to schedule the perk test.

High School Clay Target League:
Suggestion by Josh to eliminate the tickets for the practice and add the $6 to the pre-paid dollar amount.  Vendor spots will remain $90 and $10 for electricity.

Dan made a motion to stay at $27 per 100 targets and $6 for pre-paid practice rounds.  Additional practice rounds will be at $6 paid at the time of the event.  Josh seconded it.  So carried.

Shoot Calendar:
Discussion was held about the calendar that will be sent out by Carol K.  Theresa will prepare the newsletter.  Amy will provide the shoot dates to Carol.  Amy will get Theresa a list of 2017 shoots at Homegrounds to be included in the newsletter.

Lisa from Greenway – Marketing:
Lisa presented a marketing plan and some ideas that she had to promote the grounds for the WTA.

 State Shoot:
      1.  Myron (trap help) – Fritz called him to see if he is available for the state shoot. The price will be the same as 2016 and he will cover his own hotel arrangements and he will need a golf cart.

      2.  Campsite availability – There is one site left in the campground and then Amy will be selling a few on the east end and then the south side of the parking lot will be all that is left to sell.

       3.  Hall of Fame Committee – John went over the hall of fame nominations. This year, Carol Keeley received the required affirmation with a 2/3 majority vote.  This then requires Board of Director approval.

 Don C. made a motion to accept Carol Keeley into the Hall of Fame.  Dan H. seconded it. So carried.

      4.  State Shoot Program – John went through the state program and the board answered questions  for each page as needed. Dewey will contact Jeff Mainland to check on Kolar sponsoring the awards for the Wisconsin All State Team.

 All State Teams:
George Hass  95.29
Jerry Demulling 94.26
Dwight Fitzsimmons 94.14
Mike May 94.13
Dan Haag 94.11
Dan Campbell  93.31
John  Filtz 92.99
Larry Heinrichs 92.92
Don Wagner 92.80
Paul Meiden 92.51

Cathy Wehinger 92.16
Janet Reding 91.30
Deb Longworth 90.88
Sandra Jo Jack 89.46
Marien Sydow 88.06

Mike Nawikas  93.42
Don Mittag  92.57
Don Chrapla  91.18
John Reeb  90.13
LaVerne Lehmann 90.02.

Dwight Paulin  92.50
Bruce  Weigmann 92.15
Jack Duwe  90.87
Steve Keeley  90.30
John Madsen 90.02.

Ben Carlson  92.51
Hadyn McKeough 91.36
Karlie Klas 84.97
Richard Oleson 83.75
Kody Simonar  75.38

High Average:
Singles – George Hass = 98.93; 1600 in state targets
Handicap – John Denman = 92.8; 1000 in state targets
Doubles – Dwight Fitzsimmons = 96; 2700 in state targets

Tate made a motion to accept the all-state teams as noted.  Dan H. seconded it.  So carried.

 Log Home Doctors will add $1000 to the Added Money for the Handicap Championship so it will now be $3600.

Bill’s Top Notch Tree Service will sponsor Event 3 in place of Waukesha Gun Club.  There will no longer be the shoot out that the Waukesha Gun Club had done in the past.

History pages will be added to the website rather than including in the state shoot program.  The winners from 2016 will be listed in the program, but all other years will be posted on the website.

The Berlin Conservation Club and Target Terminators will be making the t-shirts to sell for the state shoot this year.  They did speak with Recob’s and they are fine with someone else taking over the shirts for the state shoot.

   5.  Ads – Currently we have $1500 in ads sold. Rachel showed some ads for the WTA:  thank you, upcoming shoot, etc. to fill in come pages.

Glenn Carlson stated that Connie did not get paid for doing the ads for the 2016 state shoot program.  The invoice was reviewed and Connie was requesting 10% of the ads that she completed last year.  According to Connie, she is owed $420.  Tate reviewed minutes from last year and found nothing stating what the agreement was.

Don C. made a motion to pay Connie $420 for the 2016 ads.  Dwight seconded it. So carried.

Round Table:
Fritz:  He has been going through the brochures and blacking out the website information since we took the site down.  He has given brochures to some areas to hand out at some of the sport and travel shows.

Brandon Jack came to Homegrounds and took some lead samples and now has heard nothing back.  He does have another company willing to come up and take some samples.  The reclamation will occur after the state shoot which will be 5 years.

Fritz asked where the pictures are from the helicopter ride last year.  Dewey will follow up with Rick Tesker.

Last month after the meeting, Jim received a bill from the state on why we didn’t pay taxes on $64,000 for the concrete for the traphouses.  This was from the attorney from Illinois.

Fritz asked when the golf carts will be delivered for the season.  If we are going to open the grounds up early for the bunker shooters, they will need a golf cart.

WACO bill – this is where we can get our brochures made for 2 cents a piece.  Jim will pay our dues this next week.

Fritz asked if we had heard anything from Brian and the Nekoosa kids doing the trap help for the 2017 season.  Dewey will follow up.

Rapids Chamber of Commerce has a meeting coming up; we are a member and Fritz was just wondering if anyone was going to attend.

Cheesemakers and Mid-State are both willing to come back this year.  In the past they were charged $8 for a box of shells and $7 per round.  They shoot three rounds.  Cheesemakers is July 19th and will have around 50 shooters.  Fritz, Dick and Arlene will be taking care of the arrangements for the Cheesemakers.  Fritz will call Mid-State to check on a date for their event.

He noted that the WI Trapshooter site has a number wrong for Kevin Doerring.  Also, Pat Schuette needs to be removed.

The July 1st shoot is registered.  The five man shoot on Sunday will be registered.  Mike P. will not be available to help with the programming

Dick wants to know if Denny is going to be paid for his time last year that Dick, Arlene and Fritz worked for him last year.  He thought that the email that John Coniff sent out with a plan was very good.  Dick with talk with Denny tomorrow and see what he thinks he is comfortable with for a payment.  Then Dewey will talk with Denny about this when they have their conversation later this next week.

He reiterated the conversation that Lisa presented today and that we really need to start thinking about some of the things that she said.

Jim asked if the logo that Rachel has been using in her documents was okay with everyone. The logo changed the state of Wisconsin from blue to orange.  Everyone liked it and will begin using it.

Jim followed up on the pods and got the price negotiated because they didn’t pick up the pods when they were supposed to.  This year, we will request an invoice or contract in writing rather than doing everything over the phone.

The $1800 zone shoot money that must be paid out; Al McCord wanted to know if it is the club’s discretion how it gets paid out or not.  Al was under the assumption that the money must be paid to the in zone shooters only and any out-of-zone shooters weren’t eligible.  Fritz said that he should talk to Mary Bleiler.

What is the deadline for a club to apply to be added into the rotation for the zone shoot.  The club would need to have a registered shoot the year prior and then they go to the end of the rotation.  Hartford is interested.  Beaver Dam is the only one that holds the zone shoot

Greenway – two campers for the state shoot for a trade for ads.  We will do the same deal this year, but who gets the campers to use.  In the past, John A. used a camper for running the shoot offs.  Amy will hold a spot on vendor row for the second camper.

Tate made a motion that John A. gets to use a camper from Greenway, free of charge, for running the shoot offs.  Josh seconded.  So carried. 

Next meeting will be March 4th at Sherwood Lodge at 9am.

Tate made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Gary seconded it.  So carried.

Meeting adjourned at 4:32pm.