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Minutes: November 9, 2016


Teleconference November 9, 2016

The 11/9/2016 teleconference meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 6:40 P.M. by Jerry Farnsworth President.Directors present were 1st Vice President Dan Horkan, 2nd Vice President Tate Barwald, N/E director Don Chrapla, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, 1st Alt.Delegate Dwight Paulin, Treasurer Jim Kroeplien and Secretary Theresa Howland. Absent for teleconference meeting was N/E Pat Schuette, 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, S/E: Jerry Kaszynski and Bill Marsden. Joining also was Amy Jenkins.

Meeting started at 6:30

Jerry opened about a golf cart that was damaged at the state shoot. He was asked by the renters to pay $1700 dollars to fix the cart damage or he would be will to sell the cart to the WTA for $3500 dollars. Tate thought that $3500 was a bit much, he thought if we were to fix it that it would not cost that much. What if we would fix the cart? Maybe offer him $3000 dollars that would be a fair offer.

Dwight wanted to know how much it costs to rent the cart and it is $200 dollars a month. Jim was asked how much we pay in carts for the state shoot. He said around $10,000 dollars.

There was a Motion made by Dwight to buy the cart for $3000 dollars and go up from there, or see if we can fix it ourselves. Seconded by Don. Called to vote by Jerry; motion passed.

Next there was discussion about the grant that Fritz is working on for the Homegrounds. The grant needs to be finished soon so Jerry discussed that the grant would be used for signs out on the highway as well as for the entrance for the campgrounds. They would want to get two signs a digital sign that would be on Hwy 13; this sign would be about $50,000 dollars and the other sign they were looking at was a sign by the entrance for $2,000 dollars. This will not include any power going to the signs. Fritz wants to know if he should go ahead with the grant.

There was talk about changing the name of the Homegounds to “Camping” instead of RV Park.

The talk was that maybe going this technical and big right now with the signs might not be the right move. Jim thought we should use money to help the camping grounds with more amenities for kids to do. Maybe do signs at a lower price and maybe put in some lights for a few fields would be good. Dan suggested maybe looking into cheaper ways such as billboards. Jim was asked about what kind of signs his son would be able to put up. This was discussed before and Jim said the quotes were around $10,000 dollars he thought.

Tate said we should make sure we keep this grant done right so there are no questions after. Most everyone agreed that we should not spend $60,000 on signs when we need so much more.

There was a motion made by Dan to have the grant written for $20,000 dollars and say $10,000 for signs and $10,000 for lighted fields if they will allow us to split it. The motion was seconded by Don. Motion was passed.

Dwight asked Kevin about ATA grant money, Kevin said that Fritz is also looking into that grant money also. Every time we have a grant written by Jessica it cost around $500 dollars. Tate said that this grant Fritz is getting ready from Jessica will cost around $500 dollars. He said Fritz would like the approval to pay Jessica for writing the grant. Tate wanted to give Fritz a verbal yes that the WTA would pay Jessica for the grant writing.

A motion was made by Tate to pay Jessica for the writing of the grant. This was seconded by Dan. Motion was passed.

Jerry asked about the requirements for the Hall of Fame applicants. I let him know that they are on the website. Amy got on the website and sent them to Jerry.

Kevin said he is almost through getting the information for the All-State Team. He said it has been going good and should have most of the results by the next meeting.

Kevin was asked by Amy when the Zone shoots are so that she can answer any questions that come in. The zone shoots will be held as follows, 1st weekend June 3 &4 = SW Janesville and NE Fox Valley, 2nd weekend June 10 and 11 = NW Eau Claire and SE Beaver Dam. The Central Zone will be July 28-29 at Sauk Prairie.

Amy talked about how the camping sites are filling up for the state shoot. She said there is only a few spots open for that week. She is working with others to fix the website for the other camping reservations and she did now block off the state week.

Kevin asked about the free WTA lifetime membership that was going to Karlie Klas she didn’t get anything yet. Amy and I did not see any paper work for this, however Amy said she would get that membership card out to Karlie right away.

Meeting ended at 7:50

Next meeting: The next meeting will be a face to face on December 3, 2016 at 9:00 AM. It will be held at Lake Sherwood Lodge.