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Minutes: October 8, 2016

October 8, 2016
General Membership Meeting
Sherwood Lodge

Meeting called to order at 5:36pm by President Jerry Farnsworth

Attendance: Directors present: President Jerry Farnsworth, N/E Don Chrapla, S/E Jerry Kaczynski, N/W Tate Barwald, S/W Dan Horkan, Treasurer Jim Kroeplien, Secretary Theresa Howland, Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle.  Directors absent:  N/E Pat Schuette, S/E Bill Marsden.
There were 35 members present.

NOTE: My computer shut down during the meeting, so I have done what I can with the minutes to recreate the information that was lost (first 4-5 agenda items).  If something was said and missed in the minutes, I apologize for any missed information.

Treasurer’s Report
Jim gave an update on the financial statement.  He explained the monies in each account.  It appears we should be able to make it to the spring with the funds we have available right now.  Jim continues to work with the bank and attorneys on trying to get Ray’s funds into our accounts.

 Rick Tesker made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report.  Dan Horkan seconded it.  So carried.

Fidelity Update
Jim continues to work on this.  He believes some of the funds should be available in early November and hopefully the rest will be deposited around February.

Camp Host/Job Description:
Jeff Recob and Fritz both have a couple people interested in being a camp host next year.  They will contact these folks to see what they believe the position should entail and what their expectations are of us.  One of them said she mows the lawn and cleans the shower houses for one of her other camp host positions.  Suggestion was made to get a couple hosts so that we have coverage at all times.  Andy Hall and Kevin Schutz will work together on writing a job description for this position.

Manager Position:
Fritz and Dewey met with Denny a few weeks back.  Denny was not willing to resign his position; however, he knows that we cannot pay him.  He is willing to do whatever he can to help the WTA.  He is going to try to come up to help close the campground at the end of October.  He is hopeful that next Spring he will be able to help more.

Discussion was held about all the things that need to be done on a daily and weekly basis to keep the grounds running.  It takes all day to cut all the grass at the Homegrounds and the campground.

Everyone needs to take ownership for this place.

Kevin asked if a schedule of tasks that need to be worked on if it can be put on the website so that people can sign up for duties to complete.

When Andy and Kevin start working on the camp host position, they will also work on what duties are needed for a Manager and then come up with some fundraising ideas in order to be able to pay for these services.

Bunker kids will be practicing the first week of April.  The shooting facility will need to be open in early April.  Discussion about opening the campground May 1st in order to hopefully have less issues with pipes freezing, etc.  Camping on the line can be open but without water.

Trap Help:
Brian met with the BOD on April 30th last year to discuss wages for the children…based on $50 per day.  Brian billed lunches for the kids which the WTA did pay at $1.75 per kid; the meals were ran through the school kitchen.   Brian believes that $3000 per program for the athletic department was to be deposited at the end of the season.   On August 20, Brian met to discuss contributions to the school over the summer.  Brian suggested $15,000 to $20,000 to the school for the programs was still needed.  About $42,000 has been paid to the students so far this summer for working the shoots; not including the lunches; at $50 per day.  Brian is looking for $15,000 to give to the athletic programs at this time.  Jim stated that last year we paid about $40,000 to Nekoosa total.  Brian believes that the students were paid for every shoot last year.   Jason had a private checking account so he is unsure about what has happened in the past years.  Jim stated that we have not shorted them on any shoots from previous years.  Brian stated that $9000 was put into the school athletic programs last year.  Students were based on the numbers that we requested and sent home if not needed.  Brian believes that we agreed on the $50 per day for the workers and the $3000 per program.

Tate stated that no one here believes the kids are not worthy.  However, he believes that having 5 kids at a trap does not make them worth $50 a bank.  Tate stated that everyone knows his opinion and he doesn’t need to repeat it.  Dewey stated that Brian needs to look at our point too; based on what we paid last year, there is now an extra $15,000.  Brian stated at the last meeting if we were in better financial state, he would ask for $25,000.  Jim states that Brian is looking at a 30% increase and the students did no extra work.

Last year we paid $41,000 total for all shoots.  There was no additional money paid to the school.

Gary Gerhartz made a motion to pay half of what Brian is asking for which is $12,000.  Tom Stenback 2nd it.  Brian said that the coaches would not accept that.   Favor – 8.  Opposed – 12.  Motion failed.  If Brian can come back and assure the WTA that he will be back, the motion will likely carry.  Andy Hall suggested that Brian go back to the athletic department and talk to the coaches and see if they agree to the $6000 and the agreement to come back next year.

Dewey read an email after the April meeting.  In that email he wanted $3000 for 4 groups and now he has raised it to $15,000 and 5 groups.  Steve Keeley stated that it is not our responsibility on how many groups Brian has students from (volleyball, basketball, band, track, church group, etc).

Brian stated that if we pay him $6000 he will not be back next year.  He will help us try to find a different group but the school will laugh him out so he will not be back.

Dewey simply stated that last year we paid $41,000.  This year we have paid $43,000 plus this October shoot.  Brian is stating that he wants an additional $12,000 this year.

BOD for Homegrounds
A Board is needed for the Homegrounds.  Fred Kasten has been everything for quite some time.  He is stepping down at the end of the year.  We have to have a board for the RV park.  The board meets roughly one time per year.  We need that in order to keep our status and it needs to be a four-person board.  The board has to be separate from the WTA Board of Directors. They cannot be on both.  Karen Recob asked what the board does.  Dewey stated that there have never been any duties listed; but it is a requirement.  Fred has the checkbook and paid some bills.  Camping for the state shoot goes to the WTA; however, any other camping sales should go to the Homegrounds account.

The Board members for the Homegrounds will be:  Bob Ebbers, Kevin Schutz, Andy Hall and Steve Keeley.

Dewey suggested some committees for trap help, vendors for food for the shoots, etc.  Fritz stated that he is pretty sure that Glenn H. is willing to handle the food vendors.

Trap Help committee – Tate Barwald

It was determined table this topic until next meeting so we can discuss what committees are needed to the possibility of sending out a newsletter to all membership so that we can get volunteers for these committees rather than just the same few all the time.

Closing of the Campground:
The campground will be closed October 28-30.  There is a fundraiser shoot on October 28 and other things can be done on that day.  October 29th will be the day to blow out the lines and everything else.  It will also be a work day.  Perry will make a sign and post it on the sign up table tomorrow at the shoot.  Any members that can be present to help that weekend would be much appreciated.  There will be a lot of work to do.

Round Table:
Dan Horkan stated that there is a request to run ATV and Snowmobile trails through the property.  There is funding available by the state, DNR and Polaris.  They are looking for places to park.  Dan Horkan will follow up.  The president of the ATV club will plan to come to the next meeting.

Andy Hall stated that there is a major concern if the trap help is available for next year.  Dewey was approached by the Adams FFA and was interested in getting into the program.  She stated that if something happened we should contact them.  Steve Keeley stated that there are a lot of retired folks that may like to work for $7.50 to $10 an hour.  Dewey stated that if so, we would need to make sure our insurance company approves us “hiring” help.

We need to do something with the WTA memberships and clubs not enforcing the members to pay the dues.  He suggested this be put on the agenda for future.

Lisa from Greenway have given us a marketing plan.  We have 1000 followers on Facebook.  Sara Michaels from Rome tourism has contacted both Fritz and Amy and is willing to help us market our facility.  She is willing to get us on Pinterest.  She has got us on Google Maps.  Help is needed for the October 28 fundraiser shoot.  Fritz caught someone coming into the back entrance to use the dump station and it appeared he had been there before.  The fire inspector was at Homegrounds and we passed.  Fritz stated that we need to promote the bunker better.  He suggested starting a bunker league.  Fritz stated that there is a lot of lead out there to be mined.  Sandy Jack said that she is willing to talk about this and let us know if it is time to mine it.  There is a DNR grant that is available and due November 15.  Some ideas for the grant are: signage by the road to promote the grounds, 5 stand to expand the business, a lighted trap field.  All of these are ideas for the DNR grant.  Dewey stated that the money must be spent first and the DNR determines what is reimbursed.  Fritz will work on getting information to get a grant for the signage.  The due date is November 15.

Jeff Recob prepared a “How We Got Here” paper and discussed it briefly.  Copies were handed out to the membership for viewing.

Gary Gerhartz approached Dewey after the state shoot last year to represent the WTA going after property tax exempt status.  Dewey gave him permission to form a committee:  Mike May, Gary and John Coniff.  They tried all the easy things first to get the $42,000 down.  They will not do anything to help us with our tax burden.  According to the Rome Chairman, he is willing to help us.  He would like to make us tax exempt status.  They feel it is 50/50 chance to get this.  It has to be to the Wisconsin State Legislature by April 1st.  He cannot answer these questions without help.  Rick Tesker and a few others have offered to help fill out the paperwork in order to hopefully make this happen.

Perry Hintz, lead state advisor for the SCTP.  He will be working on dates for events for 2017.  He will work with Amy to schedule and get these on the calendar.

Tate said that we still need zone director for NW.  If anyone knows anyone that might be interested, please contact him.

Don Chrapla stated that we need to state that we are a campground on our advertising, etc.

Jim said that the webpage needs to get updated.  Camping is to be $36 after August 1st.  He checked on credit cards deposits and refunds.  The website brought in $8416, but refunded $3400.  Not sure if they are fees or refunds.  Not much left of a profit in the campground; need to fine tune some things with the credit card company.  Jim talked to some people at Greenway.  Pineland Campground has 52 names on a waiting list for seasonal sites.  We are allowed to rent seasonal sites because we are not in the lake zone; however, we cannot say that it is for storage.  We can allow seasonal sites for winter time as long as it is not for “storage”.  Jim said that there is $7800 in the fund for a lighted field.  Bob Ebbers will help out with this.  Denny’s phone is running $150 a month.  Should we shut that off for the winter.  Jim would like to see every meeting as a general membership meeting so that anyone can vote.  This is everyone’s meeting and should be involved.

Tom Bristol was at the ATV banquet tonight.  They are really wanting to get into our property.  They would like to put some map spots on the grounds and want to build a relationship with us.  They have many retired members that would like something to do and would possibly be interested in helping at the shoots.

The Broken wire feeding the transformer across the parking line will cost $500 to fix it.  Dewey will follow up on this.

Next meeting is December 3rd at 9am at Sherwood Lodge.  It will be a general membership meeting.

Dan Horkan made a motion to adjourn.  Gary Gerhartz 2nd it.  So carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm.