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Minutes: June 18, 2016

The 06/18/16 face to face meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors meeting was called to order at 9:05 am by Jerry Farnsworth, President. Directors present were N/E Pat Schuette, S/E Jerry Kaszynski and Phil Kubow, N/W Tate Barwald, President Jerry Farnsworth, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, Treasurer Jim Kroeplien, Secretary Theresa Howland, Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins. Absent for face to face meeting was S/W Dan Horkan.

Also present at the meeting was Fred Kasten, Ann Kasten, John Coniff, Paul Becker, Dick Otto, Mike Pigush, Don Mittag, Donald Chrapla

Meeting started at 9:05

Don Chrapla and Dwight Paulin were up for election in the N/E zone. Don won the election. Pat Schuette nominated Don to fill Bill Simonar’s position effective today for the remainder of this session. He will take over as Director after the annual meeting at the state sheet. BOD voted. So carried.

Treasurer’s report by Jim:
Jim used $9500 to make the bank payment from Ray’s car money. Everything is paid as of right now except Denny; Secretary and Treasurer have not been paid. Balance is $17,132. Another load of targets was just received for approximately $6000 or $7000. We will be receiving the money from the Clay Target League and SCTP next weekend. We received $11,571 from the Kettle Moraine shoot; however, that money is already included in the $17,000 balance. Jim got a call from Summit and they were looking for our taxes. WTA taxes were done, but the taxes were not completed by Denny for Homegrounds. Fred has not seen any information for this; he sees deposits coming in; however, does not know what it is for. Jim and Jerry F. received an email yesterday from DWD asking what Denny got paid from 2013 to present. Jim does not have this information to provide it to DWD. Paul Becker suggested just showing what we have and find out what we need to have and work with them to get to a solution. Prior to Jim being treasurer there was a company that was writing checks to Denny for payment. Money was transferred from the accounts to pay the salary. Jim will contact the accountant to see if they have any information.

John Coniff gave an update on the Fidelity account. John went to meet with Denny on Wed. Denny signed the letter of engagement with the attorney last Monday. The final tax return for the estate has not been completed. The attorney is also a CPA so he will take care of the tax return and closing out the estate. John proposed that we eliminate a step by transferring the money to Denny and then directly to the WTA. The attorney was okay with that plan. John believes it is approximately $800,000. John thinks this will go very quickly now and is hoping the money will be transferred by the state shoot. He believes the tax portion of it will not be completed by the state shoot. John does not go on the forum so if there are questions on there that need an explanation, John will be happy to respond as long as someone sends him the information very email. Once the money is in the WTA account, it will save about $5000 a month. If we were paying Denny’s full wage, we would be at least $20,000 in the hole. Jerry F. suggested that Directors go back to their zones and see if volunteers can come up and help out at the Homegrounds.

Fritz is wondering about the breakdown of items that they sell each week. Right now, they are keeping a log that breaks out shells, trap, bunker, camping, etc. Jim would like the report to remain itemized in order to track it accordingly in his accounting information. Jim suggested to do the best that they can when it gets busy; separating trap and bunker is important to know what each of them is bringing in. Pat Schuette made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report. Tate Barwald seconded it. So carried.

Homegrounds Help:
Jerry F. said that without the volunteer help, we cannot keep this going. With the big shoots, more help is needed; even if it is a day. It does not always need to be the BODs working; anyone can come to help. John Coniff will be here on Wednesday to cut grass next week. Amy and Arlene stained the concrete on the traphouses after Jerry K. and Don C. pressure washed them this week. Jerry K. and his wife have been staining the picnic tables as well. Paul Becker stated that Recob’s uses a text messaging system to notify their customers of sales, etc. A suggestion was made to contact ATA to see if when the automated shoot emails are sent out, if there is a way to include an ad for Homegrounds on the emails. Mike P. was working on an email system in the past and it got too complicated; however, he still has the mail addresses to work with. We should try to get email addresses for all of our members. Many of the WTA cards have email addresses but they are not legible.

NRA Grant:
Jerry F. received an email from the NRA stating that the WTA had applied for two grants in the past.  Someone took a picture and sent it to the NRA and said that they gave us $75,000 and we put up a hoop building. Jerry contacted them and stated that we did not use the grant money to build it. Jerry contacted the builders and got a receipt and a copy of the checks and gave them to the NRA. Jerry and Scott met for three hours this past week and Scott will take all of the information back to NRA. They would like us to get the money back from the contractors and put it in a non-interest bearing account and show that it is a building fund. That way if one of the contractors goes out of business, we are not out the money. All three of the contractors are willing to write us a check back for the amount they have on credit for us. Jerry asked if we can start a building and add on in the future, the NRA said absolutely; they would be very willing to work with us to get a building done in stages. We can apply for future grants to add on as needed. The NRA was happy to hear that the hoop building was paid for by the WTA and the grant money was not used for it.

Bunker Trap:
Fritz talked to the people in Texas and has some spare parts ordered and on the way. He believes that some of the targets that were left in there over the winter had issues. Anyone that loads targets in there, keep them away from the wall so that they don’t get moisture from the wall. Fritz said that he had an issue with trap 15 not working right before one of the shoots. He made a call and found out that there was a reset button on the trap and he will show everyone where it is at. John Coniff suggested a raffle to raise money to buy a backup trap.
Fritz believes we are in good shape for the traps at this time. We have some spare parts and should not have issues if a trap goes down.

Ray’s House:
This money has been transferred to Summit. Jim transferred it the next day. The balance of our current loan is approximately $1.653 million. We will owe taxes very soon as well. No one attended the Board of Review and Open Book meetings that were held in early June, so the tax bill remains as is. Jim talked to the assessor and the land is valued the same all the way through. The campground is assessed at approximately $5000 a site.

State Shoot:
Information bags with flyers and pins were done last year. We will not be doing them this year.
Raffles – Jerry will continue to sell raffle tickets for the PA system at the youth shoots. The snowblower from Ray’s house will be added to the silent auction and Paul Becker will take care of that. Paul suggested that we get the items here as soon as possible the week of the state shoot so they can be displayed. Winners will need to go to cashiering to pay Theresa. She will send out a thank you letter and tax deduction form with it.

Fish Fry:
Last year we served 337 plates. This year we are eliminating the french fries. Paul will need an EZ Up tent to fry fish outside. If it is raining, it will need to have tarps on the side in order to keep the water away from the grease. They will be selling paddles and other things while people are standing in line. Raffle tickets for the PA system will be sold as well at this time because the drawing is at 7pm for this auction. Jeff Mainland will be donating a ½ barrel of beer to loosen people up for the live auction. Paul will be putting up a 40×60 tent to the south side of the hoop building and the bill should go to the fundraiser portion of the WTA. The tent will be for the raffle. Paul suggested getting a PA system that will allow everyone to hear, not only in the hoop building but also in the raffle tent. Paul suggested asking your local home clubs to donate a flat of ammo for the shell raffle as well. Paul suggested that Amy check with campers when they arrive to see if we can utilize their picnic table for Friday night. Paul will contact Kyle W. to see if he will be willing to get a crew of guys to go through and pick up the tables and return them when done. Mark Zauhar will be doing the heads or tails game as well; the winner will get $500.

Paul explained that he has an account set up at the bank in Two Rivers for the fundraising foundation. This is his project for after the state shoot. He will be creating a foundation and will apply for his own raffle license. He stated that if the WTA needs money from this section, he will be able to transfer money to the business account. He will get the 501C3 paperwork completed as well. Fritz suggested that a proposal be created and presented to the BOD for approval once the entire committee and plan is developed.

Donator List:
Jim will get the most updated list and make a banner or signage to display in the hoop building.

Jim has the tents ready. The big one will be put up next week before the SCTP shoot. The other one will be put up by Friday July 8th.

Porta Potties:
Fritz has ordered four more to be delivered before the SCTP shoot. They will be serviced next Saturday afternoon/evening.

Beverage Truck:
The water is bought and paid for and is in the hoop building. Theresa thinks that she could have one of her cashiers go out and down the line to sell. This person would also be picking up the score sheets every rotation and put new score sheets out. Jim will bring the two coolers that he used last year. Theresa will talk to the Rapids guy and see if she can get a college kid. Pat Schuette will let Theresa know if his daughter and friend can do it one or two days. The Nekoosa kids should receive free water throughout the state shoot. Last year we had soda and Gatorade with the water. Jim will look back through the numbers and see what we sold last year. Theresa will follow up and order it and get it delivered here. Glenn Hammerly is working with the Coke guy right now for the sales inside the hoop building. We will use the beer trailer to keep the beverages cold.

Ice Vendor:
Jerry F. has contacted a few companies. One of them said no, they were over booked. The other
company says it was $400 for the truck and we would need to sell $1000 worth of ice.

Water Truck:
Tate will check with Dylan R. to see about getting a water truck for the state shoot. Fritz will contact Vic W. as well.

Cleaning Shower Houses and Hoop Building:
Jerry F. contacted Melissa to clean the shower houses once a week now and during the state shoot. She will also go through the hoop building and tidy that up as well. We will pay her $340 for the state shoot and Jerry will see if she will do it for $40 a week until the end of the season.

Radar guns:
We have two at the Homegrounds now. Fritz, Mike P. and others will check to see about using some others. Jerry will check with Rick Teskar as well.

Hotel for Dick and Arlene:
WTA will pay for their room for the July 4th shoot as Bruce will be using his camper that weekend. Myron is getting his own hotel in the Rapids. John Atkielski’s camper will be set up on Monday of the state shoot. The second camper from Greenway was to be used by the trap mechanic; however, Myron prefers to stay in a hotel, so Dan Horkan will work out a deal to use the camper and pay for Myron’s hotel stay.

Plan B/Stock Sales:
John C. passed around a handout explaining Plan B for the Homegrounds. Once Ray’s money is applied to the current loan and if the WTA cannot avoid foreclosure, he suggests going to the biggest clubs in the state and holding some listening sessions to get input for a possible proposal. He then suggests the BODs creates a committee to develop a proposal to privatize. A letter of intent would then be sent to all members. Then shares could be sold and the Homegrounds would be owned by investors who would then lease it back to the WTA at a level it can afford. There would be multiple discussions if this is the approach that the WTA needs to move forward with to survive. Jim asked if the WTA would lose the 501C3 status. Yes, that is possible. Pat S. suggested getting investors to purchase 49% and the WTA keep 51%. The value of the share would be much less and may not be a reason to invest. This proposal obviously is only a suggestion if there is no other way for the WTA to survive without going bankrupt. Ann K. stated that she believes if we are giving an effort to try to survive that no bank wants to foreclose on a property like this.
Pat made a motion for John Coniff to pursue with legal counsel what the feasibility of this Proposal B is. Phil seconded it. So carried.

Denny’s Salary:
Discussion was held in previous meetings about holding Denny’s pay. Discussion was held about the difference in pricing on the campsites. If someone books online, there is a $7 booking fee and sales tax. Some get a 20% discount. Other shoots have negotiated a price for camp sites different than the internet prices. There needs to be a set price whether someone books online or in person. John C. suggested charging $40 a night, but because someone may have a 20% coupon, suggestion to charge everyone 20% off for the remainder of the season. As of August 1st, campsites will be $35 a night including tax.
Tate made a motion to change camping fees effective August 1st through the end of these season to $35 a night (including tax). Phil seconded it. If they book online, there will still be a $7 booking fee. So carried.

Fritz, Dick and Arlene are working at Homegrounds to cover for Denny. They were under the impression that Denny would get paid his salary and that is why they were doing Denny’s job. Denny has not been paid. Fritz never intended to be the person in charge up here for the summer. He was fortunate to work with Denny the past three years and had a good understanding about what needs to be done to operate Homegrounds. Right now the WTA would owe Denny $15,625 at half salary since we stopped paying him. Denny’s contract was originally for three years; however, there is no contract in place. Denny said that it was done with a handshake and if that wasn’t good enough he didn’t want the job.
Phil made a motion to accrue Denny’s half salary while Fritz, Dick and Arlene continue to do the work for Denny. Pat seconded it. So carried.

Targets and Ammo:
Jerry F. stated that targets were delivered and we will load trap houses after the meeting today.

Hoop Building Doors:
There was an issue with the overhead door. Someone fixed the door when it was broken; the other door was fixed shortly thereafter. Both chains should be held on to when opening and closing the doors.

Fees for SCTP Golf Carts:
Denny thought that last year we charged $30 or $35 last year. Amy will take the reservation list and take payment. She will also print up a lease agreement stating the cart will be returned damage free.
Tate made a motion to charge $50 a day for the golf cart rentals for the SCTP shoot. Phil seconded the motion. So carried.

SCTP Shoot:
1168 athletes are registered for 28 traps on Saturday. Start at 0830, end at 430.
Doubles on Sunday – 4 banks, 86 athletes.
Handicap on Sunday – 8 banks, 98 athletes.
50 athletes also signed up for a team shoot on Sunday.
There is also a registered shoot on Sunday with 5 banks being used.

Kevin Doerring suggested getting a gate on the west end to close off the campground. He stated there is an “unofficial book” online of campgrounds that you can get into overnight and not have to pay. He believes that people are coming in after 11pm and leaving early in the morning and not paying for their site.
Kevin received an email that Berlin wants to be on the list to host the zone shoot. They will be put on the bottom of the list and wait in the rotation. Kevin would like a list of the rotation. 2017 N/E Oshkosh, S/W Janesville, S/E Beaver Dam, N/W Eau Claire. Central Zone is Sauk Prairie.

Ann Ebbers is going to work on getting the Homegrounds to pull up on the internet when someone searches for campgrounds in Nekoosa. Right now if you google for campgrounds in Wisconsin, Homegrounds does not show up. Amy will contact Elizabeth to see if she can get us access on there as well.

Round Table:
Theresa will start working on the annual meeting booklet. She will need a letter from the President. She will need the financials from Jim.

Mike P. handed out the flyer for the 5 Man Team Shoot. Once complete, the teams will mail the form to Amy and she will scan them to Mike P. Mike will be here the day before the shoot to do onsite registration. The mailing of the forms needs to be cut off 7 days prior to the shoot.

Fritz suggested that someone onsite be able to manage the camping reservations. Amy will follow up with Elizabeth to see if she can get access to this.
Those that have a 5-year and 10-year event need to let Fritz know that the site is going to be occupied for non-WTA events.
There was an insurance person here taking pictures a few weeks ago and asking questions.
Rick Teskar will be bringing a new flagpole next week to install. He will be donating this.
Fritz stated that we need to do a better job setting targets for the state shoot.
There was a question on the email asking if there will be class advances at our shoots.
For WTA events, payments will be sent via US Mail after the shoot.
The PA System will be installed July 7th.
Cheesemakers will be here after the state shoot. Fritz will follow up on this. He will need help for this shoot. It is July 21 and 22. Amy will try to plan to be present to help Fritz.
Fritz will be going to the Grand and needs coverage while he is away at Homegrounds. He plans to leave around July 31st.
There will be 8 vendors coming for the SCTP shoot, $40 a spot. Amy will collect payment from them.

Ann K. brought up the posting of the by-laws on the website. Discussion was held about them. Ann will send her comments to Jim and work directly with him on her questions. Fred asked about the change in the by-laws if there is an amount that someone can spend without BOD and general membership approval. There should be a cap on what the BOD can spend without approval from the general membership.

Theresa will order the dots for the WTA membership for next year; however, rather than putting the year on it, she will order them with WTA on them in different colors so that we can use them more than one year. Amy will add this to the new letter that is sent out. Mike suggested giving a list of life members to the clubs.
Amy will talk to Elizabeth about the passwords for the websites and talk to her about getting access to the backside of the camping reservations.

Amy will handle the camping reservations for next year’s state shoot. Discussion was held about changing the rates to include sales tax. If they are not staying the full week, the nightly fee will match the price of camping in the campground. Amy will be handing out the camping forms to all 2016 sites before they leave the state shoot this year.
Tate made a motion to raise the state shoot rate for 2017 to $225 including tax. Sites with only water and electric will be $175 including tax. The daily fee will be $40 a night including tax. Don seconded it. So carried.

Tate shared the letter that Jim received from the Nekoosa about adding a $250 administration fee to our bills. Tate stated that there was no election for the N/W zone. He will continue to look to nominate someone for this Director opening.
Kevin will check with Michelle about the TV monitors for the state shoot.

The NRA would like to set up a booth and sell tickets at the state shoot.

Tate made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Don seconded it. So carried.