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Impromptu WTA Board Meeting – July 16, 2016

Impromtu meeting – July 16, 2016

Present at Meeting:

Jerry Farnsworth, Tate Barwald, Dan Horkan, Bruce Stitely, Kevin Doerring, Don Chrapla, Jerry Kaczynski, Pat Schuette, Dwight Paulin, Amy Jenkins


Bill Simonar approached Jerry F. for his mileage reimbursement.  He suggested that the BODs offer him a 10 year lease for camping and any remaining balance would be paid to him or if he owed, he would pay the WTA.  Pat believes we will owe him about $200.  Jerry F. said that the mileage rate was raised from 30 cents to 51 cents (after the Grand last year); so unsure if he used 51 cents for all mileage (he has mileage dating back to 2014).  Kevin stated that he believes it may be fair to offer him the lease.

No other directors have turned in any mileage for reimbursement.  Jerry F. stated that he has been up here every weekend since March and not turned in any mileage.  There was nothing voted on for directors not taking their mileage pay; it was a gentleman’s agreement that directors wouldn’t turn in mileage.

Kevin made a motion to take Bill’s deal.  Jerry K. would like to see the bill to see what would be turned in to the government.  Pat suggested that we pay him the cash difference.  If there is a difference with adjustment in the mileage rate, he would pay us the difference if.  Don seconded it.  Jerry opposed.    So carried.  Pat will talk to Bill after this meeting.

Bruce stated that a write off for non-profit organizations is a dime (what we can do for mileage) because we are a non-profit.

Bruce S. – Gary DeSchmidt works with the youth program and helps out Bruce a lot.  The WTA is a youth development program.  Jay Nigbor started program in 1992 or 1993 with 8 kids.  We have offered this program to thousands of kids over the years.  Bruce talked to Recob’s and the decision was made to dissolve the WTA youth program.  It has done its course; we have SCTP, Clay Target League, AIM, etc.  We would dissolve this after next year.  We will give contacts to put their kids in AIM, SCTP, etc.  It costs us $1500 to $2000 a year to run this program.  Bruce suggested that is it now time to dissolve this program in 2017.  Bruce will plan to make this announcement at the meeting tomorrow.

Bruce made a motion to dissolve the WTA youth program in 2017.    Kevin seconded it.  So carried.

Something nice will be given to Betty and Reuben Stark when it is dissolved.

Amy gave a heads up that there will be a discussion tomorrow about the 10 year leases and being able to bump anyone that has a one-year lease in the campground.  Some that have 10 year leases believe that they should be able to bump someone any site if it is only paid as an annual.  Discussion was also held about the concrete in the campground.

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Tate Barwald.  Dan Horkan seconded it.  So carried.