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We desperately need help here at your Homegrounds.  Below is a list of things you can assist with.  If able to help, please contact Amy Jenkins at asjenks13@gmail.com and let her know what days you could make it, or call Fritz Thistle, (608) 370-1118 or the Ottos, (262) 363-1303 (here Thurs. through Sunday.)  Thanks!

Power Wash & Spray Paint Traphouse Roofs – anyone out there with a commercial power wash with huge capacity of water tank?  The tops are flaking off and should be done in the very near future.

Picnic Tables – approximately 130 should be treated.

Erosion Around Electrical Posts In Driveway – black cloth needs to be laid down, gravel on top and stone over that.  These are in really BAD shape.  URGENT

Cut Down – several dead trees and haul away.

Cut Down – 3 trees for flag poles & set up.

Mow – high grass beyond traps.

WEEKLY – cut grass, clean shower house and change road sign for up-coming events.
6/4 & 5 SCTP Int’l State Championships – approximately 36 kids coming
6/11, approx. 36 kids (Dick & Arlene will not be there that weekend to help)
6/25-26  approx. 1200 to  1400 kids (26th also a registered shoot)
7/1-4, Registered Shoot
7/12 – 20th State Shoot

Haul targets to ALL 30 trap houses, approx. 30 cases in each traphouse.
Fill turrets.
Charge radios
Clean out building, clean chairs & tables
Get score sheets from WTA trailer to building
Check scorer’s boxes for supplies
Set up umbrellas on scorers stands
Put black 55 gal. bags inside each trash can under shelter (2 @ each), in  building & near food vendors

In traphouses, breakup & consolidate all cardboard & haul to dumpsters, clean out, re-fill turrets.
Trash cans – consolidate all trash & haul to dumpsters. Empty trash cans get placed inside gun racks.
Pick up litter on grounds.
Clean up building.