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Minutes: April 30, 2016

The 04/30/16 face to face meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 9:14 am by Jerry Farnsworth, President.  Directors present were N/E Pat Schuette, S/E Jerry Kaszynski, S/W Dan Horkan, N/W Director Bruce Stiteley, and Tate Barwald, President Jerry Farnsworth, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, Treasurer Jim Kroeplien, Secretary Theresa Howland, Shoot Coordinator Amy Jenkins.  Absent for face to face meeting was S/E Phil Kubow.

Also present at the meeting was Ken Cerney, Rick (YZ) Weisensil, James (Chops) Gurkowski, Mike Pigusch, Fred Kasten, Connie Riemer, Rick Tesker, Robert Ebbers, Brian Giese, Dick Otto

Meeting started at 9:14

 Treasurer’s report: Jim discussed what wasn’t paid for the month of May:  Summit, Tilden, Treasurer wage, Secretary wage; about $17,000 worth of bills remain unpaid.  The money for Ray’s car is in the account for $14,993.  There is money in River Cities Bank for $7812 earmarked for bleachers and lights.  His suggestion is to take $9504 that we owe Summit, pull it from the car money and deal with the other bills as money comes in.

Pat Schuette made a motion to take money out of savings to pay Summit.  Dan Horkan seconded it.   So carried.

Bruce Stiteley made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Jerry Kaszynski seconded it.   So carried.

Jerry read the resignation letter effective April 7th from Bill Simonar.  Pat stated that he talked to Bill about stepping down peacefully and not hurting the entire group.  He suggested that he speak with individuals about any issues that remain.  Pat said that he can speak with him about his intentions of remaining on the board or stepping down from President and Director positions.  Jerry suggested if anyone knows anyone that would be interested in the Director position for Bill’s zone to discuss it with them.  Connie suggested an individual in Sheboygan and he said that he will contact someone if interested.  Connie will make a phone call to follow up as well.  Pat followed up with a phone call to Bill later in the day and Bill stated that he is not sending another resignation letter and does not want to remain on the board at all.  He is from the Northeast zone and his term is up in July; so anyone that would be interested in the Director position for a few months should be in contact with someone from the BOD.

State Shoot:

  • Jerry has not received anything from Glenn about vendors for the state shoot. Connie believes that she has the list from Glenn.  Connie would like a list of vendors to get those added to the state program.  Amy will get the list to Connie so it can get printed.  Jerry is asking for help in forming committees.
  • Ken stated that he will handle the golf carts and ATVs and get them checked for the insurance and issue the permits. Ken will add on the agreement that they must remain on the cart path at all times.
  • Ken will also handle the banquet. He has it set at Ridges Golf Course.  The WTA in the past has paid for ½ barrel of beer and soda.  It is a prime rib buffet that starts at 7pm and includes the fixings.  The dinner cost is $27.42 and includes gratuity and tax. He will need attendance numbers the week before to give them a final count.  Tickets are available for $50 each and Ken has them available today.  There will be funds to pay for the gun and any extra money will go to the HOF building fund.  Ken will keep an accurate record of tickets sales and get everything to Jim.  Glen Grabski has been sent two complimentary tickets.  Ken will need an address for Jerry Murphy to send him his tickets as well.  Ken suggested comping tickets to the Fire Chief for the fish fry.  Fritz will plan to have a spot at the banquet to have pictures of all HOF members.  Jerry signed the letters for Glen and Jerry being inducted into the HOF and they have been mailed out.
  • Jerry asked if Ken will take care of the fire extinguishers as well. Yes, he will.  He will set up the fire lane; caution tape is available in the trailer.
  • Bruce will handle the morning announcements. Bruce will handle the Meet and Greet that is scheduled for Thursday.  He stated there is something going on in the hoop building at all times, whether it is the fish fry, the youth on Sunday, etc.  Glenn Hamerly has stated that he will be there helping do things, but he doesn’t want to handle the trap help, so Dan Horkan will handle that.
  • Jerry has taken care of the lady that will be cleaning the bathrooms.
  • Fritz suggested having some signs posted that more bathrooms are available in the campground.
  • Bruce said that there needs to be signage that all golf carts and ATVs must remain on the cart path at all times.
  • Dick stated that someone needs to run the electrical to supply power to the pods. Someone will also need to connect the computers.  Rick Teskar will ask Shawn to come down and set up the computers.
  • Bruce suggested getting a water truck to water the parking lot. Dan will check with Pete Rustad.   Fritz will contact Vic W. during lunch to see if he will have his truck available.
  • Amy asked about some of the camping spots being available to sell on the south side of the parking lot. Yes, we should sell these spots with electric and some have water.  Amy will go to Homegrounds to determine how many sites have just electric and how many have electric and water to sell.  She currently has one site available to sell other than the addition ones that will be added in the parking lot now.  Jerry asked if Bob Ebbers came up last week to repair the wiring on the south side, west of the hoop building.  Fritz was unsure.  Bob will also be putting more lights in the hoop building.
  • Pat found out that if someone wants a yearly camp spot, they can stay there for 60 days and then it has to be moved to a different site. This is a township ordinance that does not allow for permanent camping.
  • Discussion was held about the price of vendor spots for the high school shoot. The agreement was for $250, plus $100 for electric.  Basically, WTA is selling the vendor spot and they are turning around and selling the vendor spot for up to $1000.  Discussion was held about possibly taking a percentage of the sales that they make.  At the conference call the decision was to charge $250 for vendor spots and $27/100 for targets.  A lengthy discussion was held about how to charge for vendor spots for events being held at Homegrounds; separate from the state shoot.

Pat Schuette made a motion to set target prices for $27/100; in addition, $90 for vendor spot per event and $10 per day for electricity.  This is separate than the state shoot.  Dan Horkan seconded it.  So carried.

Discussion was held about practice traps for the high school shoot and the possibility of having lots of traps open for practice in the morning and charge a fee for them. Tate stated that last year the coaches from the schools were the safety officers and we had scorekeepers.  This year they are requesting WTA provide the safety officers and the coaches are going to score.  Last year there were 200 kids.  This year there are 1002 kids registered and anyone that completes the league, can shoot the state shoot which will be approximately 600 kids.  Tate suggested that all 30 traps are open.  Jerry stated that if we had 18 kids to load traps would be enough coverage.  According to the High School website, registration closes on May 15 for the kids to register for the shoot on June 11.  Fritz stated that there will need to be people here on Friday to get ready.

  • The question arose again if anyone knows if the five year contract was signed with the SCTP. Fritz contacted Perry and they have signed the agreement and so has Bill.  He is getting a high amount of kids and wants to start earlier on Saturday morning.  Unknown who has the signed agreement with SCTP.
  • Raffles – Paul Becker has a lot of things lined up already. He would like to have a tent put up at the end of the building so after the fish fry, there is a spot for the raffles to be set up, for space issues.  In addition, Jerry K. has a raffle set up for the PA system.  Paul was very glad to see that the WTA is holding their own raffle for fundraising.  Paul Becker does not want the money for the raffle he is organizing to be used for operating expenses.  However, he will consider using some of the funds for the PA system and possibly some lights for shoot offs.
  • Jim Gurkowski (Chops) is holding a mega shell raffle at the state shoot. If anyone would like to donate a case of shells, just find him during the state shoot.  Their wives will be doing the 50/50 raffle every day starting Wednesday.  They would like a spot in the hoop building.  He also wanted to sell hats and sweatshirts.  They will buy the hats and sweatshirts and give the WTA 100% of the profits.  He will need the WTA 501C3 paperwork from Jim for tax exempt.  He did talk to Jeff Recob and he is fine with him making the hats and sweatshirts and Jeff will sell t-shirts.  Discussion was held about the prices and logos.  The sweatshirts are a trial deal, so there will not be an abundance of sizes.  Hats will have 2 logos and likely be sold for $15.  Sweatshirts will be sold for approximately $35.  They will be available in the hoop building.  Last year, he had about 30+ cases of shells for the mega shell raffle.  He will put the shells in the building on Friday night.

Dan Horkan made a motion that Chops can order hats and sweatshirts as they so choose and we will set up a 20×20 vending and raffle spot (mega shell, 50/50 and sales) in the hoop building.  Pat Schuette seconded it.  So carried.

  • Bruce suggested more power in the hoop building. Bob will take care of it.

Brian Giese – Nekoosa school: He thanked the WTA and Dan Horkan.  Explained that they lost a student last week that had worked last summer for the state shoot. He thanked the WTA for the flowers that were sent.  He read a letter from the school on expectations and key talking points and talked about wanting to make a long-term agreement with the organization.  Dan gave Brian the list of shoots on April 12th.  He realizes this is short notice, but they are going to make it work.  School does not get out until June 3rd.  Graduation is June 4 and 5.  He is here as an advocate for the students and the sport, not for the school board.  He passed around a list of the shoots and the expected staffing for each of them.  The coaches that have worked in the past will provide services for these shoots:  June 11 (High School), June 25-26 (SCTP) and State Shoot.  May 6, school is in session and he will be contacting graduates from last year to see if some of them can work and become lead workers for future shoots as well as the conservation club for additional help.  He stated that Friday will have to be a joint effort with WTA to make it work; he will do the best that he can to get the number of staff here that are needed.  Brian stated that he needs contact numbers for whom he should be in contact with at all times. He provided his phone number and email address so that the list can be sent to him.  Dick and Fritz should be primary contacts.  Brian will have another contact other than himself as well.

  • Kettle Morraine shoot (May 14-15), no help is needed for this one
  • Junior Olympic (May 28-29), no help is needed for this one
  • SCTP International (June 4-5), about 80 kids are needed
  • High School Clay Target League (June 11), 18 loaders only; 10 loaders on Friday 6/10
  • SCTP Championship (June 25-26), about 70 kids are needed; 10 loaders on Friday, 6/24
  • Registered shoot (July 1-4), about 20 kids are needed
  • State Shoot (July 12-17), about 70 kids are needed; 10 loaders on 7/11 afternoon; 10 youth the Monday after the state shoot to help clean up
  • Five Person Team Shoot (August 19-21), 25 kids are needed for Fri and Sat; Sun                                      unknown; we will give a better number on August 1st
  • Moser Fall Classic (Oct. 7, 8, 9), about 20 kids are needed

He doesn’t want to be the one to let the WTA down.  He was out of the loop of the financials in the past.  He understands it was a $25,000 fee and $4000 bonus for the state shoot.  He states it will be nearly impossible for him to do it for that amount.  However, with involvement of the other shoots, it will help with the students and their programs.  Brian will track what sports each student is involved in and ensure that the funds go to their sport programs.  Kids will be sent home if they are done working; they won’t be standing around talking if they aren’t working.  He feels that these kids need to be paid $50 a day.  He understands the WTA has financial concerns; however, they have financial needs as well.  He is looking for a fair agreement.  These students are in a volunteer program and therefore there are no insurance issues/concerns.  He is trying to get them community service hours for their work at the shoots.  Kevin stated that at Waukesha, the money went to the school and the kids were not paid.  However, once the money goes to Nekoosa the WTA need not worry what the school does with the money.  They would like to have $3000 for the programs after they pay the kids.  He approximates $70,000 to $78,000 to cover all of the shoots.  He does not have final numbers at this point and he would be able to make a better decision after the first shoot.  He is trying to determine a price per house cost to operate the shoots.  Jim needs a form that states it is a donation to the Nekoosa school and Brian will get that for Jim.

Pat asked what the price of targets are for the shoots at Homegrounds.  The target price for the state shoot is $33/100.  Target prices are the same as last year.

PA System: The first payment (half of the total) is due by June 1st.  Since posting this on the WTA site, another club has already contacted Steve to purchase one for their club.  Discussion was held about the delay that may happen due to the distance of the speakers down the trapline.  This was discussed with Steve already and there is a plan in place to avoid this issue.

Cart Path: The work on the path is amazing.  They are doing a wonderful job.  Thank you to everyone for the hard work.

Homegrounds Help: Jerry thanked Fritz, Dick and Arlene for all of the help in the past few weeks.  Jerry asked for them to turn their expenses to Jim; which they have done.  Fritz has not charged for mileage and he doesn’t believe that he will.  There were some issues with the water heaters in the campground.  Jerry has fixed them and all hot water is now turned on in the campground.  Tate and Amy bought the one sign by the road and donated it to WTA.

Ray’s House: The house was sold.  Jerry talked to Denny regarding the funds for Ray’s house.  Denny stated that he was opening up an account at River City Bank and he was going to be making a deposit for the WTA.  He was planning to put John Atkielski’s name on the account.  Next week is the meeting to discuss Ray’s account with John Coniff.  Jim contacted Summit regarding some of the financial issues and they have no problem with it; as long as they get the money.  Summit wants their money.  However, they did say there will be no opening up another account.  When Ray’s funds are turned to cash, the money goes to the Summit.  Jim asked if there was a chance to discuss a change in the loan once Ray’s money is put on the loan.  Julie stated that she would re-amortize the loan would likely waive the closing costs, etc.  Jim stated there is no way to keep any money for operating costs.  Ray’s funds were used as collateral to secure the loan.   Jim will also talk with Julie once the loan is paid down with Ray’s funds, if we are able to pay higher payments in the summer months and less during the off season when no money is coming in.  Jim shared the email that he received from Julie regarding the funds.  Rick T. asked who Denny thinks he is, keeping the money and not giving it to the WTA.  Mike P. stated that he believes that Denny likely needs an official trail of money so it is possible that he needs to put it in an account, let the house money clear and then write a check to WTA to pay Summit.  Fritz will talk to Denny after the meeting to discuss this.

The NRA had donated a sum of money in the past (possibly $150,000) and that money needed to be used for “building expenses”.  These dollars were paid to certain contractors already for windows, etc.  However, this building was never built.  Jerry F. is asking is we can get this money back?  Bruce and Jerry thought that $75,000 went to VanErt and $25,000 to Denman.  Jerry said if we have building materials paid for, can we try to build a 40×80 shell and then ask for members to help put up a building, could we get it done?  We could utilize the money that has already been paid to these contractors.  Bruce and Jerry will make some phone calls and see what he can find out.

Land for Sale: Sandy Jack has not heard anything back yet.  She was in contact a local realtor and got an estimate of what the land is worth.  Pat suggested sectioning off the land and selling in 10 acre parcels or something similar.  Connie stated that there needs to be something in the contract stating WTA has signage rights on the corner.  The sewer being added is still up in the air, but that would increase the value.  Fritz stated that it would require permits and such to divide the parcel and need to have it surveyed.  Bruce suggested that we wait until the annual meeting and ask the membership.  Ken will talk to Jay tomorrow and see if he possibly may have already surveyed that section.  Jim reported that the Open Book meeting will be next Friday, May 6th and Jim won’t be able to attend but thinks that someone should attend.  Jim asked him how they appraise the land and was given an explanation.  There is also a board of review on June 3rd from 10am to noon.  Pat and Fritz will try to attend the board of review meeting.

Bylaw review: Jim went through the current ones and highlighted some suggested changed.  Jim asked what this meeting was called, Theresa said a Board of Directors meeting.  The annual meeting is considered a membership meeting.  Quorum is defined as seven officers/directors and a minimum of fifteen paid WTA members for a membership meeting (not BOD meeting).  The secretary and treasurer are considered officers at this time.  Ken stated that the bylaws should not be available for public view, but available for current members only to view on the website.  Bylaws need to be discussed at three meetings before the revisions are finalized.  They will be discussed at the next meeting and then posted for membership view on the website.  Mike suggested that he next meeting be a BOD and Membership meeting.  Jim stated that bylaws should be reviewed every five years at a minimum and they are suggested every three years.  Jim tried to revise them to make them easier to understand.  The original bylaws are currently with the Secretary of the State and it costs $20 to get a copy of them.  Mike will see if he can a sealed copy from the state.  Pat suggested that having a smaller group review them than first would be a good idea.  These will be reviewed at the zone shoots by current Directors and then the suggested changes by the membership will be brought to the annual meeting.

Secretary position: Theresa was told to bring all of her stuff today and the person is not here today.  Jerry asked if she would stay and she said until a replacement is found.  Theresa has made up a training manual of all her duties.  Theresa will remain until someone is found.  Theresa gave the WTA membership information to Amy who will now handle that.

Website: Discussion about the different views on computer versus mobile devices.  It was determined that some are using the full site and other are using the mobile view on phones and tablets.

WTA webpage on the ATA website.  There is one for the state shoot and another one for the other shoots scheduled at homegrounds.  Mike spoke to Ashley at ATA on Friday to fix the issues with the “other shoots”.  Someone should have received a password for the webpage in order to update shoot information so that automatic emails can be sent to members.  Theresa will follow up with Ashley to get the password.  The ATA will automatically send out 7, 14 and 21 day emails reminding members of upcoming shoots.  Mike is willing to update this information for the WTA as soon as Theresa gets him the password.  Amy will send the shoot program to Mike to post on the ATA site.

Connie is still waiting for information to finalize the state program.  She needs the 5-man shoot program as well as the Moser fall shoot.  For the 5-man, Friday will be a registered shoot with the same program as the other shoots at homegrounds.  Saturday will be a 16 yard, 200 bird unregistered 5-man team shoot.  CZ donated the handgun so Connie will update that.  The shoot program for Sunday of the 5-man still needs to be determined.

If Mike is going to run the computer program for the non-registered 200-bird shoot (August 20), he needs some information.  How many trophies will be given out; how many lewis will be paid, etc.  Mike will update the information for the next board meeting and bring everything for approval.  He will need a unique email address for the team shoot through the WTA site.  He can then import the names rather than re-typing them all.  The day prior to the shoot, he will need a spot to register the teams that didn’t pre-register.  Mike will bring two laptops from Muscoda and will need a spot to put them.  Dick will take care of the registration for the Friday shoot (registered).

Round Table:

Rick T – Asked how the WTA membership works as he did not get a life time card.  Amy will send a new life membership card to Rick for him and Eric.  He asked who set up the pre-squading.  Kevin and John have opened up the following:  Event 1, 2, 3 = 28 squads (2 flights), Event 4, 5, 6 = 42 squads (3 flights), Event 7, 8 = 56 squads (4 flights), Event 9 = 84 squads (6 flights); Event 10 = 70 squads (5 flights), Event 11 = 112 squads (8 flights), Event 12 = 84 squads (6 flights).  This is one flight less than filled last year.  Pre-squadding starts at midnight on May 1st.  Rick asked if you can hold them until they are filled and Kevin said it is supposed to work like that.  No more banks will be opened up until the squads are filled.  The gals in squadding will need to enforce this rule.  He also suggested that when guns are donated that they bring the registration forms with them.  Rick suggested that next year squadding starts at noon.

Kevin D – State shoot pins arrived yesterday.  Zone shoots for 2017 – S/W Janesville, S/E Beaver Dam, N/E Oshkosh, N/W Eau Claire, Central Zone Sauk Prairie.  Patches and buckles are ordered for the zone shoots.

Theresa – Cashiers are covered for this year and she is working on squadding staff.  All lifetime WTA members are up to date.  State letters are out.  Do we want to add something in the program for the state team even though we are doing it on Friday rather than the annual meeting; yes.

Fritz – Bunker trap is doing well; deposited almost $700 and two weeks later Arlene deposited $750.  Bunker needs targets so he will have Recob’s bring up a pallet.  There are about 6 or 7 cases of shells available for sale.  The field markers (for the donated trap fields) have been made and engraved.  They engraved them for $45 each and Fred paid this as a donation for $1080.  Fritz did the site inspection for Camp Douglas and they were approved as a new ATA club; he said it was a very nice facility and welcomed them to WTA.  If the SCTP people want to use the golf carts, Fritz can rent them out.  A couple from the Good Sam Club Motorhome group came for a visit; they want to come do an event the weekend of June 18 (it was for five days).  They have had events in the past with 100+ campers.  However, they would like a flat fee including a golf cart.  He is unsure if this is this year or next year.  Fritz may need to close one day this coming up week if he doesn’t get this work done on his house at home.  Fritz and Dick/Arlene stated that they are helping out so much to help out Denny because he is a very good friend to them.  Fritz had started an SOP list on how to do things – water, power to traphouses, etc.  Padlocks are now keyed according to color.

Mike P – If someone gets a new ATA card and he had a red dot on his old card, he will just add a new dot on the new card. The orange cards are youth; if the red dot is on the orange card, that is fine.  The red dots will not show up on the 3S computer.

Bruce – Myron is coming up for the state shoot to fix the traps.  In the past, WTA has paid for his room at Motel 6 and he had a golf cart with a box on it.  Target setting crew – Tony Kennedy, Rick Tesker, Jerry Farnsworth.  There are three radar guns in the Kolar trailer and Rick will bring his.  Bruce said that the number of rounds of trap needs to be tracked due to the lead issues that are arising in other states.

Dick – He suggested rather than handwriting the WTA membership cards, just stamp the ATA card and have them add the email address.  Arlene suggested putting up a sign for recognition to Wagner’s and Recob’s for all their work and donations for the cart path.

Connie – Cheesemaker’s are a corporate outing the Tuesday after the state shoot.  They are asking for a contact so Connie will email her and give her contact information for someone to talk to about it to let her know that the number of shooters is not limited.  Rome has their own tourism now.  Rome Tour wants to come through Homegrounds as well.  The chamber has asked us to hold the After Hours event on June 22nd.  Connie doesn’t think the chamber dues have been paid.  Jim stated that he doesn’t have a bill; however found that a payment was made for $20 in January 2016.  There is a town of Rome person that is possibly interested in sitting on the Homegrounds board.  He is a non-shooter and very skilled in writing grants, etc.  Jerry asked if he could come to a meeting some time.  Fritz and Connie will discuss the After Hours event on June 22nd.  Denny told Jerry to check to see if there is any money from the Town of Rome for signage.  Connie has built a relationship from the golf course and they said that they would donate something for the raffle for the Friday night fish fry.

Jim – WTA cards – Jim said that he has someone looking at making hard cards instead of the paper cards for Wisconsin memberships.  Jim checked on prices of tents for the state shoot.  A 40×60 tent for Paul and 40X80 is $2060 for the week of the state shoot from Charnecky, near Stevens Point.  Just have to let him know in advance if we want to do it.  Recob’s have not turned in any bills, but that will add to the list of accounts payable.  Don’t believe that we addressed the water cart and how we are going to keep it cold.  John Coniff was to be paying for the water for the kids that are working.  The water can be stored in the beer trailer right outside of the hoop building.  Jim is estimating we will be down to zero dollars by September 1st if not before.  Connie suggested that we need to market this place in order to make money to survive.  Bylaws will be posted on the website for members to review.  Bill turned in a mileage report when he resigned; it was from August 2014 to present and is a total of $2085.  Currently no Directors are being reimbursed for mileage.  Jerry K. suggested that it be added to the list of debt that needs to be paid.  Trophies are in the process of being ordered.  Tilden does not need to be paid until after the state shoot.  The money from Ray’s car, he will pull out money from there to pay the bank payment.  Jim will contact Julie to see if we can use some of the funds to pay some bills.

Jerry – The tires by the shower house were brought by Fritz to make something for the kids to climb on.  Trophies are being handled by Amy, Sandy and John.  Discussion about the flushing toilet trailer and that it smelled last year.  Denny was dumping them each morning.  We will not order the flushing toilets for this year and add additional porta potties and wash stations.  They will be delivering toilets for the youth shoot in June, they can stay there until after the state shoot.  Denny has not seen any coupons come through yet for the homegrounds.  Jerry will order 3 more porta potties for the May shoot; 1 will be a handicap accessible.  There should be one at the sidewalk on each side of the hoop building.

Tate made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Jerry Kaszynski seconded it.  So carried.

There will be no plan for more face to face meetings before state shoot.  Meetings will be done via conference call as needed.