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Minutes: April 2, 2016


Face to Face April 2, 2016

The 04/02/16 face to face meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors meeting was called to order at 9:23 am by Bill Simonar, President. Directors present were N/E Pat Schuette, S/E Phil Kubow, S/E Jerry Kaszynski, S/W Dan Horkan, 2nd Vice President Jerry Farnsworth, 1st Alt. Delegate Dwight Paulin, 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, Treasurer Jim Kroeplien.  Absent for face to face meeting was 1st Vice President Glenn Hamerly, N/W Bruce Stiteley.  Also present at the meeting was Gary Gerhartz, Donald Chrapla, Fred Kasten, Amy Jenkins, Tate Barwald, Jon King, Pete Rustad, Thomas Stenback, Andy Hall, Virgil Bomkamp, Mike Pigusch, Jeff Recob, John Atkielski, Julie Atkielski, Colette Jackl, Connie Riemer, Glenn Carlson, Dick Otto, Arlene Otto, Jeff Mainland and John Coniff.

Meeting started at 9:30 

Treasurer’s report:  Jim handed out and explained the financial report and the bills unpaid report.

Don Chrapla said that they brought 22 tables up last week and someone could take three of them and give to Sauk City so that we no longer owe them three tables.  Jim received a letter from River City Bank with a $21 bounced check from a closed out an account from Boxhorn Gun Club.  Dick Otto will contact someone at Boxhorn to get the situation cleared up.

Coach Becker from Nekoosa:  He explained that the money received pays the kids $50 a day and feeds/waters the kids. Last month they asked for a raise for the work they do.  He said he received a phone call from Dan Horkan to discuss the request and that it was the most disrespectful call he has ever received.  He said he was told that the WTA had a group set up and will be paid 1/3 less.  He said if that happens and it falls through, Nekoosa will never help again.  John Coniff asked what we could do to make it better for their crew:

  • To make it better, Coach needs one person to work with (previously it was Adam) and only that person would be handling issues. Jerry Kaszynski and Dan Horkan will be the main people to work directly with the Coach and kids for the state shoot.  A contact person for the other Individual shoots will be assigned the weekend of that shoot (May, July, October).
  • Also, he will utilize some of the earlier shoots to ensure that the kids are trained before the state shoot. He will ensure that the adults that work with the kids know how to raise and lower the targets.
  • Last year to feed and water the kids last year was about $1500 for the week. Kids will now fill out a timesheet at the school and the Nekoosa school will pay them on own.
  • WTA will receive a document from the school that states that it was a donation to the school. WTA does not insure the kids.  The school insures them.  WTA will need a waiver of liability from the school stating that we are not liable if someone gets hurt.  Coach has a personal umbrella policy as well.
  • Dick Otto explained how impressed he was with how the kids ran the trapline in the past two years.
  • Coach is willing to stick with the program for the same price as last year. WTA will provide free water this year.
  • John Coniff will donate a couple cases of water for the kids and a case of shells.
  • Score markers should have a radio to call someone to adjust the traps.

Tate Barwald asked what it teaches the kids to pay them for a “fundraiser” for their sports programs.  He explained when he was in sports, any fundraiser that was done, the students were not paid for.  He also asked what this teaches them about volunteering in their community.  Coach responded that many of the kids in his school system receive reduced lunches and come from single parent homes and some of the kids are even supporting their families; they work hard and deserve to be paid for working the state shoot for 6 straight days.

Jerry Kaszynski made a motion to accept offer from the Nekoosa school.  Dwight Paulin seconded it.   So carried.

Bill Simonar:

Golf Cart Insurance – Bill stated that it cost $8 to get insurance on all golf carts last year.  This year it will cost nothing as it has been donated by Dennis Kozlowski, our insurance agent.

Ray’s house – Bill spent last Monday showing the house.  We Buy Ugly House was there and saw the mold, water, etc, in the basement.  They gave a bid of $84,000 and pays all costs.  They will give us $20,000 earnest money immediately and it will be done in 10 days.  There are no fees either.  The house will be sold to them as is.  There are some things in the house that should be removed and kept (i.e., new snow blower and push mower).  His trophies should also be taken from the house; Jeff Recob stated that the trophies can be stored there is needed.  WTA can take whatever from the house and they will dispose of everything else.  Assessed value is $191,000.  Realtor did a cost analysis and the house is $20,000 over priced.  Someone needs to get in the safe to see what is in there.  Denny said that the combination is in the desk on the left hand side drawer; however, Bill looked but there are so many papers in there and couldn’t find it.  Money from the sale of the house will go directly to the principal of the loan.

Coldwell Banker came in with a bid of $90,000 but then have to sit on it and wait for it to sell and then pay the commission.

Dan Horkan made a motion to sell house at $84,000 as is to We Buy Ugly Houses.  Phil Kubow seconded the motion.  So carried.

Someone needs to follow through on the house sale since Bill resigned.  The contract is dated 4/5/16.  Jerry F. will go get the contract signed by Dennis Taylor on Monday.  He will then get it scanned to We Buy Ugly Houses.

Don C. will try to get ahold of Dennis Taylor to go over to his house and load up the personal belongings and store it temporarily.  Jeff Recob has the ability to store items until we want to do something with them.

Bill Simonar is resigning effective this morning.  He stated he has no more to give and has had enough.  He turned in the camping information, keys, etc.  He left all of the stuff for Ray’s house.  He also turned in a Directors bill for mileage for the last year and a half.

Glenn Hamerly also resigned last night.  He would have been present today but his truck died.  Glenn’s resignation was received in writing via email.

Pat Schuette

He talked about the business plan and that everyone agreed to it for 2016 a few meetings ago.  He stated he is not happy with the plan to sell off our assets.  Direction we need to go is to make more income.  He is totally against selling the campground, etc.  He is resigning today as well.  He would consider staying if the change to not sell the campground would be approved.  He doesn’t like that Bill has been beaten on every day.  Jeff Recob asked him to reconsider.  John Coniff also explained his reasons for asking Pat to stay.  Phil recommended that we hear what the committee has to say about the campground before any decisions are made.  The committee was to look at the options and what is the best for the WTA (sell campground and section of the land).  Did anyone talk to Summit to see if selling the campground or land is even an option?  Pat left as Bill was his ride and will consider staying on the board.

Motion was made that someone will run the meeting.  Jerry Farnsworth will since he is the VP present.

Homegrounds Board – Fred said it was explained to him that it needed to be separated as two entities.  It was a ghost board as WTA was going to run everything.  Fred got the checkbook, but the camping money went to the WTA.  There was one meeting and that was it in the past two years.  Summit Bank did not know that there was a board for the Homegrounds.  Jim K. stated that they went to Summit with 4 others.  Summit stated that they need a treasury report for the Homegrounds as well.  Bank is asking for year-end numbers that do not exist.

Andy discussed numbers that he came up with if WTA used Ray’s money to pay down the loan.  Passed around a visual.  He stated that we need to wake up; that we are in trouble.  Andy suggested that ALL of Ray’s money go to Summit to pay down the current loan.

John Coniff stated that at the meeting, they proposed to Summit that we would pay the loan down by $500,000 and refinance for 4.375% for 25 years.  We would retain the first $100,000 of Ray’s money for paying current debts.  We would save $250,000 for paying debts and the rest would be returned to bank.  Summit would pay for closing costs.  No response from Summit.   The proposal also said that the money from the sale of Ray’s house was to pay the creditors.  Who is going to be the point person to talk to Summit?  Jim and Dan will contact the bank.

Dan Horkan made a motion to appoint Jim to talk to the banker.  Jerry K. seconded it.  Dan will go with if needed.  So carried.

Jim stated that taking the $250,000 is a bad idea as WTA will be in the same boat next year after the money is spent.  Jim sent out a visual of the financial information to run the campground.  Rough number is $173,000 to operate the campground; which means that 26 sites need to be rented from April 15 to October 31.  The campground will never pay for itself.  Need to get Ray’s money turned around right now; it is costing us $100 a day.  Fritz will be a part of trying to get the land re-zoned to something that is less tax.

Jeff Recob needs to have their money back.  The worst possibility would be if they didn’t get their money back and watching WTA go under would be way worse.  Glenn Carlson said that right now WTA is clean with him, but on July 1 his bill will be given and it will need to be paid.  Jeff suggested borrowing the money from the gun raffle to pay the bills and pay it back when revenue comes in from the state shoot.  We will be out of money again by the time the state shoot is over.

Steve – PA System

He explained the PA system and that it is the same system that they have at the gun club in Nashville TN and they love it.  He did a demo at the homegrounds yesterday.  It is totally wireless.  There will be 14 speakers that run on solar on the trap line, and 4 in campground that use 110 power.  It also includes 2 text pagers so that if someone is fixing traps, you don’t need to announce it over the speaker, they will receive a text to go to trap x.  It will have the ability to add a digital display board down the road.  It would take about a day and a half to install the entire system.  Proposal of $15,500 installed.

Batteries are $30 a piece if need to replace them.  Solar panels are the size of a sheet of paper.

Four speakers in campground and 8 speakers instead of 14 on the trap line would bring the price down to $11,800.  It would add another $850 if we wanted to move the four speakers in campground to the line (solar panels and different receivers).

We need to notify Steve by June 1st if want it installed before the State Shoot.

Jerry K. suggested to start a raffle to fundraise for the PA system.  He said that Gary Reynolds has a TV, he has a cooler of booze, and Gary and Don will donate a gun.  People should contact Jerry if they have items to donate for the raffle.  The drawing will be done at the Friday night fish fry at the state shoot.  Mike Pigusch said that ticketsandmore.com will make the tickets if needed.

Jerry F. made a motion to get a raffle going and earmark the money to pay for the PA system.  Dwight seconded.   So carried. 

Dan Horkan made a motion to purchase the PA system before June 1st.  Jerry K. seconded it and stated if the funds are not available he will pay for it.   So carried.

Discussion was held about the commercial 40 acres.  Jerry F. asked for a raise of hands that are in favor of trying to sell the land.  A majority of hands are in favor of selling off the 40 acres.  If sold, the entire amount would be paid directly to Summit.  Andy H. and Connie R. will work together to find the best realtor to sell it.

Dan Horkan made a motion to sell the 40 acres, minimum price to be approved by the BOD, with the approval of Summit, and search for the best commercial commission rate, and all the money would go towards the principal of the loan.  Phil seconded it.  So carried. 

Jerry K. made a motion to change the dates of the Moser’s Memorial Shoot to October 7, 8 and 9 and name it Moser’s Fall Classic.  Dwight seconded the motion.  So carried. 

Jerry K. will donate $500, Phil K. $500 and Dan H. $750, and two anonymous donations of $125 each which will be $2000 added money.  Dwight is contacting Mike Westjohn to see if he wants to donate (he wanted to donate last year but it was too late).  Dan Horkan will contact the Coach from Nekoosa to change the dates of the Moser’s Fall Classic.

 Bruce Stitley via telephone made a motion to nominate Tate Barwald as the Director for the NW Zone to replace Glen Hamerly.  Dan Horkan seconded it.  Tate accepted. 

Glen’s term was until 2017 and since Tate was appointed he remains Director until elections in 2017.

WTA Fees

Mike Pigusch ask when members pay their annual WTA fees at shoots, where should that money be sent.  The WTA annual fees should be sent to Amy Jenkins, Registered Shoot Coordinator, along with the daily fees.

Discussion was held about the WTA website and the option to have the forums being closed.  Andy suggested that the forum be private so that the whole world can’t see it.  The moderator has the option to delete any comments or topics as needed.  Forums will remain public.  Mike Pigusch will contact Elizabeth if she needs any help with the website due to her medical issues.

Amy Jenkins will take care of the camping for all shoots.  She took all of the paperwork that Bill turned in today.  She will also be the point of contact for golf cart reservations as that list was with the camping reservations.

Round Table:

Connie R. stated that everything for the state shoot program needs to be turned in no later than April 15th.

Fritz T. asked if anyone is looking for proposals for a new accountant.  Campground is scheduled to be open April 15th.  SOPs should be completed for start-up and shut down of campground.  Jim K. gave a binder to Fritz to track daily shoots/fees at Homegrounds. Have to feed the kids and need toilets for May 14 and 15th.  Fritz has been communicating with Denny and doing as much as he can, but he can’t do it himself.  He will be there until the 15th but then will be gone for three weeks.  Denny typically had it closed Monday and Tuesday.  Weekends was 9am to 5pm.  Weekdays 12-5pm.  Fritz will pick up the sign to put out by the road.  Tate will contact Camp Douglas to see if we can use the one that isn’t being used right now.  Dick and Arlene will help Wednesday, Thursday and Friday if there is a place for them to stay.  If there is no one for the weekend, they would stay for the 5 days, but they cannot do that every weekend.  Fritz asked what he should he do about purchasing stuff – diesel, gas, etc.?  There are lots of washouts that need to be fixed with the bobcat.  Pete said he will get the fabric so that they are fixed properly.  Need a campground coordinator.   Fritz says that he has the radar guns.

John A. stated that the state program needs updated BOD, etc.  Waukesha Gun Club added merchandize shoot out normally draws a number to compete.  That hasn’t worked very well. Let everyone that shoots the event participate and make it a 24’ yard shoot off.

Arlene/Dick Otto thanked Fritz for stepping in and doing a ton of work.  They thanked Jerry F. for doing a great job today.  Jerry in turn, thanked Dick and Arlene for all of their help.  Jerry F. needs to contact Michelle Mueller if she is going to cashier and pre-squad.  Kevin Doerring via phone said it is a three-year contract and he will contact her Monday.

Pete Rustad said that he will try to get up to homegrounds next Saturday to try to get something started for the cart path.  He will meet with Don and Bruce Wagner.  He asked why does the state shoot campground money go to the WTA and the other weekends go to the Homegrounds?  Jerry F. thanked Pete and others for their time and getting things rolling.

Amy asked about the Shoot Application for the June 26th shoot in conjunction with the SCTP shoot.  She can fill out the application and submit to ATA; it can be filled out by anyone.  Amy suggested that Andy and Connie should talk with Sandy Jack regarding the sale of the 40 acres as it sounds like she is in contact with a realtor and others already.

Jerry F. read and email from Glenn H regarding the June 11th shoot for the High School Clay Target League.  The email stated that the HSCT needs the following from the WTA:  need to set price of targets (at $25/100 would break even); price on RV camping, they will have 2 food vendor and 2-3 merchandise vendors, someone to fill trap machines, one to fill trap machines, range officer (one for each 2 fields), someone to help set up on Friday night, someone to help with scoring (computer work), score sheet runner, PA system, emergency weather shelter, porta-potties (enough for 600 athletes and their families), a link from their website to ours.  Dick Otto will contact Josh Kroells to follow up.  Glenn H. will still handle the beer for the state shoot.  Did Bill sign the contract for the SCTP five-year deal?

Jim just wants to make sure that Ray’s money becomes liquid very soon.  Bi-laws need to reviewed again.  They are very vague.  Would like to form a committee.  Right now, there is nothing in them that states Secretary and Treasurer cannot vote due to being paid positions.   Should there be a dollar limit on what the board can spend before it goes back to general membership?  Jim needs information for raffles as we need to send it in, in order to get raffle license renewed.  Discussion about food vendors at the state shoot.  Discussion about the $10 WTA fee for the SCTP.

Dan had a suggestion to have a committee for each shoot at Homegrounds.  They can set the targets so they are all the same.  He will come up and run the bobcat for a day after Pete gets the fabric so the washout ruts can be fixed.

Dan Horkan made a motion to nominate Jerry Farnsworth as president.  Dwight seconded.  Jerry K. against.  So carried. 

Dan Horkan made a motion to nominate Phil as First Vice President.  Jerry F. seconded it.  Jerry K. against.  So carried. 

Jerry F. made motion to nominate Dan Horkan as 2nd Vice President.  Phil seconded it.  Jerry K. against.  So carried. 

Next meeting: The next meeting will be a face to face on April 30th at 9am at Sherwood Lodge.