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Minutes: April 12, 2016


Teleconference April 12, 2016

The 4/12/2016 teleconference meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 6:40 P.M. by President Jerry Farnsworth. Directors present were 1st Vice President Phil Kubow, 2nd Vice President Dan Horkan, N/W: Bruce Stiteley and Tate Barwald, N/E Pat Schuette, ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, 1st Alt.Delegate Dwight Paulin, Treasurer Jim Kroeplien and Secretary Theresa Howland. Absent for teleconference meeting was 2nd Alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, S/E: Jerry Kaszynski. Joining also was Glenn Hamerly, Amy Jenkins, Connie Riemer and Don Chrapla.

Meeting started at 6:30 pm

Jerry opened talking about emails sent to the Directors about scrambling the traps. He said through the conversation online he figured most were against the scrambling of the traps for the State Shoot. Reason for the scrambling is so they could stop the buildup on a few of the trap fields. The talk was if they scrambled the trap fields’ people would not cause a backup on a few fields.

Kevin said he had talked to Michelle and they were going to limit the amount of squads that were available to pre-squadding. That would open only two squads for Tuesday thru Thursday and opening four squads for the rest of the week. He also said that Michelle will be opening Pre-squadding as of Midnight May 1st Central time.

Bruce thought for this year maybe shrinking the amount of pre-squadding should be tried things can be changed to scrambling if it needs to next year. He said they did try this in Waukesha and it didn’t work.

Dan said leave it this year and see how it goes.

Jim asked if there is a backup on certain trap fields can they still move shooters around to make things go faster. Bruce said they could, it would be up to the Directors.

John Atkielski should be notified that we will not be shuffling the fields this year so he does not put it in the program.

Jerry brought up the banquet. He has been asked if there was going to be a banquet this year. They were wanting to know about the need of guns for the raffle. He was told that Ken Cerney will be working on the banquet and he said if they raffle off anything it would be maybe one gun. He was going to just have the banquet this year be a relaxing dinner and recognizing the HOF inductees.

High School Trap Shoot Glenn said he had called John and they would like the WTA to set a price for the targets. Glen suggested $27 dollars per 100. Also they would like pricing for camping.

They will need trap setters and range officers: one for every two or so fields. The coaches would do the scoring. John said they would also bring in a food vendor and two or three merchandise vendors, but will be paying for the vendor spots.

They would need an emergency building which could be the hoop building this year.

They are expecting at least 600 shooters plus families. Glenn figured 600 shooters, 120 squads maybe 20 fields that would make it 6 squads per field.

They would like to have a flag raising ceremony, Glenn contacted the VFW hoping they would be willing to help.

The high school group would also like to have 2 practice traps open for the kids. They said it would be nice if the WTA would run that and keep the profits for it. Jim said that it would need to be watched because last year it was very chaotic at the practice traps. Don said that they met with Denny and got the register all set up for running and selling things at shoots. Such as shells, targets and practice tickets. Practice could be run as done at the state shoot sell tickets and have kids down there to collect them it would eliminate the confusion.

Don asked the date for the shoot, it will be June 11th.

Glenn said they would like some kind of PA system. Denny had gotten one for last year, not sure where. There was a request to have more porti-potties for this year. Kevin said they are asking for a lot this year. Glenn said they will most likely double in numbers for next year also. He said they are growing yearly.

The price for vending was set at $250 a day. The motion for this was made by Bruce, it was seconded by Dan. Voted in uncontested.

It was decided to get 10 porti-potties and 2 handicap and two wash stations. There was talk of an air conditioned one but was undecided.

Kevin recommended that the charge for targets should be $27 dollar per 100.

The camping can be found online and they can reserve a site for this. Glenn said he would take this information to John and get back to us with their thoughts.

The closing for Ray’s house will be April 20th. It was asked if Denny will have to be involved in this and who else will be doing this.

Jerry said that everything that needed to come out of the house is out.

Phil asked if Bill has turned in his resignation letter yet. No one on the Board has received it as of yet. Jerry said that Bill was going to meet with Paul and they were going to draft up a letter. Pat said he would look into it. Phil said until we get this letter he would still be on the board. What will we have to do if he does not give us a letter, we can vote him off. Bruce said it would not be a good idea to do this on the phone, let’s see what Pat finds out. This information will need to be gotten before the sale of the house or Bill will have to be asked to sign the sale of the house.

Jerry said that Denny will be signing over everything of Ray’s on the 14th. Dan asked if that will put everything into the WTA then. Jerry said that John said it would have to be signed more than once. Jerry said he would be looking into how long and how much more needs to be done to get everything transferred over.

Phil asked if the WTA has an attorney. Bruce said we do send things to a lawyer office but we do not have an attorney assigned to the WTA as of yet.

Jerry asked about the pods and when they would need to be ordered. It was said we would need at least one pod by May 1st, would we need the same as last year, it was agreed that we would. But maybe look into a different pod for the trophies. Bruce said that we really won’t need pods till the SCTP shoot. We can use the hoop building till then. We would need at least one for the SCTP shoot and then the rest for the state shoot. Jerry was going to talk to the company to see what we have ordered in the past and get them ordered.

State Shoot Tents, Paul would like to have a tent set up for the fish fry and silent auction. He was going to pay for this one. We will also need one for the score sheet boards to go under. The Directors know it was nice to use Westfield’s tents in the past, but it would be nice to use a tent company in case we had the same problem as last year. That way we would have someone to call if they blow over last year was a big problem when they went down. Denny has given a few names of tent rentals nearby and Jim has one also. Jim said he would look into prices but would like to know what sizes. Bruce said maybe a 40×80 at least since the score boards take up a lot of space.

Golf carts Jerry wanted to know where we were with the carts. Amy said so far there were 11 electric, 15 gas and one 4 passenger cart reserved. She is hoping to have them delivered by June 15th so they will be there for the SCTP shoot. If there are any questions on carts and camping Amy is the one to talk to she has taken it over for Bill.

Nekoosa Help Dan will be looking into talking to the school about the kids form the high school working for the shoots. Dan said after the face to face meeting he had received a call from the high school letting him know that Coach Becker was no longer employed at the school but they would like to meet with the WTA and go over what is needed for the shoots because they were still interested in having the kids still involved with the shoots. Dan asked Glenn and anyone else to give him as much information on how many kids for each shoot and what we have paid in the past. He has tried to contact Adam as well to make sure he has as much information before the meeting with them. Dan asked Jerry to come to the meeting if he is able, Jerry said he would try to make it. Dan will also be asking them about insurance and if the kids would be covered under the school while they are working for the school. Jim said they should talk to them about getting a form for donation and proof of insurance when they are there.

State Program Connie talked about the letter Sandy wrote for Ray’s memorial for the program. Connie said she is receiving all sorts of inputs as well for this. The Directors said they would like to see a copy of this before it goes to print. Connie said she would send it to them when it is all put together.

Connie said she was asking all ads to be ready by April 15th so we could go to print by the first week of May. She has been doing payments and invoices for every transaction she has done so there would be no questions in the end. She made sure all the documentation is there for all ads. She would be turning all money and invoices to Jim as soon as possible. Connie asked about the full page for the golf carts company, was the price set for $100 dollars. The Directors said it was.

Connie asked the Directors to please get her a copy of the agreement as to how much she would be paid for working on getting the ads for the program. Bruce said he thought Bill was the one who had took the lead on this but we could for sure get her this information. Bruce thanked Connie for all the work she had been doing.

Dwight talked about ads he was looking into different sizes and prices. Jerry said he thought they talked about putting the ads on hold for now.

Kevin asked if there would be an ad in the Trap and Field for the state shoot. He said there was 17 state shoot ads in there as of now. The price would be $1000 to $700 dollars for 2 months in Trap and Field. The talk was maybe looking into one month and a half of a page. Jim was going to look into this to find out how much it would cost and what are the options. The Directors said he could make the decision as long as it does not go over $500 dollars.

Connie brought up a few questions to the Directors about a few ads they might want in the program. She asked about putting an ad in the state program for the Fall Classic, and if so could someone put one together and get it to her. The Directors said Dick is working on this right now and they would get it to her. She also thought it would be a good idea to put one ad in for the 5 Team Shoot coming up. Bruce said he would look into it and get one ready. She would like something by the April meeting.

Kevin said the state pins are ordered as well as the patches.

Jim said he has a group getting together to work on the wording of the By-Laws. He was hoping to get the changes he would like to see soon. He said some of the by-laws are very vague. He feels they need to be clearer. He said they should be ready for voting on at the Annual meeting. He suggests that they are up dated every three years.

There was a question brought to Jerry about the $1500 dollars that the club holding the zone shoots has to give out. Jerry said no one shows up to the shoots and yet the club has to give out the money. It was put into effect so it would have the clubs make more of an effort to get shooters in.

Bruce asked about the PA system, he was wondering how it went with the demonstration and if there is a guarantee with it in case it doesn’t work. The PA system was purchased for 11,400 dollars. They would like half by June 1st and the rest when installed. Paul was talked to and he said he would give some funds out of the gun raffle if needed. It would be up and working for the state shoot. The Directors that have seen how the system works says there is some delay between speakers but it worked well at the Homegrounds. The deal for this was not written it was only a verbal agreement so far.

I let the Directors know that Jim said he had someone to replace me and I was to bring all the Secretary things with me to the next face to face meeting. If this is what is happening would we want to change the secretary information in the state program. Jim said the lady that might want to take over would come to the meeting and look things over and then decide. Therefore it might not be a good idea to change it yet.

I also asked if I was going to still work the state shoot would the ladies I get to work with me make the same as last year. The Directors said they would so I will contact them all.

Don Chrapla said he and some friends went to Rome and got all the gun racks put together and in the building.

Jerry asked about an ice machine for the state shoot. He knew someone who would bring it and then pick it back up. Connie said to talk to Glenn first he might have one already for the bar area.

Meeting ended at 9:00 pm

Next meeting: The next meeting will be a face to face on April 30, 2016 at 9:00 AM. It will be held at Lake Sherwood Lodge.