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Minutes: October 10, 2015


Face to Face October 10, 2015

The 10/10/2015 face to face meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 9:00 A.M. by Bill Simonar President.

Directors present were 1st Vice President Glenn Hamerly, 2nd Vice President Jerry Farnsworth, N/W: Bruce Stiteley, N/E Pat Schuette, S/E: Jerry Kaszynski, S/W: Dan Horkan ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring, 1st Alt.Delegate Dwight Paulin, 2nd alt. Delegate Fritz Thistle, Treasurer Jim Kroeplien and Secretary Theresa Howland. Absent for face to face meeting was Rick Klawitter. Also present at the meeting was Fred Kasten, Jeff Recob, John Atkielski, Julie Atkielski, Jack Duwe, Carol Keeley, Steve Keeley, Harvey Terre, Nora Bristol, Tom Bristol, Andy Hall, Glen Carlson, Dave Mittlesteadt, Bill Oltrmund and Rick Tesker.

Meeting started at 8:00


Bill opened the meeting by introducing Jeff Recob.

Jeff started with how he thought the State shoot was a great success. He has heard nothing but great feedback from the shoot. He followed this statement with not understanding how things have become so negative. With all the rumors running around. He felt that communication between Directors as well as the Communication between the Board and the Members has been failing fast. He talked about the communication he has with his business. For a thousand dollars he can communicate with customers and keep them updated with text and email as well as twitter and Facebook. He thought the Directors might want to look into this so rumors can stop and more shooters would have the right information. He feels with all the progress that was made to get the Homegrounds up and running it would be terrible if things got derailed because of rumors and misinformation. We need to stop all the rumors. He, as well as others are willing to keep things moving forward and make the Homegrounds the best shooting facility around.

Dwight and Don had went and talked to Denny about the questions the Directors had. They said the talk went well and all questions were answered to the Board of Directors satisfaction. They had talked it out with Denny, as well as calling Jim and getting things worked out to Jim’s satisfaction. They got things worked out with the check book, and asked Denny to start with a monthly expense account using a credit card instead of having access to the Homegrounds credit card.

Jeff Mainland talked about how far the facility has come, there are a lot of people in the room, trying to work hard to make this become the best facility in United States. He has heard great things about the Homegrounds from day one. But the negative talk about not having the state shoot, then getting here and seeing everyone step up and work hard to have the best shoot possible. But now after the shoot you hear all the negative talk going around again. You want people to help out and work to get things going but it will not happen if the negative talk keeps going. No one will want to help when they feel to is a dying matter. You need to work together, talk together, and stop all the negative talk and this place will take off.

There was talk of fixing the checkbook situation a while ago and somehow it was talked about and never followed through with.

Jerry K. said with all the zingers going around about Denny, he said people need to come and see how Denny and his wife have been working with not much help. Yesterday morning was out there at 5a.m. working hard. If he was not out there who is going to do this. He is the first and last person to work it out. Dan said he also helped out. We need to get things worked out and help each other.

Jerry asked why the meeting was moved up and off the Homegrounds. Bill said he and Glenn had moved because he wanted it before the shoot because of the cookout after. He also wanted it off the Homegrounds not to air out their problems in front of all the shooters. He also thought it should have been better to be a more closed session so that the Directors could talk over the problems going around.

Bill brought up a meeting that was called by the Directors in which he was not happy how it was done. It was on the grounds of Bill not talking to Denny in a timely fashion. He said that it was not necessary to have called this meeting. He was waiting for information from Jim and was going to handle it all on the Fall Shoot week so he could do it face to face instead of on the phone. He said he had his resignation with him if this does not get straightened out he was done. The discussion went on but it seemed things got worked out and the Directors will be ready now to move forward and work together. After a heated discussion the Directors aired out all there problems and hopefully they will move forward.

Jerry F. asked how things are coming with splitting up the WTA and the Homegrounds. Bruce said it is being worked on and it will happen as soon all easements are worked out. There was talk of leasing the Homegrounds prorating it or something. Bruce said the accountant is working on all of this.

He is not sure when this will be taken care of.

All Board members agreed communication all the way around needs to improve.

It was asked how we stand right now with the inheritance of Ray Mosers estate. It has not been decided what can be done. We need to talk to Summit to see what our options are. We will have to also clean out his house and sell what needs to be sold and pay off all of Ray’s bills. There is a lot to be done with this before we will k now exactly where the WTA stands financially. Bill was hoping to go to the bank and Summit this week and see where the WTA stands financially and sign papers as the President.

Pat thought it was funny that we were talking about all of this without Denny. He really has the answers to a lot of the questions going on today. He suggests Denny is invited to the next meeting so things can be talked over.

It was brought up by shooters at the meeting that they would like to see the communication thread put back on the website. John Atkielski has volunteered to run the thread if it goes back up. He was going to talk to Elizabeth and get things rolling to get it up and running.

It was brought up by Rick Tesker that all the information was not being told in the minutes. I let him know that they are written and sent to all Directors for approval or corrections, then posted. But if the Directors are in an executive session those minutes are written but not posted.

A question was brought up on if there could be a financial report sent out so members can see it. Bill handed out the financial report Jim had sent him, and said that Jim hands out a financial report every face to face meeting. It was said that as of right now we are asset rich and money poor.

Jerry brought up that Al Macord was interested in taking over for Rick Klawitter. The board will follow through with this after Rik sends a resignation. It can then be voted on.

Bruce brought up the SCTP and if the WTA should waive the $10 membership fee for the SCTP shooters.

After some discussion, a motion was made by Jerry Farnsworth to not waive the $10 membership fee for the SCTP junior shooters. This motion was seconded by Dan Horkan. Bill asked if there was any questions before it went to vote. Steve asked if by dropping the fees last year would we make enough for maintains on the machines? The board felt that they did not. It was brought up maybe making a junior fee. The Directors said that this was brought up and decided earlier that it should be just one fee straight across the board. After questions were answered Bill called the motion to a vote. It was 7Yea and o Nay. Motion was carried.

Pat said that we are really in need to close this meeting and get to the Fall Shoot to work.

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Dan seconded by Don Chrapla. Meeting was adjourned at 9:30.

Next meeting:The next meeting will be a Face to Face on November 14, 2015 at 9:00 am. It will be Held at the Lake Sherwood Lodge