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Minutes: July 6, 2015


Teleconference Meeting July 6, 2015

The 07/06/2015 teleconference meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Bruce Stiteley. Directors on line were 2nd Vice President SE: Don Mittag, SW: Jerry Farnsworth, SW Adam LePine, NW: Glenn Hamerly, 1st Alt. Delegate Kevin Doerring, Jim Kroeplien-Treasurer, and Secretary Theresa Howland. Absent for teleconference were 1st Vice President Bill Simonar, SE: Gary Fechter, NE: Dave Wehmeir, Dwight Paulin 2nd Alt Delegate. Joining the teleconference was Dennis Taylor and Paul Becker.

Meeting started at 7:00


Bruce: Bruce said John Atilski will not be at the meeting. When Don talked to him he said he only needed the winners of the NW Zone Shoot yet. Kevin said he would look into it and let John know.

Bruce asked if everyone had a chance to look at Dick Otto’s offer to run information off the state shoot thumb drive. The Directors at that time had gone over the offer and it was decided that most of the information would be available to them already and that as of now they did not see a need for this. Bruce said he would email Dick and tell him thank you and they will keep it in mind.

Bruce said he got a call from Rick Tesker saying he was approached by several shooters about his resignation and the rumor that is going around. The WTA does not support or condone unsubstantiated and frivolous rumors.

Don: Don talked about the registered shoot on July 4th and 5th, he said it went very well. The kids that came to help did a nice job.

Don mentioned that he talked to Gary and he thought he would be resigning from his position. The Directors thought about waiting to see where things go at the state shoot and then replace him if needed. Don said he may have someone that may be interested.

Don said he had 1000 bags coming for the State Shoot. They will have our Attendance pins inside as well as our surveys and other things they usually hand out at classification. He told Denny if he had any businesses that would like to add to them he could bring it and it would be thrown in.

Don also said that he did find a speaker system that can be used this year for daily announcements in the mornings. He would be coming on Sunday to help and going to picking up the PA system on Monday.

He said that he talked to Michelle and she will be bringing a TV for scores. When he talked to Rick he said all the cords should be in the trailer.

Don brought up shooters asking him questions after the shoot this weekend. They felt there will be a lot of questions that would be coming up at the annual meeting. Don said that they can ask anything. There is nothing to hide. All shooters need to do if they have questions is talk to their Directors from the zone, the Director would answer any questions.

Ken Cerney would like a golf cart this year. He will be running the golf cart registration. I told him we had an extra cart and he could use it to do what he needed to help out.

Glenn: Glenn was talking to the gun clubs in the rotation for the N/W Zone shoot to see if they wouldn’t mind if the Homegrounds joined in the rotation. Glenn said he had only heard from Eau Claire. Eau Claire said they thought there was an understanding between the WTA that they would not get into the rotation. Glenn said the other two gun clubs did not have their meeting as of yet so he has not heard from them. Bruce thought the WTA should stay out of the rotation so there will be no hard feelings.

He also said that the beer is ordered. This year he would also be selling wine and Jack Daniels Hard Lemonade. He also said that he was adding a shake of the day, just to have extra things to do. Jerry asked if he had gotten a tap. He said he got a hand one, Jerry let Glenn know that he got a hold of a tap for free and that he would bring everything he would need to hook it to a quarter barrel for the fish fry.

Jerry: Jerry let Jim know that he had gotten a hold of beverage carts that can be pulled behind a golf cart. He was wondering if they would want to use them for selling water and things on the line. Jim said he would look at them and hopefully they would work. He also told Jim he had gotten the things he needed to make the slushies and he would bring them on Sunday when he comes.

Adam: Adam said that he sent Jason the starting times to insure that he would have the kids there in time to work. The kids did get practice this year during the other shoots so they will be ready to go. He asked if they would need kids to come on Monday to load houses. Denny said he would need kids on Monday around 9:00 a.m. to help. Adam said he would relay that to the coach. He also wanted to know if they would need kids to come on the Monday after to help clean up. The Directors all agreed that they had kid’s come last year and it worked out great. Adam said he would send an email for that also. Bruce told Adam to add that the coaches and the kids are invited to the Meet and Greet to mingle with the shooters.

Kevin: I talked to John Burk about all the rumors about Sparta. He replied as of now they are not true.

He said it would be nice that when we announce that as of September 1st there will be a $10 dollar membership fee, it would be nice to announce Laverne Lehmann as our first lifetime member. The Directors agreed and said it might be nice if Laverne would maybe stand up and say a few words about the membership fee.

Dennis: Dennis let the Directors know that help will be needed to put up tents on Sunday. He said the pods are here, portable toilets and trash bins. So we are ready for the State Shoot.

Bruce asked Dennis if he got any information on a water truck for the shoot. Dennis said he had not found a truck as of yet but he is still working on it. Bruce said it will be needed.

Denny said they are working on stump grinding. He ordered more gravel to help with the erosion that is going on in the parking lot. He has been putting up road signs. He went to get the mower so the grass could be cut in time but, could use help again on Sunday with blowing off sidewalks and trimming weeds.

He suggested that we open fewer squads for the early days of the state shoot. He looked and a lot of the squadding was filled for later shooting times but even thought people squadded late they might be first.

Paul: Paul said things are starting to come together for the fish fry and action for Friday. He was glad that the building will be ready and felt the building will help bring more functions to the Homegrounds.

Jim asked Paul what kind of startup money he will need on Friday night. It was decided that he would get the amounts to Theresa and she would get it ready for him out of the cashiering.

Jim: Jim has a call into the accountant. She seems to have a few questions before she can finish her year statement for the annual meeting. She had questions on the quick books and if the Homegrounds and the WTA have finished separating yet. Bruce said they have not been separated as of yet but it is close.

Jim asked about the payment of shoots we host, the Directors might want to look into asking for some of the payment up front. The reason being is bills are coming in and he is still waiting for payments so those bills can be paid.

Financially we are struggling, bills are coming in for trophies, targets etc. he was wondering which bills should be covered and which ones will wait for payment until after the shoot. A lot of the bills like trophies and targets will wait till after the shoot.

Jim said Racheal thinks she has workers, but if anyone has helpers they can send them her way. They are going to pick up scores and sell water and Gatorade up and down the line, as well as selling strawberry shortcake, loaded nachos and chicken sandwiches in the stand. He was wondering if they will still be putting out the water jugs. It was determined that they would test the water in the morning to see if it pays to do so.

Jim talked about the big storm before the SCTP shoot, they had trouble when the storm came through and the big tent went down. He had to buy pop-up tents. He was asking the board what to do with them. It was determined they would keep them for future small shoots if needed, it would be nice to have them on hand.

He asked if there was insurance on the new building. Denny said not as of right now. Glenn was asked to look into it and get it put on the insurance.

Theresa: I asked Bruce when his letter and agenda would be ready for the Annual Meeting. Bruce said he is working on it and will send it soon. I asked the board if they knew anyone that would be interested in working in squadding. They did not have anyone at that time. I asked Jim if he had received the information from the accountant so that I can get my Annual Meeting papers ready. He said he has a call in to her now and will get to me soon.

I asked Jim to bring 1099 forms so that if we need them,they would be on hand.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:15.

Next meeting: The next meeting will be the Annual meeting on Saturday July 18, 2015 in the new building at the Homegrounds.