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Minutes: May 20, 2015


Teleconference Meeting May 20, 2015

The 5/20/2015 teleconference meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by President Bruce Stiteley. Directors on line were 1st Vice President Bill Simonar, 2nd Vice President SE: Don Mittag, SW: Jerry Farnsworth, SW Adam LePine, NW: Glenn Hamerly, Jim Kroeplien, Treasurer, and Secretary Theresa Howland. Absent for teleconference was SE: Gary Fechter, ATA Delegate Rick Tesker, NE: Dave Wehmeir, 1st Alt. Delegate Kevin Doerring,2nd Alt Delegate Dwight Paulin. Also joining us was Dennis Taylor.

Meeting started at 6:30


Bruce:There was some questions about the trophies for the state shoot. Gary sent Bruce an email letting him know all trophies for the state shoot except for the last event, were ordered. He said he would be ordering them soon.

Bruce talked to Jeff Recob about advertising for the WTA. He was going donate a spot so that advertising could be started as soon as this week. Jeff also talked about getting a temporary building up at the Homegrounds till a permanent building can be bought. He said he had a few investors willing to help get the building paid for. He was looking into types of buildings and making sure they were commercial ready buildings. Also making sure this type of building would pass inspection from the Town of Rome. This building, if it gets approved, may be up as soon as the state shoot.

Rick Tesker has summited his resignation as of May 9 from his position as the ATA delegate for the WTA. Bruce asked the Directors who would be interested in taking over the setting of targets. Don said he would call Rick and ask how many people he used to set traps. This was not decided at the meeting and will be talked about next meeting. Bruce also asked who could take over communications with Muller Technologies. Don agreed to be the liaison between the WTA and Mueller Technologies.

Bruce had a conference with Elizabeth, Reed and Don. It went well. Reed and Elizabeth will get together to work on the transition of the website managing.

Dennis: Dennis reported that shooting is beginning to get busy. The ATA registered shoot went well except for workers. They were going to see if the Nekoosa coaches could ask if any students would like to work for the next ATA registered shoot.

The Kettle Moraine shoot went very smooth. There were 459 shooters. They had a lot of shooters shooting the bunker after they finished the shoot. It was very busy. Glenn took pictures and will send them to Elizabeth to post.

He is looking forward to the next few shoots. Coming up is the WisconsinState High School shoot. The SCTP will be another big shoot.

He asked the board about what they wanted to order as far as Port a potties and if they were interested in getting the big unit that was air conditioned and had running water again this year. He also inquired about tents for the state shoot. The Directors decided to go with the three tents and to get the bigger toilet unit again this year.

Dennis was asked if he as seen a rise in camping. He said it has not picked up as fast as he would like to see it. He was hoping to see it pick up as the shooting does.

Dennis received an email from Wisconsin Rapids. They will include the Homegrounds in the segment of Discover Wisconsin again this year. Free press is always a bonus.

Dennis said the Five Stand that he has been working on is on hold. He has not heard anything from MEC about the offer. He is afraid that it will not work because we cannot guarantee to be able to pay it back in three years with not knowing how things will go in the beginning. Bruce asked for a list of materials needed for the skeet towers so he knows what is all needed. He will look to see if he can come up with some of these materials.

Adam: Adam has talked to the Nekoosa coaches about having the students working some of the smaller shoots. They were all for it and was excited to work. Adam said that they would earn $1700 for the High School Campion shoot. Jim said he would send out a check for them as soon as it is needed.

Bill: Bill said that camping is almost full for the state shoot. He asked Denny to look at the flatness of lot 171 so he would be able to find the right camper to fit that campsite. Jim and Bill have been working on camping lists to make sure everything coincides.

He asked about the Zone buckles and said Kevin was handling this. Jim said something had to be ordered because he received a bill in the mail for it.

Last he asked about patches. Jerry said that he would look into this and get some ordered or at least get the prices.

He let Jim know that he would be sending checks soon for some camping sites. Don also said that Melinda would be sending him checks also.

Don: Don and Jessica have been looking into bags to handout at the state shoot. It would be helpful to be able to hand out bags instead of handfuls of things. This bag could be handed out while shooters are waiting to register to shoot. It will have information about the shoot, pins, surveys, and hopefully Dennis can get a few businesses interested in putting in savings coupons. The bags would have the WTA logo and Homegrounds.com on it but no date so they can be used year to year.

He also talked about the TV advertising offer. He wanted to know what everyone thought about it. It would be $3000 dollars for this advertising and would be 30 sec. spots. With the JEM grant we could get some of this back but will it pay to spend the money or would it be better to pick the spots such as a Packer game, Brewer game, etc. It was talked about and they were going to look into it more before a decision is made.

Jim: The bills are getting paid as for now. He asked about the electric bill, wondering why it has been going up so high lately. He knows it should be going up because of the shoots, but he said it took such a jump. Denny said that the Bunker has been running every weekend, 4 full time campers, and shower houses open, etc. That is all that has been going on and should be up some because of this.

He said donations have been coming in slowly. He has been sending out thank you letters as the donations come in. He said he received another $5000 donation for the building.

He said that the transition for Denny’s pay as a private contractor went well and he will be handling this so we will not be charged. He has also been working with Jen to get the books done.

Jim asked about the stump grinding and if it was started. Dennis said that he has not had time yet but it is on the list to get done. Bill offered to look into the machine rental.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:20.

Next meeting: The next Teleconference meeting will be announced.