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Minutes: March 27, 2015


Face to Face March 27, 2015

The 3/27/2015 face to face meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 9:00 A.M. by President Bruce Stiteley. Directors present were 1st Vice President Bill Simonar, Don Mittag 2nd Vice President, S/E: Gary Fechter, S/W: Adam LePine, Jerry Farnsworth, N/W: Glenn Hamerly, 1st Alt. Delegate Kevin Doerring, Treasurer Jim Kroeplien and Secretary Theresa Howland. Absent for face to face meeting were N/E: Dave Wehmeir, 2nd Alt. Delegate Dwight Paulin and ATA Delegate Rick Tesker. Also present at the meeting was Dick Otto, Arlene Otto,Gordon Horigan, Al Bartell, Frtiz Thistle, Denny and Ruth Taylor and Jerry Tesch.

Meeting started at 9:00 AM


Theresa: I did not have much to report. I had received a letter from Shermalot Water Ski Team to see if the WTA would be interested in putting an ad in their program. The Directors passed for this year for lack of funds right now. I also received the All State Team applications from Kevin, so I can send out letters of congratulations.

Jim: Jim handed out the financial reports to all board members. He was able to make the payments on most of the bills. He is holding off on the loan payment till something is worked out with Summit. He replenished the building fund with what we borrowed last week. He is hoping to reallocate funds for this month. But we are in need of some kind of income before next month’s bills. We are still getting a few donations in but it is very slow.Jim informed the directors that after talking with me that we had decide that we would not be collecting wages until the WTA is in a better financial situation. The board asked a few questions about things that were paid out, like the payment for water bill which was a bill all residents pay for fire protection. There was a question about the money we were paying for the website work for the Homegrounds. This was work for updating the website for easier use. This was part of what we hired the company for. They are creating new functions on the website and fixing problems that have occurred. Jim let the Directors know we are as far as possible in paying bills till something comes in. Jim asked what we might have to do for next month. It was talked about having to move some money around to pay next month’s bills for now. Jim applied for the raffle license and needed another business name for it. He will use the Homegrounds RV Park for this. Jim asked about the start-up cash for the state shoot. I will let him know what is needed for that. He was wondering what his job entailed at the state shoot. Jim will need to help in cashiering with making deposits and writing checks.

Bruce: Bruce started by giving out the financial statement for 2013. He said he has not heard from the Dept. of Revenue since he has sent in the donation list. He is hoping no news is good news and that they were fine with the information he had sent. Bruce had talked to the directors about getting together soon with Elizabeth who is doing the WTA website now and with Reed Slaby who will be taking it over. He is hoping that Reed can get the website and donations brought up to date as soon as possible. Bruce talked about Denny becoming a private contractor. If this would happen the WTA would save money on taxes, insurance, unemployment etc. Denny was there and said he would be willing to do this. As of April first we will be paying Denny as a private contractor instead of an employee. We are hoping that this will help with not having workman’s comp. insurance. Glenn was going to call to see if this will help and see that we will not need the workman’s comp insurance anymore. There was also talk that the treasure should be taking over the check book for the Homegrounds, and that Denny could work with a debit card to help stop the checking account from being overdrawn. Bruce was going to talk to the SCTP and let them know that we have decided not to have the $10,000 dollar pre-pay. Because our Homegrounds is a seasonal business the Directors will be needing to create a budget so that we are able to sustain the business better through the winter months. We also need better records kept for the Homegrounds. Dennis was asked to start creating an expense report. He also has a cash register to keep better track of income for the Homegrounds. It was brought up that maybe there could be a membership fee or maintenance fee at the state shoot to help with winter months. There was talk of having a membership fee of the gun club. After fees were talked about a motion was made to raise the shooting fee from $31 to $33 by Jerry. This was seconded by Don. There was a vote taken 7 Yea and 0 Nay. The targets at the registered shoots will be $33 dollars per 100 (except those who were already had set prices for their shoots). The second motion was made to have a $1 maintenance fee by Bill. This motion was seconded by Adam. Motion went to vote. Results were 7 Yea and 0 Nay. There will be a dollar daily maintenance fee for the shoots at the Homegrounds. Bruce will call John to let him know the changes. It was suggested that we should have 50/50 raffles during the state shoot. Again if we did, we would need volunteers to help run this because the Directors are busy during the shoot.

Building: Bruce sent the plans from Northland to the directors before the meeting so that they would have an idea of what will be going up soon at the Homegrounds. Building will be ordered this week. There will need to be a $4200 dollar down payment and then plans will need to be sent to the state to get approved. This was going to take at least Six weeks. Jerry said if you could find out who is a safety building inspector in Rapids and maybe it can go a little faster than sending it to the state. Bruce was going to look into it. We need it inspected because it is a commercial building. Jim asked Bruce if most of the financing is set for the building and Bruce said he is working on it. They went over the plans and discussed the colors and how it could be divided for office, windows, doors, etc.

Dennis: Dennis has been working with MEC trying to set a five stand course, using their machines and paying for them as we take in money from the course.He has posted the dates of the shoots coming upat the Homegrounds. He will be staying at the Homegrounds by April 15th. He has been getting calls for shooters who want to come and shoot. He has been opening right now by appointment. There have been a few bookings for the camping, he is hoping it will pick up when the weather gets nicer. He has been giving out certificates to help get more campers in. SCTP families are starting to book, hopefully it will fill up for that weekend. There is a 20% discount when booking on line. There will be a work day on April 11th, we could use as much help as possible. We will be cutting down trees, cleaning up the campgrounds. Adam was going to see if some students would like to come out and help. They can use it as a community service which they need for classes. They will be working on cleaning out trap houses. He also talked about getting steel and cutting it so that the trap stands can be stiffened up. Jerry said he has a guy that could cut it. Denny and Jerry will get together soon so the pipe will be there for the work day. Dennis was also going to look into new signs. We are in need of better signs near the road.

Banquet: The board talked about the banquet. This year it will be a little more laid back.They will be serving a more casual meal like pulled pork sandwiches. It will be a little less formal. It will be held at the Homegrounds, hoping that there would be more shooters in attendance. Virgil Bomkamp will be formally inducted into the HOF during the banquet,at 7:00 P.M. Sarah will be running the banquet this year. If you want early tickets you can contact her at 306 David St, Blue River, WI 53518 or call 608-485-0659 or email at sarahaadams@msn.com. Sarah will also be the one to contact if you wish to help or donate for raffles.

Zone Shoots: Kevin will be ordering the buckles and patches for the zones shoots. Gun clubs hosting the zone shoots have things in and are ready to go.

Glenn: Glenn was wondering about food venders at the smaller shoots. It was decided that if he could find someone to work the small shoots they could keep all the profits instead of splitting them with the WTA.

Jerry: Jerry was wondering what the hours would be at the Homegrounds. Dennis should not be working strait through. The hours will be Wednesday thru Sunday 1-5 or by appointment. This does not mean those hours will be the only ones Dennis works. He has been going non-stop with the up keep of the Homegrounds.

Don: Golf carts are ordered for this year’s state shoot. Also we are still looking for a replacement for Melinda as ATA coordinator. She has been doing a great job but is wanting to retire. If you know anyone who would like to do this job, please contact a director with the name.

Bill: There was a camper who had sold their camper and would not be using their camping spot which was a 5 year lease. They were wanting a refund for the camp site. When the funds come available, they will be reimbursed. Also he asked about shirts for Jerry for the state shoot. He was told to order some. He also asked about the event center, wondering if there was still such elaborate plans for it, it was discussed that there will not be such a building. It is going to be much simpler.

There will be a work day out at the Homegrounds on April 11th 2015 starting at 8:00. It would be nice to see you there.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:40.

Next meeting: The next meeting will be a teleconference on April 15th at 6:30.